How to Get Your Crush Attention on Facebook #Proven Steps

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People are different to one another, and the way they approach their crush are also different. There are some people who have the bravery to actually approach and trying to get to know their crush directly in the real life. But, there are also some people who are trying to approach and get to know their crush through social media or virtual life.

For the second type of person, they need to know about the tricks on how to get your crush's attention through social media. And today I would like to share about some tips on how to get your crush's attention on facebook, since it has the most users compared to other social media.

Ways to attract crush attention through facebook

There are some ways on how to get your crush's attention on facebook. And I would like to share some of the information to you.

1. Add his facebook

If you want to attract your crush on facebook, the first step that you surely need to add his facebook account. By being friends with him on facebook you will start to know on how to get a guy attention on facebook status. Aside from that, you can see the things that he is doing, what he likes and what he dislikes.

Don't be too shy or afraid to add him on your facebook account. Because if you are accidentally pressed the add friend button and cancel it for several times, it will just annoy him.

2. Online when he is online

To get in touch with your crush as much as possible, you need to be online when he is online. Maybe it will be hard at first to notice when he is online, but once you do, don't forget to keep online when he is online. This can be a way to let him know that you are there when he is online.

3. Play games together

Facebook gives a facility where you can connect to him better through the games. You are able to notice what kind of games that he currently plays. Invite him to join the game with you and know how to get your crushs attention on instagram and other social media.

4. Just be yourself and friendly

What people often forget when they are trying to get close to their crush is that they sometimes forget to be their own self and tend to be someone else. Please stop this, in the end it will not work. You are not being honest with yourself, and by trying to be someone else, your crush does not like you for who you are but someone else.

Signs that he likes you back 

After all the efforts you do, you need to see whether he shows some signs that he likes you back or not. Because it will be a waste of time if he doesn't and you keep chasing him. To prevent such a broken heart because you are falling too deep by not knowing whether he likes you back or not, read the signs hes not interested in you after first date.

1. He will notice and making contact

The first sign that he likes you back is that he will notice you and try to make a contact with you. What you have to notice is that he is not only noticing and making a contact with you for a one time only but for several times and it keeps continuing.

2. He is friendly and close to your friends

To get close to you also means that he needs to get close to your friends. This is why you will see him getting close and friendly to your friends. By getting to know your friends, he will also able to get to know you from your friends point of views.

3. Gives you compliments

When someone likes you, he surely likes you because of something that he sees different. And for this reason he will give you continuous compliments. And the one who falls for you, will give you compliments even in a little thing that you do.

So that is the information about how to get your crush attention on facebook that I can share you with. Know some important action that you need to do, for example by knowing what to do when your crush blocks you on facebook so he will not get obvious about you. Thank you for the time given to us to read this article, please find out more interesting and informative articles on our website.

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