How To Make A Scorpio Man Obsessed With You And Stick With You

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Scorpio man is a kind of lover you always wish to have in life. He is popular among woman and has this alluring energy in him. Calm and confident, a Scorpio man is capable of making any woman feel comfortable around him. As he is very attractive, it's easy for a woman to fall in love with him.

How To Make A Scorpio Man Obsessed With You

So you are interested in a Scorpio man and want to make him obsessed with you. You may not alone and have to compete with others. But you definitely can win and stand out if you know the right trick. Let's find out how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you.

1. Be A Smart Woman

As Scorpio man is highly intelligent, the first quality he looks into a woman is her smartness. Show him that you are so he knows you have the Wife Material Signs he needs.

2. Looks Isn't Everything

Don't be too focused on your look since it's not what makes him interested. He is indeed happy to see a pretty woman, but to date her is another thing.

3. Compliment Him

Stroke his ego by complimenting him. Even though it's too obvious, make sure you tell him many good things about him.

4. Don't Go Overboard With The Compliment

But remember not to go overboard with the compliment. You don't have to praise him every second or else it will makes you look needy.

5. It's Better To Compliment Him Indirectly

Leave some mystery behind your compliment to make him guess whether it's him or not. Also send him the Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile.

6. Look Your Best

look your best

Look is not everything for a Scorpio man for sure. But he will be more than delighted to see a smart woman who dressed at her best.

7. Let Him Chase You

Give him a little challenge by letting him to chase you. Don't show right away if you are also interested in him.

8. Don't Always Be Available

Whenever he calls or text you, it's better to make him wait. The more you are hard to get, the more he will be obsessed to you.

9. Don't Be Easy

A Scorpio man will immediately lose his interest once he knows you are very easy to get. Don't let the excitement fade. Learn more about this in the article Wondering Why Scorpio Man Plays Hard to Get with You? Read This!

10. Be Confident

Don't appear needy in front of him. Be a strong woman who knows what she wants and be sure of yourself.

11. Don't Be Dominating

You can look confident and smart, but don't be dominating in the relationship. Let him take the lead but don't get carried away too much.

12. Let Him Be In Charge

Not to dominate you, a Scorpio man wants to take the lead in the relationship. He's so reliable that it's the best Husband Material Signs.

13. Ask His Advice

Show how much he means to you by asking for his advice in anything. But remember not to look needy.

14. Don't Lie To Him

Scorpio can detect lie very easily. Unless you want him to immediately lose all his feeling for you, you better not lying to him about anything.

15. Gain His Trust

Scorpio man is hard to trust anyone. So it's important for you to gain his trust first.

16. Don't Play Game

Scorpio is very fixed and serious. He is looking for a steady and long term relationship, which makes the best Reasons Why You Need a Scorpion in Your Life.

17. Keep It Private

As a conservative man, Scorpio man likes to keep it low and not going public too soon. Make sure everything is private.

18. No PDA

Keeping things private also means that no PDAs allowed. Avoid showing your love and passion in front of many people.

19. Be Reliable To Him

As Scorpio man looks for settlement in life, he wants someone who is reliable. Make sure you are always there for him.

20. Be Serious

Remember not to play games with a Scorpio. He is serious and looking for a long term relationship as well. Don't take him as a game.

21. Spend Time With Him

spent time with him

Let him know about you more by spending time with him. It could be a good chance for you to know him better as well.

22. Be Persistent

When you first trying to reach out on him, he may not give immediate response. Try harder and don't back off right away.

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23. Do Fun Things Together

Give a Scorpio man a lot of laugh by taking him for a fun activity together. Don't be afraid to do a little adventure such as going out to the nature or to the amusement park.

24. Show The Sincerity

There is one good way to steal the heart of a Scorpio man. Cook your own homemade meal just for him, even though you don't know how to. This show how much you care about him.

25. Express Your Feeling

Once in a while, it's good to tell him how you really feel. But don't do it too often since it will be a huge turn off for him.

26. Don't Force Anything

Be slow and let him take his time for his feeling. Don't be in a rush and forced him to like you back or obsessed to you just because you feel so.

Every man is different. No matter how many and detailed about all the things you can do on how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you, you must really know him into deeply, uncover his secret, and how to turn him on. That is how you can fully get him to be obsessed with you.

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