Clear Signs Of A Girl Cheating On You (No. 5 Hurts!)

Last updated on April 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you suspicious that your girlfriend is cheating on you?

Perhaps you’re reluctant to confront her because there is no evidence that she’s done anything wrong? 

Maybe you have no idea what clues to look for of a woman being unfaithful? 

If that’s the case, this article is for you. 

It lists 30 telltale signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

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With that said, here is your list of 30 signs that your girlfriend is cheating.


Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

When we are falling in love, everything turns into a beauty and our life filled with imaginations of a good things. And she is the main reason behind of all these. A girl fall in love is the sweetest girl alive. But there's no relationship going on smoothly without any ups and downs. In some cases, there is a significant other coming in between you and her.

Guys' cheat, and that's a fact. People said guys are unable to hold their feeling to fall for another girl when he already has one. Girls are often become the given victims in a cheated relationship. This is a bitter fact you have to know: girls cheat too.

Could it because she is unhappy with you that she start to find another source of happiness out there? What is the reason that make her cheat from you? Whatever her reason is, you have to read the signs first. Here are some of the signs of a girl cheating on you.

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1. She Is Suddenly Getting More Interested In Her Phone Than You

This is probably something you have never seen before, and you become completely surprised when she suddenly so attached to her phone. On the night you both spent having dinner together, she check her phone now and then, going back and forth between her social networks and text message.

Okay, it may be too quick to judge, but paying more attention to your gadget than your boyfriend during the date is a wrong thing to do in the first place. If this habit continue and she become too active on her social network, you may become suspicious. You don't want her to get closer to anyone she knows through the digital world, aren't you?

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2. She Becomes Very Busy Over The Weekend

Weekend is a free time to spend with the loved one. Lovebirds usually make the most of their weekend to spend some quality times after the whole busy week. Saturday and Sunday has unofficially become a special day for both of you. But lately she always said she has another plan on the weekends.

Two weeks ago she said she want to meet her old friend, last week she said she has an overtime work, and this week she said she would like some time alone. You may notice this strange behavior and it could be that she is drifting her attention somewhere else. She might find some more interesting new things and starting to forget you slowly. Indeed, you need some free time for yourself, but neglecting him would end up hurting his feeling and ruin your relationship.

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3. She Makes A Drastic Change On Her Look

she makes a drastic change on her look

For a girl, look is the most important thing. No matter where you are and what you do, you have to look proper and pretty. No wonder most girls invests a lot for clothes and make up. Your girlfriend is the type that prefer everything simple and never into heavy make up. She dress comfortably and simply.

But one day you find her on a makeover mode and change her look drastically. She somehow become interested in shopping and spend hours in the department store. She is on full make up and always wears pretty dress. It doesn't matter if she changes for the sake of your relationship, but if she is full make up even when she is going out alone, for whom all the look is?

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4. She Checks Your Whereabouts More Often

Do you remember when you were in the early stages of dating and she play hard to get with you? It took her a long time to reply for your message. Even when you have dated for a while she didn't check on you that often.

One day you notice that she become overly concern about you, especially your whereabouts. She seems to pay too much attention about your next plan, where would you want to go, and with whom. At first, maybe it was just her want to care more about you, but it happen every now and then, it could be that she doesn't want to get caught by you. Sorry.

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5. She Has No Future Plans In Your Relationship

Your relationship used to be very dynamic with a lot of ups and downs and dramas involving her forcing you to join her friends on a lunch. She asked you to cancel your meeting because she wanted your company to attend her cousins wedding, or you tried not to fall asleep while watching her favorite melodrama in theater.

Lately things going on very smoothly and tend to be... flat. There's no plan, no double date, no wedding to attend, and no movie to watch. She doesn't have anymore passion to plan things to do together. Well, let's hope that she was just bored and need some time away. But it could also means she already put her passion into someone else. Uh oh! What those signs of a girl cheating!

