What Does It Mean When Someone Says You're A Keeper?

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Compare to women, men are not so explicit with their emotion. You must have find many cases where women complain their men for not being romantic and hardly say “I love you”. Bu do you know something? This kind of man is really worth to be kept. He never sell romantic words but once he said something sweet, he really mean it.

Including when he told you you’re a keeper. What? Keeper? For your information, the keeper he meant is not the one like goalkeeper in football. But if you don’t get it, you must be wondering what does it mean when someone says you’re a keeper.

It’s a good saying, for real. And if a man really ever told you so, you should be proud of yourself. Because here are the possible list of his meaning why did he call you so.

1. He Thinks You’re The One

Keeper in a relationship means someone worth to keep. And when he said that you’re a keeper, he knows that you’re the one. He takes the relationship seriously and he doesn’t intend to play with you. He really want to be with you because he knew you’re worth. You’re such a good girl in his eyes.

The way he describe “I love you” is by saying that you’re a keeper. You’re worth to be kept. What’s more romantic than that?

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2. He Wants To Keep You Forever

So he wants to keep you by his side, and he wants you for ever. When a man said that you’re a keeper, prepare yourself not to be ever let go by him. He knows that a woman like you is very rare, and he probably will never get the chance to meet someone like you ever again.

Not only he is to you, finding a man who wants you to stay by his side forever is not an easy feast as well. Remembering that there are too many jerks around, he must be one of a kind.

3. He Loves You Dearly

he loves you dearly

When someone loves you truly, he has different way to say that he loves you. Saying “I love you” is too plain and too shallow for his ocean deep feeling. Keeper is a truthful confession of his love, and he has many more ways to do so. If you ever meet a guy like this, don’t ever let go. 

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4. You’re Strong Enough That He Adores You

Women tend to appear weak and vulnerable in front a man. But this is the 21st century and a woman should be strong and capable to stand on her own ground. A man respect a strong woman more than he did to the first one.

A woman that is strong enough makes a man adore her and surely wants to keep her forever. Show him what you’re worth because vulnerable is not sexy at all. Be strong and confidence, so that everyone around you can feel the vibe.

5. You Make Him Happy Because You Know How To

Happiness is contagious. Everyone wants to be with someone who is happy so that they can be happy too. It’s what he meant but he say it in a too romantic way that you wonder what did it mean. A happy woman is like magnet to a man he wants to stay by her. 

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6. It’s A Sincere Compliment To You

Actually, keeper is a form of compliment a man give to a woman. It means that keeper woman is hard to be found but you’re one of them. He sincerely adore you and he wants you to know it. Be thankful to him when he said so.

Remember that men don’t usually give compliments, so when he did so it’s from the deepest of his heart. You’re good, girl!

7. He Wants To Take Things Seriously with You

If you’ve been in a long term relationship with your boyfriend, you’d be wondering when will he propose you. But instead of dropping to his knees open up a ring box, he told you that you’re a keeper. No, no, no. Don’t be sad. 

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If you’ve been following this article from the beginning, you’ll know that it means everything positive. From him wants to be with you forever and loving you deeply, what else will he do but want to be more serious with you!

8. You Have His Heart In Your Hand

you have his heart in your mind

A man is hard to love, but when he loves, he loves hard. Even after dating for a while, it doesn’t guarantee that he loves you for real. But when he starts to open up with you, sharing you his deepest secret, and let you know what’s inside his heart, then you have it in your hand already.

9. He Never Meet Someone Like You Before

What does it mean when someone says you’re a keeper. Apparently, he never meet someone like you. He’s in awe that he threw you compliment with such a deep meaning. And it doesn’t necessarily told by your boyfriend. A man who knows your worth will say it to you.

10. You’re A Good Wife Material

Congratulation! You’re a really good woman when someone thinks you have a good wife material. Means you’re mature enough, wise, and free of drama. You should be really proud of yourself for the woman you have become. 

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11. He’ll Put Everything In Effort To Make You His

Knowing your worth, throwing you compliment, and what’s next? He will put all effort necessary to keep you by his side. A man will never let go of such a good woman. And if he really put effort, he’s also a keeper who worth to be kept.

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