Real Life Stories of Signs of a Cheating Husband When You’re Pregnant

Last updated on February 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Pregnancy is a gift that makes your life more beautiful. It is supposed to be a time when a relationship is at its strongest. But when your husband is having an affair during this moment, it’ll shatter you into pieces.

Signs of a Cheating Husband When You’re Pregnant

How dare he leaves you behind while you’re carrying his baby and devoting your life for this family? Here are the signs of a cheating husband when you are expecting your child, based on true stories:

  1. He is really secretive.

Khloe Kardashian told her friend that she suspected her partner, Tristan Thompson was “playing away” because he acted secretively. He was constantly on the phone texting someone, but would not admit whom he was texting with.

He was also deleting his phone logs as if he was hiding something. Shar Jackson also said that her spouse was very strange on the phone. He hung out with somebody she didn’t know and wouldn’t tell her. If you suspect your spouse cheating on you via social media, be sure to check signs of your loved one is cheating on Whatsapp and signs of him is cheating on Facebook.

  1. Not being able to control his anger and emotion.

Kelis, a singer and songwriter stated that her man was abusing her physically and mentally. He would pick up a fight with her and couldn’t control his anger towards her. These are other signs if your partner is an emotional psychopath. An abusive relationship is dangerous and if you want to leave it, do it in a smart way to leave an abusive relationship.

  1. He is making excuses.

If your husband lies to you constantly or makes a nonsense excuses for being late to go home, or simply puts up a weird excuse about why he doesn’t reply your text,  it might be the sign of him having an affair  -Siara-

  1. Having a second phone number or email account.

As told by Heartbrokenwife11, her husband used a second email account to contact her mistress and arranged their holiday trip. He barely remembered that his wife was going through a hardship of carrying their child.

There are also other signs for you to catch sight of, such as:

  1. He avoids talking about the baby.

Pregnancy should be celebrated by both of you. But it seems that he doesn’t appear as an excited new dad. He doesn’t have any concern regarding your baby and the pregnancy, he doesn’t want to accompany you to check your pregnancy condition to the obgyn, and he doesn’t care about you and your child at all.

  1. He appears differently.

When you notice he dresses differently or listens to a new kind of music he never listens to, maybe he is trying to adjust to his mistress’ favorite style and music. And also if he smells different, like a woman’s perfume but it’s not yours, it may be a sign for another woman on his life.

  1. He became less affectionate.

There are no more kisses and hugs, or even holding hands together. He doesn’t call you his love and doesn’t show any affection towards you and your unborn child. It feels like he becomes cold and loses his love and care. Huh, that's the signs of a cheating husband when you’re pregnant!

  1. He asks for a personal space way too much.

It seemed like he is trying to avoid spending time with you. He constantly asks for you to leave him alone, or always finds a reason to go out. There are also unexplained absences, and he spends more time “at work”.

Check on More Facts!

It’s unbelievable, how can your loved one cheat on you when you’re having his baby. But before blaming everything on him, you might want to check your relationship to find out whether this reasons for betrayal is displayed:

  1. Lack of intimacy

During pregnancy, women often feel their body is less attractive and have a lower sex drive.  Lack of intimacy will create distance between the two of you.

  1. He feels like he’s not important anymore

With every focus is given on you and what you are going through, he might feel like he’s not relevant any longer. Remember, your husband has emotional needs, has a desire to be cared for and to feel special as well.

  1. Extra pressure as a dad-to-be

Expanding family may bring joy to some families. But when he’s the one who has the responsibility to finance and take care of the family, it may create a pressure on him. The affair is his way of escaping the responsibility and pressure he’s facing.

  1. He’s not patient

It’s not a secret that pregnant women often can’t control their emotion due to hormonal influence. If he’s not ready to face it and be patient with it, it’ll probably drain him down emotionally. This is not such a kind of a man that loves you unconditionally.

To avoid an affair during your pregnancy, you need to reassure your husband that he’s still special. He doesn’t have to be worried, because you’ll never neglect him. You can also talk to him about your sexual drive, and comes up with a solution on how to deal with it without losing intimacy.

If there are some signs of an affair and you want to deal with this situation, please keep in mind that your thoughts and decisions are possibly affected by hormones. It is wise to talk about it with your family or friends before jumping into conclusion or confronting your spouse. Remember, any decision you’ll make will affect the baby’s life.

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