How to Get Your Crush's Attention on Instagram and Other Social Media

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Instagram, this application have been so popular these past few years. Almost everyone have Instagram account. That probably including your crush. In this digital era trying to get your crush attention will not only limited on direct interaction.

Nowadays indirect interaction through social media is also count. You can maximize this opportunity to the point where you can get your crush attention. This is a better way to get it especially if you're the type that easily get nervous every time you near your crush. So, here's on how to get your crush's attention on Instagram.

1. Do research

This is the very first step on how to get your crush's attention on Instagram. You have to do some research first. This research will consist of how your crush's Instagram in general. What he/she mostly post about. How they write their caption.

What kind of post they usually liked or commented. Same as trying to get your crush attention at school, you have to do some research on him/her to know them even better. When you know someone better than it would be easier for you to get their attention. It also not impossible to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You without Talking. You have to know what they like and dislike. You will probably know about this if you scroll through their Instagram. If you already at the point where you know what they like and dislike, now we can move to the next step.

2. Post something based on their interest

Now that you know what they like, try to find something you both have in common. Did both of you like the same band/movie/song/sport? If the answer is yes then post about it on your Instagram. Try to make the caption as interesting as possible. Try to tell the reason why you like it.

For example, if it's the same movie then you can try to make a short review about it. When your crush scrolling Instagram and see your post there is no doubt he/she will take a look at it. If your post and caption is interesting enough it's not impossible they would even leave a comment on it. You can use that as a way to open a conversation with them too. Not only get their attention, you will also get the chance to be closer to them by doing this.

3. Liked and leave a comment

This is probably the simple step on how to get your crush's attention on Instagram that you already know, or at least think about. But as simple as it is, you probably still hesitate to do it. It's whether because you're too nervous or that you feel this step would be too obvious.

Well, it would be obvious if you don't know the trick. So, the trick to do that is by not overdoing it. Never liked the old post of your crush. It's a big no because it would make it obvious you stalk them, and not everyone can be happy over this.

That's why in case your crush is the type that seeing stalking Instagram as something that maybe creepy, you should not leave a trace at all. Just liked their newest post and try to leave a comment once in a while. The key is try to not over doing it. You can also try to read this How to Get Your Crush’s Attention without Being Obvious to know more. 

4. Take care of your feed

When you already do research, post what your crush interested to, like and leave comment on your crush post, then this is the next thing you should do. If you already do all that there is a big chance your crush already aware of your existence.

To keep them interested in you, you have to make an effort to make your Instagram look good. Yes, when they're already aware of you chances are they would take a look of your Instagram. You would never know when this would happen, so you need to make your feed look good since day one. When your crush see how good and aesthetic or unique your feed are, no doubt they would give their attention to you.

5. Use Instagram stories

Before I start I need to warning you to do this step carefully. You need to pay attention to the stories you made in order to catch your crush attention. Because if you're over doing it then chances are your crush will lose their interest in you.

To not overdoing it, you have to choose carefully what to post on your stories. Also, the most important thing is don't post too much stories. Other than that you also need to not over share your personal life in stories. Leave a bit space for your crush to be curious about you and your life.

Now what's left to say is good luck. Don't give up if you're not success in first attempt. You need patience to do all this. There is also Aesthetic Ways on How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram to more inspiration of this topic.

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