6. She Told You (By Any Means Possible) That She Was Unhappy

In the end, after all those questionably changing behavior, you have to talk about it with her. From the start of the meeting, she would wear this unhappy expression on her face and eventually said that she was unhappy. She will purposely blame herself for this and making up any excuses to point out on which part that she was unhappy.

7. She Disappeared For A Long Time With No Explanation

she disappeared for a long time with no explanation

Let's say that you are having a date with her at 1.00 PM. Of course you arrive on time because you don't want to waste any minute you can spend with her. One, two, three, to five hours has passed and she show no signs of arrival. Just right before you are about to leave she arrived and saying that she was falling asleep the whole time. But hey, who take a nap for five long hours? Let's hope she doesn't spend them with anyone else.

8. She Has A Secret Plan Without Telling You

Two people who are in a relationship should put trust toward each other. Thus, they don't keep secret from each other. You usually tell her about your plans, your work, and meeting you're going to have. And so does her. At one point she stops telling about them and when you called her she said she was on a business meeting she never told you before. For once or twice, take it that she really forgets. But if she continue to come up with that excuse, things have gone out of hand.

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9. She Starts To Be Protective Of Her Phone

Becoming addicted to her phone lead her to the next stage: overprotective with it. This is something she never done before, as there's no secret between you and her. One day you were going on a date with her, and you want to take a selfie together. You took her phone and... surprise! It locked with a password. And when you asked her for it, she said she will open it for you. Hmm... you deserve to be worried and suspicious. What is it she is trying to protect from you?

10. She Becomes Defensive And Tend To Avoid Questions

What's more signs of a girl cheating? Girls can hardly hide their feeling. They show what they feel, so does your girl. A girl will feel uncomfortable and worried of getting caught that she is cheating. So she acts defensively and try to avoid your questions no matter how simple it was.

Yesterday she said she couldn't make it to dinner because of the work she has to finished. The next day you asked her how was work last night and she doesn't seem to interested in it. Because in fact, there's no work she has to finished. She spend the dinner somewhere else.

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11. She Becomes Independent All Of A Sudden

Well, your girlfriend is never the spoiled type who can't do anything without you. But every girls are all the same. She likes it when you picked her up at work, replacing the dead lightbulb in your house, and fixed the leaky pipe under the sink. And you, happily doing all kind of service for her.

It has been long since you first pick her up from her work and now she can do everything perfectly well on her own. Independent is good, but becoming too independent is raising suspicions. Is it because she really want to be independent or simply because she doesn't want you anymore because there is someone else already?

12. She Is Just... Cold

You remember why did you fall in love with her in the first place. She is very charming and very talkative. She loves to talk about herself, her life, and continuously ask you about everything. Life with her seems to be never bored and you love to be around her. Before you realize she is not as cheerful as she used to be. She stops telling stories and she is just... cold.

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So the long list of the possible signs that indicate your girlfriend is cheating has come into and end. Have you probably find one of them in yours? Sincerely, hopefully, not.

Things To Know If Your Girlfriend Cheats You

things to know if your girlfriend cheats you

Indeed, here are more signs of a girl cheating that you guys need to figure it out:

  1. She talks about her stuff too much
  2. Too many excuses when you ask her out
  3. She don't hold you tight anymore
  4. No texts, no calls, no more
  5. She seems like in the another world
  6. Not even a goodnight kiss
  7. She slowly forgets you
  8. She misses your special day
  9. She don't look at you the way she used to
  10. She don't talk anymore
  11. She is finally gone
  12. You see her holding someone new in a week
  13. She completely gone by then

Indeed, that's the signs of a girl cheating that you need to know. If you found one on her, you need to be hurry to keep holding her tighter.

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What To Do To Keep Her By Your Side

Indeed, if you found signs of your girl cheating on you, you may need to do these things to make her stay:

  1. Talk to her
  2. Take her to her best place
  3. Ask her questions
  4. Hold her tighter
  5. Give her space
  6. Look at her eyes
  7. Let her heart talks

Meanwhile, if you found her cheating, then you may be worry. Indeed, if she really loves you, she would't cheat on you. However, you guys must be smart to not dating the girl who splits her heart into two. Stay loved!

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