My Boyfriend Just Broke Up with Me Over Text and Now is Ignoring Me. How Do I Get Closure After This?

Last updated on February 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Breaking up is not always a simple matter. When a relationship starts to decay, parting is one of the inevitable outcomes. It's, just like its name, heartbreaking. A relationship that you both had built over time, sometime years, went down to the drain just like that.

In general, when people breaking up, they went to a period when they talk things over and discussing the future of their relationship. A heartfelt discussion and emotional one is often necessary so every party's concern is heard and addressed. It's like, you meet at a friendly term, so it's only proper if you have an amicable breakup.

Not everyone is lucky, though. Instead of sitting together and talk things over, some people have to receive the bad news via text. There's nothing worse for a break up than a text break up. If you're experiencing this, it's a sign that the guy you've been going out is as follows:

  • He is a player

Congrats, you just land yourself a player. A player will never hesitate to treat you as some kind of disposable woman. He'll move on after he gets bored. Actually, when you think about it, you are lucky when to even get a text. You should have known better. Learn about the sign of whether a man is a player or not.

  •  He is immature

Sometimes a guy is not a player, he's just immature and doesn't know how to communicate. So when he wanted to break up with you, he resorted to the safest means of communication possible, via text messages.

It doesn't make it any better than getting dumped by a player via text. Immaturity is a real problem in some guys, learn about their signs here.

  • He doesn't want to hurt you

An immaturity disguise in of not wanting to break your heart, when in reality it hurt you more knowing you are dumped by text messages.

  • He is afraid of confrontation

Some guys are afraid to handle your reaction when they are breaking up with you. They don't know what to do that's why they give you the silent treatment.

They expect you to be emotional, crying, screaming, or to their horror, start throwing something at them. Sometimes they know that you won't do any of that, but they also can't handle the awkwardness that comes with break up. To be honest, it's cowardly behavior.

  •  You are in a long distance relationship

Probably the only acceptable reason to break up via text messages is that you both are in a long distance relationship. In an LDR, it's hard to maintain a healthy relationship that a breakup is inevitable. If you're in a long distance relationship, better read some tips on how to make LDR work before a break up happens.

Now you know all the possible reason why he dumped you, ran away, and never look back or texting you back. But make assumptions only is not enough for your sanity. You have to get closure, directly from him. Here's what you can do to get your much-deserved closure.

1. If he's a player, let go of him

After asking friends and read the signs of a player, you are convinced that he is a player. There's one thing you can do, move on. A player is not worth your time nor your attention. Don't attempt to talk things over because it's not worth it. He never cares about you to begin with.

2. Stop calling and texting him

If he broke up with you with text, the first thing you have to do is to remain calm. Some girls go overreacting, they bombard the guy with so many texts and calls and angry when the guy ignores them.

If he broke up with you in such an immature way, it doesn't mean you have to respond in similarly unacceptable behavior. Take a deep breath and think about what you should do next.

3. Insist on meeting

After you are calm, call him just once or twice, asking to meet. Show him that you're calm despite you are surprised by the breakup. Make him feel safe to talk to you. Insist on a meeting, a face to face communication will make everything clear.

4. If you're on a long distance relationship, use video call

If you both can't meet because distance, have a long phone call or video call instead. Make sure that you can see his face. Sometimes body languages tell more than words. There are proper ways to break up a long distance relationship, just not via text.

5. If it makes you feel better, confront him

You can go him on a bar he usually hangs out and throws a drink over him, just to get the rage out of your system. Or confront him at school/college/workplace, wherever you can meet him. It's not a solution

6. Move on

The last thing to do is to move on. Consider it a lesson learned that you had to deal with immature guys. Go out with your friends, have a good time, find hobbies and interesting activities. Or you can meet a new date. Life is wonderful and full of possibilities.

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