8 Logical Reasons We Want Shawn Mendes to Be Our Boyfriend (or Even Husband!)

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Girls, what would you say when someone ask you what kind of guy is your dream guy? Some would probably list things such as tall, fair, have abs, etc. But we all know that few would probably say, ‘Someone like Shawn!’, or even ‘Shawn!’. This guy has truly captured a lot of ladies' heart by his angelic voice and super-handsome face. But what else could be the reasons we want Shawn Mendes to be out boyfriend?

If there are reasons Camila Cabello seems to be the perfect girlfriend. Then there would also be a long list for Shawn too. Here are some of those reasons that we might need to know :

1. He's young and lit

This Canadian young singer, songwriter, and model was born on 8 August, 1998. Yes, this means he's still on his 20s know.

Sometimes teenagers like a singer who's handsome, but apparently that singer is just way older than them. That's not the case with Shawn, he’s super reachable at least by his age, for teenagers.

2. He's successful

Despite being so young, this handsome guy whose voice has melted your heart thousand times is successful already. While you, who was born almost on the same year as him, are still busy sleeping and chill, he's got the fame. Yes, he could make you wonder what have you been doing in life. He's that successful, ladies. And we all know he's not done yet.

3. Hardworking

He's not successful because of his father’s money or fame. He's not getting popular because of bad scandals. But he started from the very first. Working hard from his simple YouTube channel, covering other singer's song with a guitar and a camera. His willingness to try and struggle to get through the whole process is just amazing, isn't it?

4. Duh, he's handsome

Probably, no girls on earth would be able to say that Shawn Mendes isn't handsome. Come on, he's just too hot with that deep brown eyes. When he smiles, you'll find yourself melted and amused in his charm.

Even if he doesn't smile, you still wouldn't be able to say that he is not handsome. It's one of the strongest and most obvious reasons we want Shawn Mendes to be our boyfriend.

5. Such an amazing voice

When Shawn sings, you'll squeal. When he says a word, you'll shiver. That simply explains how amazing is this Canadian singer's voice. Come on, when he becomes your boyfriend, you can listen to his voice over and over again.

You don't have to keep on repeating his song on Youtube, you can just ask him to sing you one and he will probably sing 10 songs for you. Could you imagine that?

6. Attitude

We girls fall for someone who's good looking. Someone handsome is hard for us to resist, but someone who's both handsome and has good attitude is just too impossible to not admire.

His good attitude will not just satisfy your eyes, but will melt your heart away. He surely knows how to treat someone in a good and proper way. Oh, he'd probably even know how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings. He's a good guy, the type of guy everyone would dream of dating.

7. He plays guitar

It might sound weird but just too realistic. Who won't be happy to have a guy who can play guitar? When a guy hold a guitar and starts to pull the strings, it’s always as if he's pulling a string inside our heart.

Yeah, both the music they play and the way they look when they play could melt us away, so does Shawn Mendes. How to tell your boyfriend you love him with  a song? You can go on and try to write a song for your boy. But what can make you feel special and loved as a girl? When someone, especially if it's like Shawn, play guitar and sing for you.

8. His smile

Oh gosh, imagine going home and seeing him smiling wide with his teeth shown. This kind of smile is just too charming that you can find yourself suddenly in a good mood even after a tough day.

Shawn would probably know all of the funny ways to cheer someone up over text and make them smile again. No wonder why everyone are dying to know how to make Shawn Mendes notice me. He's too gorgeous.

Someone who can't write one song without thinking about you, someone who can't drink without thinking about you, is definitely someone you'd love to date. There are too many reasons we want Shawn Mendes to be our boyfriend that we can't list down. He's just too hot, and no one would be able to not melt.

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