30 Smart Ways to Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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Sometimes our partner is great but sometimes they just make you suffer an incomprehensible suffering. This is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Then, how could you survive?

The only way to go about this is to leave. In some unlucky moments, you are stuck with someone who shows the Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath but there is always an option to leave. Here are the ways to leave an emotionally abusive relationship;

  1. Talk About It To Someone You Trust

The first step to leave is to get the fear out of your system. Talking to someone you trust about your problem and your plan might do the trick.

  1. Talk To The Authority

If you really feel like you are in danger, talk to a psychiatrist or even the police. Precautions are always necessary.

  1. See How Other Survivors Do It

Sadly, cases like these happen to a lot of people. Surf the internet to search similar things and you will be knowledgeable about your situation.

  1. Ask For An Advice

Talking is good but asking about an advice is also important especially when you are not in the right space in your head.

  1. Seek Help In Leaving

Seek some help about your plan to leave and say that it might be rough, messy, and dangerous.

  1. Talk To Your Partner

Talk about what you feel when you are with your partner and who knows, your partner might be able to tell you what is truly going on.

  1. Notice His Reaction

If he starts changing his behaviour in no time, you might want to consider leaving. But if you feel like you must leave, if he put all the blame on you, or if you don’t trust him, just leave.

  1. Stop Trying To Make The Effort To Mend Things

There’s no use to mend something that already hurt you and make sure that you stay down there.

  1. Leave Them Completely

Leave them completely. No contacts, not trying to patch things up. Leave them in the dark because they deserve it.

  1. Never Leave Things Behind

Leaving things behind will only give your partner an excuse to make you come back. It might seem small, but it is important.

  1. Never Reply To Their Texts Again

They will most probably try to text you. Never reply because those sweet words are just a trap.

  1. Ignore What They Say About You

After the break up they will start to talk things about you that they use as the Ways to Get Revenge on Someone Without Getting Caught. Never respond with hatred, stay calm.

  1. Report Threatening Comments

Once the interaction with him start to sound like a threat, seek help quickly.

  1. Find A Safe Place

Having a safe place is necessary when you are dealing with something like this. It can be a safe place in your mind or a tangible safe place where he can’t reach you.

  1. Explain To Them Why You Left

Explain to them why you left but never expect anything good to come out of it. Do this to make him learn about what he does. 

  1. Never Apologize For What You Do

Never put the blame on yourself when things went bad. Your partner is the biggest person in blame here.

  1. Stop Interacting With Them On Social Media

It might be tempting to say something to them on social media or other platforms but don’t. It’s better to burn the bridge completely as aWays to Move On After a Bad Relationship

  1. Be Your Own Best Friend

Take care of yourself, hype yourself up, and understand your feelings.

  1. Be Around Good People

Being around good people helps you leave the abusive relationship completely.

Tips to Do When You Leave The Unhealthy Relationship

Leaving is a hard part but it must be done when a relationship is this toxic. Which is why we will arm you with the what to do once you leave;

  1. Stay Hidden

It’s important to stay hidden from him for a while because he might do the lethal Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together

  1. Slowly Gain Your Sense Of Self

Slowly learn about who you are as an individual apart from that relationship.

  1. Warn People About Him

Warn the people close to you about him because he might do something to them to get you back.

  1. Do What Is Best For You

Know what is best for you.

  1. Find A Media Of Self Expression

This period can be lonely and frustrating. Always find a media of self expression to leave the past behind completely.

  1. Be On Guard

Always make sure that you are safe. 

What Happens After You Left?

After you leave that abusive relationship, you need to pay close attention to yourself. You will start to feel this shifts of feelings which might be confusing. Don’t worry, here are the signs that you have moved on to a better place in your heart and your mind;

  1. You No Longer Need Him

Even though he once have the Signs He’s Boyfriend Material, you no longer cling to him. You rely on yourself now.

  1. You Know What Is Wrong In That Relationship

You know things are getting better once you are aware of how abusive that relationship is.

  1. You Stop Meddling With The Unchangeable

You stop blaming yourself or wish that something in the past is different. You have completely left the relationship both in terms of status or in your mindset.

  1. You Feel Happier

Feeling lighter and happier sure is a good sign.

An emotionally abusive relationship sometimes stay hidden but is really deadly. If you are in this relationship, quickly go out. Make sure that you are gone from the relationship completely by doing the ways to leave an emotionally abusive relationship. After that you will start to notice the good things that happens to you after you left that bad place.