How To Get A Scorpio Man To Stop Playing Games With You (11 Ways To Make Him Quit His Games)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you are dating a Scorpio man you may have already run into a few problems.

Scorpio is without a doubt, the most devious Zodiac sign in astrology. It is manipulative, never forgets a grudge and will use every mind game in the book to get what it wants. 

Scorpio is also deeply passionate, highly intelligent, and plunges itself heart-first into relationships. However, this heady mix of emotions, pleasure, and intellect can be deadly. 

Scorpio is a Fixed, Water sign, ruled by Pluto. 


Scorpio’s Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Strengths: Loyalty, passionate, tenaciousness, intuition, devotion, empathy. 
  • Weaknesses: Jealousy, suspiciousness, obsessive, rigid, secretive, needy. 

It’s no picnic if you are on the receiving end of this master manipulator. 

Scorpio man will draw his victims in with skilled, seductive ease. There is something dark and sensual about this man that is not only alluring but dangerous.

Think Christian Grey from 50 Shades to fully understand the magnetism of Scorpio man. He is both charming and dominant. He will maneuver and manipulate situations to his advantage. Always in the shadows, lurking, playing mind games, but ready to strike with that deadly sting in his tail. 

Scorpio man plays games because he wants to see how you’ll react. He is testing you to see if you come up to his standards. Remember, Scorpio men love deeply and bear the wounds of a broken relationship until they die. 

Because of this, they don’t give their hearts to just anyone. They have to be sure you are worthy of their love and devotion. Once a Scorpio man has opened up his heart he is yours for a lifetime. So he feels justified in putting you through a series of mind games. You must earn his trust.

Sure, it doesn’t feel fair on you but it makes sense in his mind. So what kind of games are we talking about and what can you do to stop a Scorpio man?

One thing you need to know is that you can never out-manipulate a Scorpio. So don’t think you can play him at his own game, you’ll lose. 

Scorpio man is used to operating in the dark and out of sight. Just think about the deadly scorpion. It scuttles away and hides, ready to strike when you least expect it. 

The way to deal with Scorpions is to bring them out into the light and confront them. Don’t allow them to use subterfuge and underhand tactics against you. Use honesty and logic to reason with your partner. 

Remember, Scorpio likes to control their partner but they cannot respect and love someone who willingly allows themselves to be controlled. 

How To Get A Scorpio Man To Stop Playing Games 

1. Confront his controlling nature

Scorpio men are, by their nature, jealous types. They show this by trying to control you. But they are also fair and open-minded. These are no closet male-chauvinists. Their passion for relationships extends to other interests such as human rights and women’s equality. 

Scorpios know that anyone entering into a relationship with them has to be able to stand up for themselves. You can’t be a shrinking violet and date a Scorpio. By challenging his controlling nature he knows you mean business. You’re no pushover. You are his equal.

2. Be empathic to his sensitivity 

Why does Scorpio bear a grudge for so long? Because where feelings are concerned they are super-sensitive. Scorpio is a Water Sign but they are not delicate and fragile like Pisces. This is a Fixed sign which means this sensitivity is intense and prickly

Scorpio will be watching to see how you react to his brooding mood swings and sudden outbursts. Can you handle treading on eggshells one minute and him acting like nothing is the matter the next? If you have genuinely upset your Scorpio by all means apologize. But don’t put up with childish behavior. 

3. But don’t overreact to his biting sarcasm

but dont overreact to his biting sarcasm

Scorpio is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, they are extremely sensitive and remember a perceived hurt for decades. On the other, however, they can deliver a scathing remark with cutthroat accuracy, aimed right at your heart.

Again, they are testing you to see if you are overly sensitive. If what they are saying is the truth, your best defense is to give as good as you are getting. However, if they are pushing your buttons for the sake of being nasty then walk away.

4. Never lie to a Scorpio man

Scorpio has a built-in lie detector installed in them from birth. But even they don’t trust this so they set traps for you to test your honesty. A Scorpio will only have to catch you in a lie once and that is the trust gone forever. 

Scorpio is always thinking about the future and whether you’ll hurt them or not. They need to be protected and have to consider all their options. A Scorpio will think if this person lies to me now she might change her mind and fall out of love with me. 

5. Ask why is he checking up on your whereabouts

Of all the Zodiac signs, I would describe Scorpio as one of the neediest and vulnerable. This sign wants a signed and sealed contract from you that states undying desire and devotion before he’ll even consider a first date. 

