Is It Normal To Have A Man Crush? – Signs You Have It

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If women can have girl crush, why can’t men have a man crush?

As a human, you must have that one person you adore and look up to. Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you can only like girls and crushing to another man doesn’t define your sexuality. Man crush is, like said above, someone you adore and look up to.

It can be anyone: athletes, your favorite actors, even those who close with you like your dad, brothers, or cousins. If you ask is it normal to have a man crush, the answer is definitely yes. And you don’t even have to be embarrassed about it.

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Man Crush Vs Bromance

To fully understand the general concept of man crush, you have to know the different between man crush and bromance. Well, if you don’t know about it yet, you must have thought that man crush is bromance. But, no, it’s not, bro. man crush and bromance are two different things.

Bromance is a mutual relationship between two men who feel close one another. It’s like a romantic relationship just like two dating persons. They value each other just the same and they agree that their relationship is more like a brother so that they are called having a bromance.

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But man crush is a man crush. What do you feel when you have a crush on opposite sex, it’s a man crush but to another man. There is only one infatuated member in this: you. Your feeling for him is one sided. You don’t even know how does he feel and you’re afraid to find out about it because you’re not ready for rejection. Yes, strange right?

Is Having A Man Crush Means You’re A Gay?

Let’s assume that you’re straight so you ask this question, but the answer is probably not. Because nobody is 100% straight or 100% gay. There’s always this slightest possibility of them being deviate from their dominant self.

Take your man crush as someone who makes your life more fun simply because you’re happy to see him or you’re thankful that he’s alive. Crush is not always about romantic feeling.

You may have a crush on someone for being too cool as a man and how inspired you to be like him. A crush can also mean someone with whom you can’t enough of. But once again, it doesn’t always have to be romantic.

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Signs You’re Having A Man Crush

Stop asking is it normal to have a man crush, because nothing is wrong with that. Now it’s time to find out what does it like to have a man crush. Here are the signs you have it, probably it’s already in you all along but you don’t realize about it.

1. You Feel Nervous Around Them

If you feel butterflies in your stomach upon seeing your girlfriend, you will be feeling the same when you meet your man crush. His appearance is enough to make you nervous, let alone when you’re hanging out with them – even in groups.

2. His Opinions Matter

Whatever it is, you always want to listen to what he thinks. Especially when it’s about you. You feel happy when he says, “This shirt looks good on you.” Yes, you like to be complimented by him. And vice versa, his disapproval makes you feel uncomfortable.

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3. You Scroll Down His Social Media

You can have a man crush literally on anyone, and it’s not a sin. But one sure thing you will do is stalking his social media. Let’s say you have a crush to Cristiano Ronaldo for how great he is, not only you will follow his Instagram, but you will scroll down his posts until the first one. For what? Because you like it, of course.

4. You Try To Copy Him

A man crush is someone you adore and look up to. So what else will you do if not trying to copy his style. Be it the way he talks or the way he dressed, you are deeply inspired by him. You try to look your best as possible, and here is where a man crush give a positive influence on you.

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5. You Root For Him

You have to be loyal to your crush, it’s an unwritten rule everyone has to follow. So whatever your crush like, you have to like them too. Including sport team, something crucial for a man. If it’s necessary, you should support his favorite sport team even though it’s the biggest enemy of yours. Not your fault.

So everything is clear about is it normal to have a man crush. Men also have their own freedom to have crush to any other cool guy out there. Don’t be jealous if your boyfriend is one of them.

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