Why Can't I Stop Thinking About My Ex Sleeping With Someone Else After A Week? (15 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you constantly thinking about your ex, even though you've been broken up for a week?

Are you worrying about her sleeping with someone else? 

These types of thoughts can make you miserable and desperately unproductive, especially if you're always getting thoughts of her making love to some other dude.

Perhaps you'd like to know why you can't stop having these thoughts, and what you can do to clear your head. 

If so, this is the right article for you. You'll learn how to turn things around if you read on. 

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There are more tips below, so scroll down and keep reading!


15 Reasons Why You Can't Stop Thinking About Your Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

1. You’ve Been Craving Someone’s Touch For A Long Time

you've been craving someone's touch for a long time

Maybe you’ve shown Signs A Woman Is Interested in A Man Physically  but haven’t been with that person for a long time. You think your ex can be the quick fix but he/she can’t.

2. You Have No One In Your Life Right Now

When we are in a lonely phase in our life, it is easy to want someone to be with you and the only person you can think of is your ex.

3. The Love For Your Ex Still Lingers

You secretly feel that I Still Love My Ex . In this kind of feeling, sadness and jealousy is normal.

4. Both Of You Haven’t Properly Ended The Relationship

Maybe you’re the kind of person that simply needs some closure. To do this, have a proper talk with your ex.

5. You Simply Miss Some Aspects Of A Relationship

You miss the hand holding, late night talks, and things like that, but not really your ex.

6. You Need Someone To Talk To

you need someone to talk to

Too much time being alone? That’s why you think your ex can be the answer. But all you need is your best friend to give you the  Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad.

7. You Feel Like Your Ex Is Just Trying To Make You Jealous

Believing this will make you boil with anger. But all you need to do is to let it go to make the thoughts go away.

8. You Are In A Stagnant Part Of Your Life

There’s little happening in your life right now. This boredom can translate into false love for your ex.

9. You’ve Been Following The Thoughts For Weeks

If you’ve been asking around about your ex, stalking, and more, it’s normal that you can’t get over him or her because you don’t give your brain the chance to forget.

10. You Feel Like You Wronged Your Ex In Some Ways

Guilt is the word here. All you need to do is forgive yourself.

11. All Of Your Friends Are In A Relationship

You’re jealous of your friends but don’t come back for the toxic relationship you had with your ex! He/she is already sleeping with someone else.

12. You’ve Been Wallowing In Your Sadness For A Long Time

you've been wallowing in your sadness for a long time

Give yourself the chance to be happy by using How to Cheer Yourself Up After a Bad Breakup with Your Lover

13. You Haven’t Given Yourself A Chance To Be Alone

Remember the benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health  and know that all you need right now is finding yourself.

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14. You Never Got Rid Of Your Ex’s Things

If the memory is around, you can’t get over him/her.

15. You Still Think That Your Ex Is Yours

This feeling of possession is what’s stopping you from moving on.

Things To Do To Get Over The Incident

things to do to get over the incident

You know well by know the reasons in why can't I stop thinking about my ex sleeping with someone else after a week? So, here are some tips on forgetting that incident:

1. Stop Trying To Find Information About It

Just stop stalking. Let your mind rest from the tension and sadness. Do this until you feel way calmer.

2. Train Your Mind To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

Whenever the thought of your ex arise, distract yourself. Your brain will soon know not to think about that topic anymore.

3. Get Busy With Your Own Life

Get your dreams and build your empire to get over your ex.

4. Remember The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Get Back With Your Ex

Remember the bad parts of the relationship and know why you’re better off.

In Conclusion

Our mind tends to go round and around when asking ourself why can't I stop thinking about my ex sleeping with someone else after a week?

All you need to do the next time it happens is to go to this article, meditate over it, and follow our tips on forgetting. After that, all the structure in your life will go back to normal and you’ll feel strong and independent again!

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