He is so consumed with fear that somewhere down the line you’ll either break his heart or cheat on him he can’t focus on what is in front of him. Of course, none of us has cast-iron guarantees when it comes to love. But Scorpio thinks stalking you is acceptable in the pursuit of happiness. It is not.

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6. Confront his displays of outlandish behavior

confront his displays of outlandish behavior

There are ways a Scorpio will test your loyalty. One is to act out dramatically and see how you react. He might flirt outrageously with a waitress in a restaurant to see if you get upset. He may ignore you all evening and watch the game on TV. 

His endgame is to see how important he is to you. He also wants to know if you’ll stand up to him. This is important to a Scorpio. They don’t want a wallflower, remember. But they do want someone who cares enough about them who won’t put up with crappy behavior.

7. Question him if he disappears for days

Scorpio has a habit of creeping back into the darkness for days at a time. Of course, it is perfectly fine for anyone to need some alone time. However, it is not fine to go off-grid and not let your loved one know where you are for days on end. 

You need to come to a compromise. If your Scorpio man wants some time by himself, let him know you are happy about this. You just need to know that a) he is not using this space away from you to cheat and b) he will send the odd text message now and then. 

8. Don’t allow cheating behavior

Talking about cheating, some Scorpios go to extremes to test their partners. Insecure Scorpions that have been hurt in the past will cheat on their girlfriends to see what reaction they get. 

Some use cheating as a way of protecting themselves. If they have cheated on you first and you put up with it how can they trust you? What sort of person allows this level of disrespect? If there’s one thing a Scorpio insists on it is respect.

9. Argue intellectually, not emotionally

argue intellectually not emotionally

Whilst it is true to say that Scorpions value drama and intensity, they are also highly intelligent creatures. Sometimes they pick an argument to see how you’ll cope with an intellectual debate.

Do you get overly emotional and lose the plot? Or can you be objective and put your point across? Scorpions are opinionated and have firm views, but they relish a good argument. It gives them the chance to show off their smarts. Can you separate your opinion from your relationship and remain objective?

10. Be there for him when he needs you

Scorpions will call you at 3 o’clock in the morning to ask for a ride home from the club. Not only will they expect you to be there waiting for them, but they’ll expect you to have a smile on your face while you are waiting. 

This is all part of Scorpio’s testing phase. It comes in several parts and there are different stages and reasons for the testing. Are you worthy of their time and effort and how far can they push you? 

11. Create a nurturing home environment

It is a simple premise, but Scorpios are like the rest of us; they just want an honest, loving relationship. By creating a warm, earthy home where they feel safe to come out and be themselves they won’t feel the need to play mind games. 

Don’t give them reasons to doubt you. Make a special effort around them so that they know you adore them. After a while, they’ll begin to relax and trust you and the games will stop.


Why do Scorpio guys play games?

Scorpio guys are deeply passionate and loyal once they fall in love. But they also find it hard to let go once a relationship is over. Because of this, they will test potential partners to make sure that they really love them before entering into a committed relationship.

How do I get him to stop playing games?

Scorpios are naturally suspicious and distrusting by nature, so honesty is your best course of action. Be upfront and open and don’t put up with bad behavior. Scorpios like to manipulate and control when they feel insecure, so help them get over these insecurities with love and understanding. 

How do you deal with a Scorpio man being distant?

Some Zodiac signs need space and time alone occasionally and Scorpio is one of those signs. They like to go off-grid for a few days. It doesn’t mean they are up to no good. Tell them you understand they need time to themselves but a text now and then will appease your concerns. 

What is a Scorpio man’s weakness?

Scorpios are naturally distrusting, obsessive, drawn to the dark side of life, and can be pessimistic. They can be intense, needy, and become fixated on one way of thinking. Don’t cross a Scorpio because they always get their revenge. 

How do you know if a Scorpio is playing you?

Scorpios are ruthless with people they don’t care about. They will use you as a plaything then discard you when they get bored. You’ll be the butt of their wicked remarks, they won’t call you, and you’ll be ghosted for days or used at the last moment when they need something.

In Conclusion

Scorpio man has an air of mystery about him that creates an instant attraction. However, this master manipulator needs a strong personality ready to challenge his mind games. 

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