What To Do When My Boyfriend Gives Me The Silent Treatment? Break-Up Signs?

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being ignored by your boyfriend is upsetting but a complete silent treatment is hurtful. It’s lonely and frustrating but you love him too much to give up the relationship. Make your boyfriend talk to you again to end his silent treatment with these ways:


1. Take Some Time Away From Each Other

Here’s the first option on what to do when my boyfriend gives me the silent treatment. Taking some time away from each other is not a bad thing in this situation.

Your boyfriend needs his own time to cool off or collect his thoughts. Maybe you can use this time to reflect on how the two of you ended up in this situation. In either case, having some alone time might be the best thing to do for now. You can also try to apply the same ways on How to Deal with a Girl Giving You the Silent Treatment.

2. Act Normal

Your boyfriend can give you the silent treatment for as long as he wants. But you can warm his heart by acting normal. Just carry on with your days as usual. Send him texts like you usually do.

When he sees that you’re unbothered by his action, he’ll stop his silence. He could get angry or annoyed but at least he’ll start talking to you again. On the other hand, he might start to see that his silent treatment is a bit too immature and won’t solve anything.

3. Tease Him

tease him

According to relationship experts, being on the receiving end of the silent treatment can feel cruel. You might also be feeling like you’re being punished by your boyfriend. You start to panic and think of the different ways on what to do when my boyfriend gives me the silent treatment.

However, don’t give in to his action. Instead of feeling like you’re being punished, act as if he’s being silly. Tease him about how cute he looks when he’s silent. You can also tell him that you miss his voice. The thing is, don’t be too mean with your teasing. Add a bit of love into it so that he knows that you mean no harm.

4. Make Him His Favourite Meal

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So what’s your boyfriend’s favourite meal? Put your apron on and try to cook something delicious for him.

Don’t try to cheat your way in this. You’re the one who must cook your boyfriend’s favourite meal. That’s what makes it special. Once he sees your effort and your willingness to make him happy, he’ll break off his silence. It's also a nice way on How to Deal with a Guy with Mood Swings.

5. Make Him Jealous

You can try to make your boyfriend jealous so that he will stop giving you the silent treatment. But be careful with this one. You might make the situation worse than before. Just don’t overdo it and know your limit. You just want your boyfriend to talk to you again, not break up with you. As soon as your boyfriend becomes really jealous and breaks his silence, you must also stop with your act.

6. Ask What You Did Wrong

This is another thing that you can do when my boyfriend gives me the silent treatment. Just ask him what you did wrong. Did you say something that hurt his feeling? You would never know why he’s silent in the first place if you don’t ask him.

Be sincere when you ask him this question. If he breaks off his silence and gives you the answer, stay calm. You might think that you’re not in the wrong but think carefully and try to find a solution that will work for both of you. 

7. Apologize For What You Did Wrong

apologize for what you did wrong

In case your boyfriend is giving you the silent treatment for something that you did, immediately apologise. It might not be easy if you’re someone with a big ego. But if you really love your boyfriend then you should be sorry for hurting him.

However, you should not apologise for something that you know you didn’t do. Before saying ‘sorry’, listen carefully to his reasoning for giving you the silent treatment.

8. Have A Serious Talk

You might be running out of ideas on what to do when my boyfriend gives me the silent treatment but here’s a simple solution: talk! You can have a peek at How to Talk to Your Boyfriend When You are Upset with Him to help you out.

The silent treatment is actually very common in relationships. But it’s actually something that can really break couples. Ask your boyfriend to quit acting like this and start talking. Tell him that you really want to make the relationship work but you will need him to start conversing in a healthy way with you.

9. Be Super Nice

Perhaps your boyfriend has been feeling ignored or left out by you. Maybe he also has a lot of things to think about in his life. Sure the silent treatment is killing you.

But being nice to him won’t hurt right? Be super nice when you’re around him. Shower him with lots of love and tenderness. His silent treatment could just be his way of asking more attention from you.

10. Treat Him To Something He Likes

Does your boyfriend like video games? Buy a game that he will love. Does he like to go fishing? Organise a retreat just for the two of you at a nice lake where he can go fishing in peace.

Treat your boyfriend to something that he likes. Refuse ‘no’ as an answer. He has to accept whatever it is that you’re treating him with. Once he feels a bit better, he’ll start to talk with you again. 

11. Give Him The Silent Treatment Too

give him the silent treatment too

This should be your very last option in case you’ve tried everything on what to do when my boyfriend gives me the silent treatment and none of them works. Give your boyfriend the silent treatment too. It's also the answer for What to Do When Your Boyfriend Talks to You Like Crap.

Prepare yourself, the quiet can be deafening. But maybe if you stop talking to him, he’ll start to miss you. This is how to make your boyfriend reach out to you but in a tough way.

12. Think Over The Relationship

Last but not least, really think over the relationship. Is this something that happens often? Do you think that he’s hiding something from you? What’s wrong with the relationship? And so many other questions.

Based on what some psychologists say, the silent treatment can be a form of abuse. You should not ignore your boyfriend’s action like this one. Especially if it happens frequently and hurt you too much. Make sure you know How to Make Your Boyfriend Understand That He Hurt You so it doesn't happen again.

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