How To Get Your Kpop Idol To Notice You On Instagram

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Do you love Kpop Idol too? There're lots of fans who love Kpop Idols because they are very talented, handsome also awesome. These are the ways on how to make a Korean man fall in love with you. So, what is your Kpop Idol? And how to get your Kpop Idol to notice you on Instagram? Check the list below here.


1. Check Their Official ID On Instagram

Fans of Kpop Idol can reach millions. So, check your Kpop Idol official ID on Instagram. Make sure that is your real id of your Kpop Idol. Join the group of fans of your Kpop Idol. This is an effective way to know how the character of your idol.

2. Follow Your Kpop Idol

Follow your Kpop Idol that you loved. Learn of your Kpop Idol activity on Instagram too. You should always go online every day to know what is the new update of him.

3. Watching Them On Online

watching them on online

There is must be a schedule or a moment that your Kpop idol goes online. Make sure your connection is in good condition. It's important to watch your Idol online, isn't it?

4. Give Your Vote

Sometimes in their post, they post something like do vote. For example; one of the members of Exo, D.O has a cute face. So, both these pictures of D.O. which one do you like? Pictures like candid ones or like photo models? Give your vote now.

5. Write Some Comments

You can write your comments or suggest their story, post, or when your Kpop Idol online. Some of the fans do these frequently and this way is always working.

6. Tag Your Kpop Idol

Do you afraid to tag your Kpop Idol? Make a positive comment or post then tag your Kpop Idol. Honestly, all Kpop Idol always watch and care for their fans, even you.

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7. Make Something Unique

Do you have some creativity to make something unique? Do it and capture it with your camera phone. To make it is the best video, you can edit your video then shares it on your Instagram. Tag your friends and your Kpop Idol.

8. Show Your Talent

You are the best dancer in your school. So, why don't you show off your skill in front of your Kpop Idol? Make your solo dance with their song. It's amazing.

9. Positive Support

One thing that Kpop idol's want from their fans. It is positive support, to make their reputation up and be the best of all artists. Without you, they can't be popular like right now.

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10. Buy Some Merchandise Of Your Kpop Idol

This is a thing that fans always do. Buy some merchandise and collect them all then store it in the perfect place. Make a little museum in the corner of your room. Try this.

How To Make Your Kpop Idol Stay Remember You?

Will they remember their fans? Their fans are lots, so how to make your Kpop Idol stay remember you? Here are the steps.

1. Going To Their Concert

going to their concert

Kpop Idol always held a concert or music tour around the world. So, if there is a music concert, in your country this is your chance to see your Kpop Idol in reality.

2. Ask For The Sign

In a conference pers, or after even the music concert will start. Kpop Idol opens the meet and greets with their fans. This your chance to have their sign in your favorite things; hat, shirt or even book.

3. Giving A Gift

While meet and greet, don't forget to give a special gift to your Kpop Idol. This is an effective way to make your Kpop Idol remember you. A special gift that is something they loved.

4. Take A Picture

What would a Kpop idol do if they liked one of their fans? They will mention also notice you. Otherwise, take a selfie photo with Kpop Idol, this is could work too. You can upload it and write some captions. Don't forget to tag your Kpop Idol too. Wait for a whail and your Kpop Idol will notice you on Instagram.

5. Post On Your Social Media

You get the selfies photo, or you get their precious sign even make an interview with them. Post these are things on your social media, tag your Kpop Idol, and please wait for how many likes on Instagram that you get.

Hopefully, the above on how to get your Kpop Idol to notice you on Instagram may useful. These ways can answer how to get their attention.

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