How To Tell Him You Are Done Being A Side Chick (3 Best Ways)

Last updated on April 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Seeing your boyfriend has a side chick that’s just hot, is definitely hurtful. It’s nearly impossible to find a girl who’s willing to share her boyfriend’s love with another girl, isn’t it? You might be really pissed off and wondering what to do when your boyfriend has a crush on another girl.

But, what if you’re the one who’s interrupting other people’s relationship? What if you’re the side chick and the guy you’re seeing is someone else’s? You might want to escape such situations as fast as possible, or perhaps you’d want to be his number one, if your evil side become a lot more dominant. Wondering how to tell him you are done being a side chick? Check out what are the signs that you’re just a mere side chick or does he really fall for you.


Signs You’re A Side Chick

There are times when you already know that this guy is not a single man. But, you can’t deny the fact that there might be times when you know nothing about this guy’s relationship. All you know is that he seems like he’s interested, but you never know that there are another girls that he loves earlier.

If you already know the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship, find out these obvious signs that tell you best that you’re just his side chick :

1. You Never Met His Friends, Nor His Family

When it seems like all you know about him is him, then perhaps you’re not his number one yet. When a guy is serious with you, and you’re not someone he should hid, then he’d enthusiastically introduce you to his friends, at least.

2. He Doesn’t Really Open Up

he doesn't really open up

Even though we all know that there are guys who are introverted, a guy will not intentionally hid something from the girl he loves, if there’s nothing to it. Perhaps he never lets you touch his phone, not even once. He cancel his appointment with you with unacceptable reasons? You should be careful.

3. He Comes And Goes

When a guy just take you as a side chick that thrill his relationship, then he will be that one guy who comes and goes. There are times when he seems care and all, but then it suddenly seems like he’s nowhere. You might ever think of this question, he cheated on his girlfriend with me but why is he ignoring me?

Tell Him You’re Done

Some of you might find it okay to be someone’s side chick, but some of you would hate to become one, right?

If you’re wondering how to tell him you are done being a side chick rather because you want to be his number one or want to stay away from him, here are few tips you can try out:

1. Check And Make Sure

It would be embarrassing if you’re not even sure and hasn’t validate the truth, yet pointing on him irresponsibly. If he never opens up and tells you he has a girlfriend, then you should double-check so that you won’t be mistaken by your own assumptions. 

2. Set Your Heart

Know yourself, whether you want things to go on with this guy or not. If you want to stop, set your heart set before you tell anything to him so that you won’t be too desperate when he’s gone. But if you know for sure you love him, he loves you, and you’re fine with taking someone else’s boyfriend, then set your heart right.

3. Say It Out Loud

say it out loud
  • “I can’t share my love with another.”
  • “This isn’t right. You’re someone else’s and I don’t want to be a third person anymore.”
  • “I am a woman and I just can’t hurt another woman.”

Those lines might be suitable for you who don’t like the ideas of being a side chick. The first line can also be categorized as the classy things to say to your boyfriend who cheated on you. However, if that’s fine for you and you want to be more than just a side chick, you might want to use there lines :

  • “Couldn’t you just sort your relationship out and set a new beginning with me?”
  • “If you love me, then leave her for good. Why would you be with her while loving me?”
  • “I don’t want to be aside forever, I love you and I want you.”

Talking about how to tell him you are done being a side chick might be hard and complicated, but it’s something you should say out loud to make things clear. It’s all up to you, whether you think that’s right or not, but remember that there’s a girl hurting when you’re in such position. If you're the girl who's hurting, try to find out how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and a little tips on how to move on that you might want to try.

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