7+ Classy Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Who Cheated On You

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Have you been cheated on? Is it still hurting? 

Do you have a burning desire to give that person a piece of your mind?

Perhaps you don’t know the appropriate words to say?

If so, this guide is likely to be of use. It features a list of ideas for things to say to a boyfriend who cheated on you.

Just pick one which perfectly encapsulates your feelings and let him have it! These work great by text, over the phone or face-to-face. 

But what if you’re not sure whether he’s cheated yet? Perhaps at the moment you’re just speculating because you get the impression he might have been unfaithful to you. What to do then?

Well, this powerful + discreet online communications tracker tool might be just the thing you need.

This tool has been used by countless people to catch partners who they were suspicious of cheating on them. In fact, such a task is arguably where this tool works best. 

Once you’ve fed the algorithm of this tool with a few of this guy’s personal details, it will be able to infiltrate the communications of his personal devices, and deliver you the information you need to discover whether he’s been up to no good. 

You’ll find out who he’s been communicating with most often (one unknown number in particular?), what apps he’s been using (Tinder?, Bumble?), whether he’s registered alternate contact details (another bad sign)/ That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as what this tool can do too. 

So use this tool if you’re not sure if he’s cheated - then use the lines below if it turns out he has!

8 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Who Cheated On You

1. "Nothing happens by chance, everything happens by choice."

Don't let any excuses that he made get into your head, cause he is capable to choose not to hurt you. If he cheats, he choose to do a bad thing. If he made any excuses, remind him that cheating is the choice he made which defines his character. There you go to know better about Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup for the First Time?

2. "All the best with life."

There nothing better than a revenge where instead of you telling him bad things, you wish his life is filled with good things. It shows that you are a better person than he is, and it shows how refined and mature you are. Compared to yelling at him and saying all kinds of bad words, wishing him all the best with life would not make you look desperate and losing.

3. "I hope no one in life does the same to you."

You don't need to tell him that what he's doing is wrong, or he's a jerk for doing so, cause deep down inside his conscience, he knows what he did is wrong. You might want him to hurt the same way that you did, but getting back at him won't make you feel better. There you go to know better about What to Do When I Miss My Long Distance Ex

Wish him well, this will makes him feel hurt and guilty even more that you still wish good things to happen to him even after what he did to you.

However, if you're still wishing for him to come back, or you believe that this relationship could be fixed, you could say things that focus on inquiring his reason and his intention to change. Make sure that he also wants this relationship to work, and he's willing to change for the better. Here are some things to say to your boyfriend who cheated on you when you and him would like to try fixing this relationship.

4. "Why do you do it?"

It's normal that after all this happened, you feel like you need closure and explanation in order to let go of the problem and learn to trust again. Make sure though, before you ask, that you are already emotionally stable and able to face this problem rationally.

You might not want to hear the specific details, but try to listen and create an understanding about why your partner did what they did. There you go to know better about Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend on Her Period

5. "What do you need to do, in your opinion, to be more honest with me?"

Before you suggest anything, let him think for himself. Let him be the one who has the initiative to make the action plan. Ask him "what do you think you need to do to be more honest with me?"

Give him the chance to improve, and you can see from his answers how much he would like to try to be more honest with you. Let him tell you the exact plan and steps that he is going to take moving forward. There you go to know better about Things to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 6 Months Relationship

6. "You need to do ... to earn my trust back."

If there are some things that he doesn't think of yet, or something that you need for him to do, let it out. Tell him honestly, but remain rational and avoid any emotional outburst.

Tell him exactly what he needs to do in order to earn your trust. Don't fall too quickly to his affectionate words, but remind yourself and him that he needs to say what he mean and act the way he meant it to earn your trust again. There you go to know better about  Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

7. "Will you stay in touch with her?"

It's something important that you need to know from him. Despite you both trying to fix the relationship, it may fail because your trust in him can't be re-established. From his answer towards this question, you will also notice whether he would like to forget his own desires and focus more on your feelings.

If you both are going to stay together, his affair (be it emotional or physical) can't keep continuing to happen. He needs to show that he mean it by cutting off all contact. 

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8. "I can’t change you, and I can’t change your situation. I can only change myself and the situations I choose to be a part of."

Remind him that no matter what, it all comes down to him. Whether he sincerely want to change and feel guilty, or he just did it out of the spur in the moment. Remind him that if he refused to change, or he refused to stay with you, you have the right to choose a situation you would like to be a part of.

Remind him that his purpose of doing this must be to save the relationship, not only to make you feel better. Despite everything that he does, you still have the power whether you want to accept him back or not.

In conclusion...

There are many people that feel happier with someone new after they're being cheated on. They feel more appreciated, and they can forget the pain that they have in the past. However, there are also many couples who are able to work through cheating and come out stronger and closer.

Make sure you're in a stable place, and make your decision. You can use these sayings above as a guide, which one to say when you decide to move on, and which one to say when you decide to stay with your current partner.

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