How to Text Your Crush without Being Annoying and Clingy

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Crushes are new loves blooming in our life. That newness makes it hard to not want to be with them all the time but it can often come across as being clingy and annoying.

When he/she already have that impression of you, he/she  will not find you attractive anymore. That is why you need to take precautionary steps to show your love yet still make your crush interested towards you.

Here are some smart steps on how to text your crush without being annoying:

  1. Slow Down With The Bubbles

Don’t use too much chat bubbles. Three to four is fine but don’t go up to seven because it might be annoying.

  1. Don’t Wait By Your Phone

Waiting by your phone for your crush’s texts or call looks desperate and believe me, your crush will know. Your crush will think that you don’t have the signs she is a girlfriend material.

  1. Be Busy With Your Life Too

Do things that makes you forget your phone once in a while.Doing things alone, for yourself, gives the benefits of being alone.

  1. Don’t Skip Time With Friends

Have some time with friends. After all, friends are the ones who will stay. It will put your crush at ease knowing that you have a lot of people in your life.

  1. Check On Your Crush From Time To Time

A simple “hey,what’s up?” or “tell me about your day “ will certainly sweep you crush of his/her feet. This shows that you care about their well being and genuinely want to hear from them.

  1. Don’t Be Mad At Your Crush For Being Busy

When your crush doesn’t reply right away, don’t be mad. Remember that your crush have their own life and their own agenda, don’t expect them to make you their number one priority.

  1. Call Your Crush Once In A While

How to text your crush without being annoying is by swapping the texting for a call. Not only does this make them fall in love with your voice, the intimacy will also make them show Signs She Loves You

  1. Don’t Be The Only One To Make The Moves

If you see that you’re the only one that makes the move, that means this texting trick isn’t working in your relationship. Try the Ways on How to Get Your Crush to Notice You

  1. Update Your Crush On Your Life

Don’t be afraid to update him/her about your life. Tell your crush what you are working on and what is keeping you busy. But don’t update everytime,  it’ll be annoying.

  1. Change The Topic From Time To Time

Being fixated on one topic only is a big no. Try delving into your crush’s interest and see how the conversation will go on and on.

  1. Opt For A Time Together

Instead of texting, why not spend some quality time together? Let your crush know that you want to be closer to them and want to know them better.

  1. Get Close Through Social Media

Sending posts and interacting in social media is a great way to catch your crush’s attention.

Signs That Your Crush Likes You Too

You’ve done all the right steps but does your crush feel attracted towards you? Here are some signs of attraction that are easy to spot:

  1. Your Crush Shows Physical Signs Of Attraction

People attract someone else by using their body language. See if your crush is using this Physical Signs A Woman Likes You . If you see some signs, that means your crush is definitely into you.

  1. Replies To Your Text Excitedly

Your crush replies early, sends you cute texts, and always tries to update you on what they are doing. This means that your crush wants you to be a part of his/her life.

  1. Wants To Spend Time With You A Lot

Spending time with you  will be your crush’s favorite part of the day.Try to say yes, you’ll see how your crush’s eyes light up.

  1. Gets Jealous

When you spend time with someone else or if you are too close with another person, your crush will sulk or show other signs of jealousy.

Don’t show too much of your love or else your crush will find it annoying and needy. Instead, do the ways on how to text your crush without being annoying. Soon, you’ll find your crush wanting to be with you all the time. Good luck!

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