How to Tell Your Brother to Stop Annoying You

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Do you have a brother or sister? Does he or she love to annoy you? All brothers and sisters in the world do annoy to their younger. Well, there are many reasons why your brother does this to you. However, can it be we as the younger stop our brother to annoying? Below here there some ways how to tell your brother to stop to annoying you.

1. Jealousy

Your brother, a Scorpio feels jealous upon you.  You are younger, cute, smart, everybody loves you because you are the youngest in the family. So, what are the reasons why are Scorpios so sensitive and jealousy sometimes?

2. Parents are more defending the younger ones

Everybody loves you, including your parents. Any wishes that you want (the younger) always accept by your mom or dad. Otherwise, while you fight with your brother, mom and dad always be your side. You are always won by your brother.

3. Responsible

Being an old brother is not easy, while mom and dad are not at a home. Your brother is the one who takes this responsibility upon you. So, when he annoys you, this is how he expresses his feelings to you.

4. Just make fun

Relax while your brother annoys you, it might be your brother is bored. So, there is nobody except you as his target.

5. Needs a friend

How to feel less lonely when you are single? Your brother needs a friend, he feels very lonely now.  So, why don't cheer him up? Makes your brother happy.

6. He misses you so much

So, you have already home from the campground. While you came home, your brother does some silly things to annoys you. You know what he misses you so much.

7. Your truth partner

So, don't you ever feel that your brother is the truth, partner? Do silliness together, makes lots prank, and others. Annoys you just make him fun.

Signs your brother annoys you

How do you feel while your brother always annoys you? It must be angry, disturbing you, bad mood and it even makes you miss him so much. Well, below here there are some signs that your brother loves to annoy you.

1. Do Silliness

There are many ways to do silliness things, the most example ones; while you are sleeping, your brother takes a pen and draws your face. While you get up, you caught your face like a clown.

2. Asks some weird questions

The bedtime is a time to sleep. However, your brother still do annoys you with asking you some weird questions, such as; "Which one egg or chicken comes out first?" 

3. Cheats on games

All brothers always do this to their younger. Yup, he always cheats on games. Every game that you have done play with your brother; chessboard games, PlayStation, even football. So, if you want to know more about signs of cheating, just check on here signs of a cheating partner in a relationship.

4. Mocking on you

Good morning, sleepyhead. Every morning he did this and sometimes he takes your food without you know.

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5. Follows you anywhere

Well, your brother is a really protective person. So, he did this follow you anywhere you go. Is it so annoying, right?

6. Pulls your leg

He often to pulls your leg, even hair, and your hands. Well, he is not stopping to annoys you. While you scream, then he will stop.

7. Copycat

Are you ever feel that your brother just do as you do, like a copycat? Every you say a word your brother copies your word with a mocking accent.

8. Singing in bad voices

Are you ever heard that your brother's voice does bad? Well, this is one way to annoys to, so then you will not concentrate on studying. 

How to tell your brother to stop annoying you

So, how to tell your brother to stop annoying you? Are there some peaceful ways to make him stop? Well, as their younger you should try some of below tips. May it could help you to stop your brother that annoys you.

1. Ignore your brother

First, just ignore your brother, do not say one word. Just keep go on and do not pay attention to your brother. In here he thinks, why does my sister ignore me? and what to do when she ignores me after a fight?

2. Keep it calm

Next, keep it calm. If your brother hurts your feeling just take a deep breath and release it. Remember this he does this just make fun.

3. Peaceful resolution

Okay, if you are ready to speak up to your brother, so make a peaceful resolution about this by shakes hand. Says this to your brother, "Why don't we just make up? You know we just waste time."

4. Make a deal

Well, make a deal is one of the peaceful resolutions too. Just says this," If you are not stopping annoy me, I will open your secret to mom." or you could kidnap his favorite things, such as toys or foods. This is one of the ways on how to get your older brother to do what you want.

5. Pay attention to your brother

Why don't you more pay attention to your brother, do little things to him, such as defend your brother in front of the mother when the mother angry with him or help him in his homework.

6. Motivate your brother

You could motivate your brother, to make him happy. Maybe in school, he gets some bullying so while in a home he always do to annoy you. So, cheer him up. Just say, "You can do it, brother!"

7. Complaints to your mom or dad

However, if it really annoys you. You could complain to your mom or dad. Parents will help you how is the right or worse.

8. The rules

Usually, mom or dad gives some advice to you even your brother. Otherwise, the parents could make a rule that you and brother must obedient.

Hopefully, some tips on how to tell your brother to stop annoying you could benefit for you who always disturbed by your brother. Well, brother loves to do this to you is an expressed how he loves and cares you so much. He tries to protect you from anyone. So, please loves your brother even he loves to annoy you.

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