43 Signs a Woman is Interested in Me (#1 Tricks to Get Her)

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How do i know if she likes me? Should i make the next move? These are probably the questions you continually ask when you’re in a crush. The first steps of a relationship is hard when you’re confused with the mixed signals and behavior that woman have. Well, we are here to make your life better and make your day a little bit brighter. We have a few sure signs that she might be in love with you. Try to find a few signs a woman is interested in you that match her behavior, and the next step is locking in the love of your life!

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Though women can be confusing we have observed some few common signs. Here are a few signs a woman is interested in me:


1. Eye contact

This is the most basic form of attraction. If she looks at you a lot or if you see her secretly looking at you, then you can assure yourself that she is starting to like you. Women do this because she wants to know your every move and because she loves admiring you. You can know that she likes you when you see her pupils dilate when you’re in her view. So, don’t be shy, look into her eyes and find out if she likes you!

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2. Different way of talking

If she have a huskier way of talking when she talks around you and if she talks faster, she probably likes you. Professor Hughes from Albright College, Pennsylvania said that this is because They want to connect with the different sex partner and profess the readiness of intimacy and connection.

3. Physical contact

physical contact

A girl may look plain playful because she touches your arm when talking or pushes you while laughing. But if she only do it to you, there’s a high chance that she likes you. Women who likes you want to get closer to you. And the first way to test the waters is to touch you lightly. These first steps are a signs a woman is interested in you that she wants more intimacy and connection, so stay close!

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4. Initiator

A love that is one sided happens when there is only one person that puts in the effort. This love will surely die. Well, you can rest assured that it will not be one sided when she also puts in some moves. When a girl text you randomly or ask you to go out, that means she is putting in some moves. This is a set sign that she likes you and she is not afraid to go to the next level with you

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5. Teasing

This is probably the most well known sign. Since we are a little kid, a little rough play with a boy or a girl could mean that she or he likes you. This theory still apply until now. When you see a girl being mean but playful to you, you know she wants to be close to you.

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6. Taking in the attention

When she starts meddling with your social interaction and relationships, you know she’s into you. Nothing says attraction than taking all the attention you have for only her. When she starts getting jealous and interupting your relationship with anyone she sees as threatening, that means she actually feels kind of insecure. In these moments you need to tell her that she actually mean something more to you, or else she will fall out of love.

7. Curious about yourself

In a conversation, she might ask about you a lot. Whether it’s your favorite movie or your childhood memories. This is not common in a normal friendship.  Curiosity towards yourself is a sign that she likes you and wants to know more about you.This curiosity can make her feel more close towards you and at the end makes her feel special. When she have a capability of listening and conversing, she is a real keeper.

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8. How her friends reacts matters

Girls love to tell their close friends about their current crushes and when the friends know, they act different. In this case, friends are the detectives that helps decide her love towards you. To help make the relationship grow faster, these friends might compliment her in front of you, go away when you are heading towards her to give you some space or notice your moves.

9. She opens up

she opens up

Women usually opens up with the people she trust like her friends or family. In a conversation, when she starts talking about her true feelings or her past, she already feels safe with you and she wants you to see her vulnerability. Once she trusts you with her vulnerability, that means she trusts you with her heart in your hands. So when this happens, listen closely and keep her trust!

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10. Asks about your relationship

When casually chatting suddenly she asks you about your current relationship and your current love interest. This is a trick question for you ! Women do this to see her position in this relationship. She will feel safe and show more moves when she knows that no other girl is in your mind.

11. Intense responses

She laughs hard at your jokes, she is wide eyed when you talk, she listens and sympathize intensely when you tell her something. This reactions that might seem over the top is a sign that she likes you. Her reaction will be more than normal to show you that she is fully committed to you and also because she dont know how to act around you because she is nervous.

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12. Mirroring

A lot of studies have proven that this is actually a common way humans show interest and commitment. By  mirroring someone, these people will actually feel warmer because they feel like there is someone like them and they can relate with each other. Same thing applies in the realm of love interest. Women mirror your moves to enchance closeness and relation

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More Signs of attraction

Here are more signs a woman is interested in me, more signs of love:

  1. Tilting her head and smiling
  2. Blushing
  3. Fast reply to your text
  4. Playing with her hair
  5. Dressed up better around you
  6. Biting her lips
  7. Playing with her eyes
  8. Find ways to be with you
  9. Give you gifts
  10. Her friends whisper to her when you walk past
  11. Notice your touch
  12. Asking about you through your friends
  13. Moving close to you
  14. Finding a way to be with you
  15. Being super nice to you
  16. Licking her lips
  17. She looks down when you talk to her
  18. She cross her legs and the lifted leg is pointing at you
  19. She touch her neck when you are near to her
  20. She straightened her posture when you are around

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Recheck her attraction towards you

Maybe there are already a lot of signs a woman is interested in me that you have seen in her or probably there are none yet. Either way, don’t lose hope, we can help you recheck her attraction towards you with a few simple methods and observation you can try any time:

1. Try casually touching her

Try grabbing something near her or ‘accidently’ bumping her back and then see how she reacts. A girl who likes you will smile, get closer, or try to make the touch lingers right after you touch her. This is a sure sign that she likes the intimacy. But she does not like you when she stays away from you right away or get mad at you for bumping to her.

2. Try looking at her

try looking at her

Eye contact can make a lot of reaction in a girl’s behaviour. Look at her longer than you need to, even if it feels uncomfortable. If she looks away first, blush or her pupils dilated, this is a way to know that she does like you.

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3. Try looking to another point

You might feel unsure if she is really looking at you secretly, but you feel like you need to know because that might be a sign of interest. No worries, we’ve got a method that is proven to be true. When you feel her eyes on you, simply look at a different point than your current point of view. You can look at something higher, lower, or further. Quickly look back and see if she is looking at the same point, now you know if it is really real.

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How to get her to like you even more

Now that you’ve checked and observed, want to lock in your relationship? Well this is where you can play your part to get her to like you even more and improve you relationship instantly. Do our recommended tricks to do the job!

  1. Be a good listener
  2. Let her know that she is the one
  3. Be yourself around her
  4. Open up to her
  5. Initiate a conversation
  6. Ask her if she wants to go out together
  7. Be nice
  8. Understand her feelings

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Those are a few of the many ways to win her heart. Just be yourself and see if she likes you.

These signs a woman is interested in me but they usually comes to the surface every time she likes someone. What you have to do now is to match these signs to her behavior and you’ll instantly know if you’re going to be in a long lasting and amazing relationship! Good luck, love warriors!

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