Exhausting Signs Your Ex Misses You And Wants You Back

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Breaking up was hard, let alone the moving on process. They said they didn't want you in their life and that they will be happier without you. Getting over it seemed impossible in the first place, you try hard to find the Best Ways to Forget Your Ex from them, and when you finally did, they show up innocently like nothing ever happened.

This surely left you in wonder of what exactly they want. They never know how hard you have to get through. Well, it could be the signs you ex misses you and wants you back. Suck, isn't it? To make it sure, read all the signs below:


1. They Call You Often

they call you often

They're the one who block your number. But recently they call you everyday and asking about you as if they care about you. Not only calling and texting you, they also like all of your Instagram post and even leaving comments there.

2. They Tell You About Them

Honestly, you don't care about how they're doing at the moment nor you care about their future as well. But they seem to want you to know everything about them. They start to share their life just like the way he did in the past. It's the ultimate signal that they miss you.

3. They Recall Old Memories

As if you didn't try hard to erase the, they bring back the old memories every time they speak. They tell you how they never forget your favorite meals and how every little details about you never leave their head. They try their best to make you feel the love again.

4. They Apologize

You mean, after all these time? Why don't you apologize earlier? While it seems odd to you, it's actually their tricks to find the way back to you. They know they may have a rough start, but all that important is they can get back to you.

5. They Care About You

They try their best to make you notice the Signs You Haven't Moved On from Your Ex by showing that they still care about you. It may be something that they never done before, they only want you to know that they have change.

More Signs They Miss You

more signs they miss you

Here are more of the signs your ex misses you and want you back:

  1. You are the first person that they tell about everything.
  2. They say they not sure about dating anyone else.
  3. They said they really sorry and wish they could turn back time.
  4. They flatter you a lot.
  5. They steal touch to you, like holding your hand or brushing their arms lightly. to yours.
  6. They ask about you to your friends.
  7. They make an intense eye contact with you.
  8. They said they miss you.
  9. You suddenly see them too often and they seem to be everywhere.
  10. They still keep you gift and some of your belongings.
  11. They always available whenever you need them.
  12. They ask whether you're seeing anyone or not.
  13. They got pissed of to everyone who try to get close to you.
  14. They call you when they're drunk.
  15. They want to see you more often.

Why They Want You Back

So you are on your halfway to move on but suddenly they appear (again) out of nowhere pretending that they care. But their intention is soon to be seen, they want you back. In case you're wondering why, these could be the answers:

  1. They're lonely. At first they're happy with their freedom but starting to feel the emptiness. You mistake this as the Signs That Your Ex Still Cares, but actually they're lonely.
  2. It's Something To Do with Their Self Identity. As you have been dating for so long, it's hard for them to take off all the attribute about you. You have become their identity and of course they are lost without you. They simply need to find themselves back.
  3. Nobody Better Than You. When you were still dating, they specifically want someone else to be their lover instead. That is why they breakup with you, only to realize later that no one is better than you? Don't they take you for granted? Well, that is one Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with You Ex, so the won't think of you easy.

You Must Remember This When They Want You Back

you must remember this when they want you back

You might get flustered by the time your ex call you again (after about millions of year disappearing). Something must be going inside your head. Some wondering why they call you again, some parts suddenly recall the past, and some is angry. That's normal. If you really don't know what to do when they want you back, these things may help:

  1. Keep in mind that you have moved on, and the process is not easy. There's no way you want to experience the same heartbreak twice.
  2. You can do better than this. There will be better person that them, and that you and them just never meant to be.
  3. Why did you break up? If they were that good of a person, then there is no way you choose to separate. Even though you had many memories with them, all is in vain once you breakup, right?
  4. You can' get back what you have thrown. They shouldn't do that i the first place if they really loved you.
  5. They may ask for a second chance. Unfortunately they had their chance and they chose to waste it away. There is no turning back.

So those are all the signs your ex misses you and wants you back. To get back or not to get back, it's all depend on you. Since you know your ex better, don't make yourself fall into the same trap twice. The heartbreak really not worth it.

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