5 Irrefutable Ways To Tell Your Ex To Stop Contacting You Again

Last updated on May 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you?

Are they not getting the message, even though you’ve warned them multiple times?

Would you like a list of the most effective ways to deliver this ‘ceasefire’ message? 

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get below.

This extensive list of ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you will surely get the job done.

If you want, you may find it useful to download this online communications tracker tool and use it on his personal devices.

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Either way, I’m sure this list of ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you will get the job done.

So, scroll down, pick your favorite and let her rip!


5 Ways To Tell Your Ex To Stop Contacting You

Your ex always sends you chat, always calls you and comments your post in social media. You want to stop it all, but you don't have any idea to do it. So here, you must follow the tips below to keep away from your ex and stop your ex to contact and bother you. Here five ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you.

1. Tell Your Ex Personally That You Really Want To Break Up

tell your ex personally that you really want to break up

Some people just end their love relationship, but they also try to calm their ex. Some people will say that we still can be friend, we can meet. If you sure to break up, so dont give chance for both of you to meet. Try to be silent and slowly lessen to contact your ex.

If your ex try to resist that, tell him/her to try life without you. Just give our selves to be alone without meet and contact and let see if it will be good for us or the feeling is same and just want to back again. Less contact will give chance for love to disappear.

If you tell it all to your ex with message, phone or chat (to avoid meet your ex), but your ex don’t do the same just like you want then go meet your ex. It is gonna be hard but you must tell it as sooner as you want to stop contact from him/her. Be strong and ask your ex to meet. Remember to meet in public places and accessible for you and from your house.

You can ask your friend to oversee both of you. Don’t meet in place that will remain you and your ex about your pas relationship. Then, tell him/her to make the silent contact and let you get busy with each bussiness until both of you realize what really you all need. 

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2. Ignore Your Ex's Call, Message And Chat, And Unfriend/Block Your Ex From Your Social Media

Here's the ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you. If you try to tell your ex to stop contact you but your ex don’t do it then you must block all way he/she can contact you.

Ignore and don’t respond your ex call and message, try to unfriend from your facebook, unfollow from your instagram and others social media. It will be better if you block your ex account and number. So it is nothing phone and social media activity to your phone and account.

Try to stop stalking your ex social media too if you want to omit your ex from your life. It will give you a chance to stop thinking about him/her. Moreover, you will be spared to do silly thing like accidentally click like in your ex post. 

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3. Your Friends And Family Can Help You To Tell Your Ex To Stop Bothering You

your friends and family can help you to tell your ex to stop bothering you

Well, everyone has close friend that know about your problem, especially problem like this. Your friend can help you to tell your ex to stop bother and contact you again when your friend randomly meet your ex. You can rely your family too to tell your ex.

Moreover, your friend or your family can look out and accompany you in your some activities if you worry your ex will do something that risk for you. 

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4. Change Your Contact (Phone Number) And Make Your Social Media Private

Although you have removed him/her social media account or have blocked him/her phone number, they can still look out your social media or try to phone you with other account or number. It is so easy for your ex, your ex can use his/her friend account or new account.

So that you must change your phone number and private your social media. Don’t give any way for your ex to know your updates and let him/her to forget you. Furthermore, you can avoid phone or comment spams that will make uncomfortable with your privacy.

Although it is risky to change your phone number because you must tell to your family and friend about yor new phone number but it will be good to really stop your ex contacting you. Then, just don’t let him/her know your new number.

5. Best Way And Effective Is New Person In Your Life

The new person here is you get a new boy/girlfriend. Some people may need some time to begin a new love relationship or may be just want to be alone. But, having a new boy/girlfriend will assert that you moved on from your ex and there is nothing to do again with your ex.

Moreover, your new boy/girlfriend will give you protection and a sense of security from your ex. Just choose the new person that fits with you and avoid doing the same thing wrong when you were with your ex in the past. That's all the ways to tell your ex to stop contacting you.

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