How To Tell Someone They Smell Without Hurting Their Feelings, Guarantee Works!

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It is sometimes never easy on how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings. Even if it is disturb us too much, but most of us afraid to say this fact to the person and wish that this shouldn't be happen. However, if you feel disturbed by something, it should be better to say the matter rather that to keep silent. Such as if its happen to your brother. Then you should able to show him on how to tell your brother to stop annoying you with his smell. Therefore, the same thing apply on this issue to anyone who quite annoying due to their body smell. If want to know further, below are several ways to shows on how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings.

Tips To Tell Someone They Smell Without Hurting Their Feelings

It is important to show someone if he or she smell bad to help them understand that something is wrong with them. Therefore, for the best solution, try below tips to inform somebody that they smell not nice without hurting their feelings.

1. Say It With Jokes

This might will sound ridiculous, however, in some cases it might be works. The same as funny things to say to a girl to make her laugh over text. It can be a good way to try telling him or her through a jokes. Start it with a light conversation and make a jokes about his or her smell. Don't forget to tell him or her that you never mean to hurt his feeling. This can be a good strategy to help you solve the issue in polite ways.

2. Gives a Gift

Another way to say it in a better way is by giving them a gift. Such as a parfum or any other similar gifts. This might lead them to realize that they will need to use deodorant or parfum everyday. This is a good light way in telling someone that they need to be more hygiene and clean when communicate with other people or in a public room. This might sound simple, but usually it can bring a good effects and help to solve the issue in fastest way.

3. Discuss It Slowly

The next way is by discuss it slowly to them while they are look happy or in a good mood and feeling. It is important to show and express your thought. But, it should be done in polite way and in a slow way. Therefore, the person will not offense and realize that he or she shall improves them selves and stop making other people feel uncomforted with their daily behavior or issues. The same as how to make a cancer man realize his mistake. It shall be done slowly and sure, heart to heart talking then it will make them realize about the problem and manage to fix it.

4. Talk in Private

Another tips is to ask them in a private area and talk with them in private. It is important not to involve other people since this issue might only known by both of you. However, ask him to get any solutions and help you not to be disturbed with their smell. Otherwise, there are several other ways to express with its feeling.

5. Choose A Perfect Tone

Make sure to tell this issue with a perfect tone. Even it look simple, but actually a tone can mean anything. Therefore, if he or she has a high tone, usually it is not the right time to tell them about the issue of their smell. Another idea is to have a correct tone level to make sure that we express something in polite and in a slow manner. Therefore, the person will think positive about your honestly and try to make any change. The same way as meeting someone for the first time after knowing them online. Keep your tone and gesture to bring them positive thoughts about what you're saying.

Those all several tips on how to tell someone they smell without hurting their feelings. It is important to be always true and not to lie in any reasons. However, it also important not to offense your friend mainly if he or she is your mate. Make sure to do the right way on how to tell your boyfriend that something is bothering you. Especially if it is the matter of his smell. Otherwise, next time he or she will ignore you due to the disappointed feeling of your words. Moreover, one of the main things is to make sure to looking for the best solution in this matter. So in the next time the issue wouldn't be appear anymore. Offering them help might be the best way to solve the problems. Good luck!

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