How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back When He's Ignoring Me? (10 Effective Ways)

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your ex-boyfriend ignoring you?

Are you wondering how on earth you're supposed to patch things up when he won't take your texts and calls? 

It's a tricky situation, but props to you for believing in true love. 

There are effective ways to get an ex-boyfriend back when he's ignoring you, and I'm going to outline them for you in the guide below. 

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With that said, let's take a look at some strategies that should help you in this situation.


10 Ways To Get My Boyfriend Back When He's Ignoring Me

Some of these tricks below may works.

1. Don't Look Needy Of Him

It's such a big, big turnoffs for a men when you look too needy of him. Not only it makes you look desperate, but your pride will also be going downhill. He might think you as an easy woman. While it may be great to be around whenever he needs you, but being around too much is not necessary. Unless you'd like to see the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Stops Loving You, you have to stop it now.

2. No Need To Fake Yourself

no need to fake yourself

No matter how bad you want him back despite the fact the he is ignoring you, don't fake yourself. Don't be someone you are not just because of one person. Hey, you are much more than that and you deserve someone better. Now think about this analogy. You are allergic to shrimp but he wants you to eat it. Don't force yourself to do it just because of him.

3. Have A Good Time Whenever He's Around

Which means, make sure he is having a good time when he sees you. It's important because it affects how he thinks about you and whether he wants to see you again sometimes in the future. Avoid meeting in a burdensome situation like in the office or during a short lunch break. Catch up on the weekend when both of you are free.

4. Avoid Complaining Too Much

Who in the world would love to be with someone who always complain? Nobody would. Avoid saying negative things when you are with him. Enjoy your time together so that he wants to see you again.

5. Be Positive In Front Of Him

Not only you have to stop complaining, but don't let any negativity flows through you as much as you can. Be a positive influence who brings him positivity in life, so he can see that you have all the Wife Material Signs.

6. Don't Expect Anything

Why do you want get back with him in the first place? You need to ask this first to yourself. Probably he is ignoring you because you did expect something from him. Name it his social status, his wealth, or his job. The fact that you expect something from him is a big turnoff.

7. Mind Your Look

Even though it's not the most important thing, but a man attracted fast to a woman who appear to be interesting for him. It's why you need to mind your look. Just like when you love to see a well groomed, well dressed man, the same thing goes for him. Take the time to makeover your look as the What to Do When Your Boyfriend of 3 Years Broke Up with You.

8. Don't Demand Him To See You

Since he is no longer your boyfriend, he has the full right not to see you that often. He might want to enjoy a little bit of his freedom and let him have his time. His ignorance probably won't last that long and when he finally calls you, it's the Signs Your Ex Misses You and Wants You Back.

9. Give Him His Space

Don't call him, text him, or showing the intention that you want to get back with him as soon as you break up. Give him the space to think about things thoroughly, including what he wants from you and how he thinks of the relationship.

10. Be Open To All Possibilities

Don't be clingy to him. If you are sure you have the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship, what's the point of waiting for him? Go date someone else. The new person may be better than your ex boyfriend.

Why Does He Ignore You?

why does he ignore you?

No fire emerges when there are no smoke. There must be good reasons as to why he ignores you. Of course it leaves you crazy thinking about the ways how to get my ex boyfriend back when he's ignoring me. Instead of looking up at how to do it, you better find out why does he ignore you in the first place.

  1. He gets annoyed of you since you text him way too much. I mean, you're no longer an item, right? Could you give him some time to enjoy his freedom?
  2. As if texting him like once in a minute is not enough, you don't miss the chance to shower him with millions of calls. Who likes to be called many times, especially in a busy hours by someone you try to forget? He might as well think you are stalking him.
  3. To make things simple, clearly he's hurt and he just want to punish you. This can happen if you're the one who initiate the break up.
  4. It's what he's waiting for, to be freed from you because sadly, you're not that good of a girlfriend.
  5. He has his eyes on someone, so there's fat chance for you to get his heart back.

In Summary

Girls, be careful before making the decision to break up because once you lose him, it will be tough for you to win him back.

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