How To Make A Scorpio Man Fall Back In Love With You After A Breakup

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Most Scorpio, men or women tend to hide their true feelings, especially when they get hurt. Once you betray a Scorpio man, it will be hard to get his trust back. Make sure if you have made a mistake or hurt him before, truly apologize and never ever try to betray him again or else you will be remembered as a betrayal forever.

Breaking up with a Scorpio man means you are the one who did the mistake, not him. A Scorpio is loyal until you aren’t. A breakup happens when you are not loyal. He will remember everything you did to him and keep it in mind that he has to be careful to let you get back into his life again. They are very careful not to make a mistake for the second time. If you really want to know how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you again and how to make a Scorpio man fall back in love with you after a breakup, here are some tips you need to follow.


1. Gain His Trust Back

First thing first, gain his trust back. You were the one who made a mistake, purposely or not. And if you want to win him back, learn to gain his trust back. Show him that you truly sorry about what you have done and you don’t mean to make the same mistake again. Learning from old mistakes is the best teacher.

2. Start With Being Friends

start with being friends

You can’t just come back to him and say “hey, I’m sorry for what I did in the past. Can we get back again?”. No. You can’t just easily expect him to accept you. The best thing you can do first is gain his trust and be his friend before you go to the next stage.

3. Don’t Lie To Him

You can’t lie to a Scorpio. He won’t take it easy as he really treasures an honesty. If you get caught lie once, be prepared not to be trusted forever. Your nickname will be “a liar” forever. Keep this in mind if you want a Scorpio man fall back in love with you again.

4. Be Sincere

Sincerity is the key. Everything you do to win him back, make sure you really do it sincerely. Even he won’t say it out loud in your face, he knows if you don’t mean it for things you do to get him back in love with you. As you did hurt him before, he must be extra careful, thus, be sincere always.

5. Don’t Betray Him

How to make a Scorpio man fall back in love with you after a breakup? Never betray a Scorpio. He might have forgiven you, but won’t forget what people do to him. He remembers everything, including your betrayal. Before you start doing the tips, you should convince yourself not to make the same mistake or betray a Scorpio. This may be the last chance you ever get. 

6. Make Him As Your First Priority

How to make a Scorpio man fall back in love with you is by not making him a backup plan. The option is two, choose him or leave. If you can’t put him as the first, better not try at all. He can sense something is up if you try to put him as your backup plan. Your actions towards him will talk much about it.

7. Give Him Extra Attention

give him extra attention

You might have hurt him, but it does not mean you can’t get his love back. One of the fastest ways to get a Scorpio man back is by giving him a sincere and extra attention that you might haven’t done to him before.

A simple text “please take care of your health” or “don’t skip breakfast/lunch/dinner” are two simple meaningful reminders for a Scorpio. If you don’t give up on his coldness attitude, you will get there someday.

Signs If Scorpio Is Back In Love With You

It might be hard to gain a Scorpio man’s trust after you betray him once. But if you know him well, you should prepare some useful weapons to win him back. Here are ways Scorpio man shows love to you even though he doesn't show it with words.

1. He Responds You Back

When a Scorpio man is sick of something or not interested, he will make you think you don’t exist. He will ignore your existence even when you’re right in front of him. Even more, he won’t respond to your greetings or texts. So, if he responds back to you means he you have gained his trust.

In other words, he is interested in you again. However, you should be more sensitive towards his actions. If he ignores you, that is one of the signs a Scorpio man is not interested in you anymore, no matter how hard you have tried. 

2. He Might Not Say Anything but He Lets You Trying

He doesn’t talk much about how he feels but his actions speak for him. If he lets you trying to win him back, there’s a chance he still has a feeling for you. He perhaps waits for you to make him to fully fall back in love with you again.

3. He Can Finally Open Up With You

When he can finally open up again with you, it’s a sign of trust. A trust for him won’t come easily. It’s through a careful thought and consideration. A Scorpio man only opens up to a person he trusts most and it’s usually someone he has a feeling for.

4. His Eyes Speaks More For Him

his eyes speaks more for him

A Scorpio man does not talk much about his feelings, but his eyes do. His eyes speak for him when he likes a person. You can feel it through his intense eye look. His eyes spark when he sees and talks with you. It's one of the natural characteristics of a Scorpio in love. His eyes can never lie for him.

5. He Spends Time With You More

When a Scorpio man in love, he likes to spend time with the person. He will find a reason to meet you more often. That’s how he shows his interest in someone. He enjoys doing activities with you, even they’re only small ones.

How to make a Scorpio man fall back in love with you may take some more time and patience. However, if you can hold it back and keep trying, it’s not impossible for him to give you a second chance. But first, he will make sure that you deserve it. Show some good attitudes that you are really sincere and deserve to get his love back. If you can do that perfectly, welcome back to a Scorpio man’s life!

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