Best Tips About What Not to Do on an OkCupid Date

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thousands of people meet through dating apps. Tinder is arguably the most popular, but there are many other credible dating sites you can use. OkCupid is one of them. The app is quite popular worldwide.

If you have found your best match through the app and about to go on a real date with them, you will need our tips on what not to do on an OkCupid date so you won’t ruin it. Check it out! Also read Best Dating App for Relationship

  1. Talking About the App That Help You Meet During the Date

If you think that OkCupid is the most interesting topic that could connect both of you, congratulation because you are wrong. In fact, avoid talking about the app as much as possible. While it’s okay to ask and talk about anything you find on their profile, no need to mention where you read it, though.

Bringing up OkCupid talk in the middle of a date only makes thing awkward. So the first thing to remember is not mentioning anything about OkCupid. It is just a big no. Also read How Will I Know If My First Date With a Guy Went Wrong?

  1. Sharing Assumption About How You Think the Date Will be Going

Even when you don’t meet through a dating app, sharing your assumption about how you think the date will be going in the middle of the date is a big turn off for everyone. Imagine how your partner should respond about it.

As you set up the date online, many things must be going on inside your mind when you finally see them. However, you know both intentions upon going on the date, so keep everything to yourself.

  1. Asking Them How Many Dates They Have Been

Well, this just sound inappropriate. Regardless of your intention – probably you ask it just for fun – but what do you think it will sound? Are you sure their answer will not affecting your judgment toward them? Also read How to Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl On Instagram

This one is very embarrassing for your date. Their answer might make you think whether they are a noob who just have their first OkCupid date or they are such a horrible person as you are their 20th date. Do you really want to hear their answer, though?

  1. Touching Them without Permission

Another thing about what not to do on an OkCupid date. Touching your date without asking for their permission is not only the most perfect way to create an awkward atmosphere, but the fastest turnoff as well. Also read Signs He is Player

Your rude behaviour might blow them up that very second, especially when your date is a girl. It’s neither cute nor romantic. It’s impolite. Your date will be appreciating if you just ask them “Is it okay for me to touch your hand?” so you know not to cross their line from the very first date.

  1. Leaving Too Early When the Date is Not Going Well

Chances are, your date can be awkward, uncomfortable, and all sorts of things in your worst case scenario. And when you go on a real date after meeting online, the possibility is bigger. But if you are not interested in them right after you meet them, try not to show it and hold a little longer.

It will be so offensive for them if you suddenly leave the scene. Making any excuse won’t make sense since you must have emptied your schedule for the date. Survive the date and disappear after that. Also read Signs He's Not Interested in You After First Date

  1. Letting the Time Pass without Advertising Yourself

Well, you know this one is stupid. A real date is a perfect chance for you to fully advertise yourself. Impress them with anything you want. They must be asking a lot about your profile and make the most of the moment to show your worth.

It must be awkward at first but letting the time pass just like that is such a waste. Consider it as an opportunity to win a client so you must shape a good image of yourself.

  1. Not Asking Important Things About Them

Not only you have to show yourself well, you should dig more about them too. Ask as many question as possible, anything that makes you curious about them. Let them advertise themselves as well and see whether you are a perfect match for one another. If it sounds more like a presentation, let it be.

So those are everything we got about what not to do on an OkCupid date. Hopefully this article can be helpful for you who are about to start dating your online match in real life. If you have more tips, do share with others through the comment section below.

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