Can A Haram Relationship Become Halal? Dating In Islam

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What does Islam say about the relationship? Relationship or dating is something that haram, it is forbidden in Islam. However, can a haram relationship become halal?

Yes, absolutely can. Here are the reasons why Islam suggest both guy and girl should be married.


1. It Is Written In The Holy Book Of Quran

Marriage is something that is very recommended in Islam. This order has been written too in the Holy Book of Quran. It says that indeed women and men really have their own pair.

2. The Sunnah Of The Messenger (PBUH)

The Messenger (PBUH) also encourages all Muslim people to get married. Because the Messenger also does this and this act is in the Sunnah of him. Whosoever Muslim does his Sunnah, they will take rewards.

3. The Perfecting Worship

In Islam, a marriage is a form of perfecting worship. That is why Muslims encourage their people to get married

4. Stay Away From Bad Things

stay away from bad things

Getting married in Islam also means staying away from bad things, such as slander, for example.

5. Take The Halal Reward

Muslims who do marriage means following the Sunnah of the Messenger (PBUH) and in marriage, there are actually many halal rewards.

6. The Best Jewelry

The Messenger (PBUH) said that the best jewelry in the world is a righteous woman. That's why marriage is highly recommended.

7. Increase The Offspring

What is the aim of marriage? It is to increase the offspring. The Messenger (PBUH) said that he was happy to look that there are so many Muslims are born. More reasons for marriage duties according to Islam you can look at here.

Signs The Halal Relationship In Islam 

When you decide to marry her or him, your relationship will become halal. So, below here there are some signs that you must know about the halal relationship in Islam.

1. Discuss With The Parents

Discuss with the parents is the important thing. In here, your parents can help you to choose the righteous woman.

2. Find Someone That Suits

After discuss, your parents or relative will find someone that suits your criteria based on your profile. Halal dating is highly recommended in Islam than do regular dating.

3. Know Each Other

Read of her biography and there are some things you need to know about Aquarius woman. Does she the right woman for you? In this halal dating, if she doesn't your criteria. You can able to leave her and find someone else without hurting her feeling.

4. Asking The Purpose

If you are sure about her and already met her for view weeks. You can talk and discuss this to your parents that you are willing to purpose her at her house.

5. Get Closer To Allah

One of the view things on Islamic dating rules, you should to remembering Allah and get closer to Him. Because actually, only Allah Almighty is able to change human feelings.

6. It Takes Full Of Faith And Patience

it takes full of faith and patience

The process of a halal date is not easy because in here you will be tested how much the level of faith and how big is your patience. So, please just believe in Allah about anything.

How To Turns The Haram Relationship Becomes Halal

So, then how to turns the haram relationship becomes halal? Can a haram relationship become halal? Well, you can turn it becomes halal with some of the proper ways below here.

1. Stop Dating

Stop dating that has no end, and start getting closer to Allah. Dating is something that Allah doesn't like. So, what does Islam say about having a girlfriend? You can check it that it's forbidden in Islam.

2. Get Closer To Allah

How to get closer to Allah? Do the obligation as a Muslim, do daily prayer, take a dua also fasting. It will make you be a righteous human. You should surrender to Allah Almighty, believing that Allah's plan is the best.

3. Do The Sunnah

Do the Sunnah of the Messenger (PBUH), if you can't control your lust you must do fasting, read the holy book of Quran and even do a midnight prayer. All of these things can control your lust and stay away from bad things.

4. Ask Honestly To Parents

If you are ready to leave this haram dating, you can go to your parents and discuss with them. Ask honestly to them that you will propose a woman that you love.

5. Meet With Her Family

So, then if your parents agree with you, let's do prepare for a meeting with her family. Prepare the best time that is good for the time to propose her.

6. Discuss The Halal Dating

It's time to start discussing with her family. In here, let your father or one of your family declare your reason for your coming to propose your future wife to intend to do a halal date and it will continue to the next stage, a marriage.

7. The Process Of Halal Dating

the process of halal dating

How young Muslims define halal dating for themselves based on Islam laws? Halal dating is an act of introduction between men and women in Islamic and secret ways. Only the two families know about it. This process can be faster or even longer. Having a halal date requires patience.

8. Get Her Or Him Becomes Yours

Your heart says that she is the righteous woman you are looking for. You believe that she will be able to be a mother who can raise her children well. So what are you waiting for? Getting married is the best answer.

Hopefully, the above question can a haram relationship become halal? That explanation will give you the best answer. So, please take a look a similar question like this on dating in Islam haram or halal? You will see how is the right of Islam laws here.

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