How To Start A Conversation With Your Crush For The First Time

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Communication is the best way to form a bond. Through communication, you get to know them more and be close to them. But how do you actually start that journey?

In order to communicate with someone, all you need to do is a quick start. It might seems daunting and confusing because it needs to be perfect. If you are confused, all you need to do is to know how to start a conversation with your crush for the first time;


1. Know Their Interest

First, you need to know what their like because usually people can talk on and on about what they really like.

2. Know Their General Details

Whether it’s about where they live, what they do, or who they are related to, all of this can help you make a conversation.

3. Befriend Their Friends

befriend their friends

Being friends with their friends is a great way to be close to them. This is because their friends might introduce you to him.

4. Be Close To Their Family

If their family already likes you, it is more likely that you will have a strong bond with your crush too.

5. Pretend To Bump Into Them

Bumping into them is a funny and great experience to open up a conversation. A simple sorry can be followed by any conversation opener.

6. Compliment Them

Complimenting them makes them blush and makes them feel like you are really kind.

7. Follow Them On Social Media

Doing this means that you can direct message them, comment on their post or like their post.

8. Ask Them About The Date, The Weather, Or Other Small Talks

Small talks can lead up to big talks and it is a way to break the ice and awkwardness before the conversation.

9. Show That You Love What They Love Too

show that you love what they love too

Showing interest in what they love actually makes them feel closer to you which makes them want to strike a conversation with you.

10. ‘Accidentally’ Text Them

This accidental text is a great ice breaker to make other conversations in the future. This can even lead them to show the Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting.

11. Help Them Out With Something

Helping them out shows that you are kind and can make them show the  Signs She is Into Me.

12. Say That You Need Their Help

People like to feel needed and it actually makes you bond closer with them. This is the easiest how to start a conversation with your crush for the first time.

13. Treat Them To Something

Treat them to a drink or to a food to make them want to chat with you because of your kindness.

14. Gently Show What They Did Wrong

Point out their flaw gently on the small stuff like a celery on their teeth, an untied shoe, or something else.

15. Pretend That Talking To You Was A Dare

When you make it seem like you are dared it actually makes them more eager to help you out.

16. Be The Asker Of Questions

When you ask questions, the conversation will flow easily and you will feel more rewarded.

17. Dress Better

dress better

Dressing better actually make you have their attention and increase the chance of you talking to them.

18. Casually Make Eye Contact With Them

Eye contacts that is kind of flirty is a Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy that makes conversations made easily.

19. Walk Past Them

This simple act makes you be in their mind for a split second.

20. ‘Accidentally’ Call Them

Just say that you press the wrong number and then you can continue the conversation with them. 

Tips To Make A Great First Conversation With Your Crush

If you are not the typical social and fluent person that can pull out a great conversation starter anytime, then you need to know these tips to make a great first conversation with your crush;

1. If Things Are Getting Boring, Change The Topic

To keep the conversation going, change the topic often.

2. Talk About Yourself A Little

This is a great topic that might make them show Signs a Woman is Interested in Me.

3. Share Your Opinion About Something

share your opinion about something

A debatable opinion about something can make the conversation flow easily.

4. Talk About Work

Alhtough it sounds boring, work is a general topic that could be the booster to a conversation.

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5. Ask For Their Opinion On Something

When people are asked about their opinion,they speak fluently and in long interals about it.

6. Be Calm And Casual

Seeming awkward won’t make the conversation better.

7. Suppress Your Nervousness

Nervousness is a thing that kills the vibe.

8. Show That You Are Happy To Talk To Him

Excitement from you can be reciprocrated by the person you are talking with. 

9. Talk Slowly With The Right Tone

This shows that you are calm.

10. Be Confident

Confidence is actually a  Ways to Make Your Crush Notice You Without Talking to Him.

11. Don’t Force It

Forcing it stops them from talking to you again.

Signs That They Start To Like You

signs that they start to like you

When you have enough conversation with someone, you will see that the connection is starting to appear. You will find it too if you see these signs that they start to like you;

1. Showing The Interested Body Language

Leaning in, a smile, and a touch of arm is a few body language you should look out for.

2. Not Wanting The Conversation To End

They change the topic or say that they really enjoy talking to you to keep the conversation going.

3. Not Being Afraid To Open Up

Once they get comfortable, they even open up to you.

You need to throw away that nervousness and doubt that goes into talking to him and use the simple ways on how to start a conversation with your crush for the first time. If you do, you will see that the both of you are starting to bond at a great speed and who knows what great things will happen after that?

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