10 Main Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam

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Marriage is a huge milestone in a lot of people’s life. After marriage, there are certainly responsibilities. But they should not be considered as burden. They should be considered as duties that must be fulfiled as a Muslim. There are many joyful things to experience in marriage.

Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam

In Islam, marriage will give you good fortune and Allah will bless you. Here are the reasons explained about the marriage in Islam:

1. Follow the Command of Allah

A reason for marriage duties according to Islam is to follow the command of Allah. This particular duty is mentioned in An-Nur (32:24) “And marry the unmarried among you and the righteous among your male slaves and female slaves. If they should be poor, Allah will enrich them from His bounty, and Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.”

From that verse alone, Allah commands His followers to carry out marriage for the single men and women. Allah promises that He will give more bounty after the marriage takes place. Maintaining a family in Islam is seen as a life full of blessings from Allah. Get a deeper insight about the Purpose of Life According to Islam and the Qur'an.

2. To Carry Out Sunnah

Not only does the Qur’an encourage marriage, it is also told in the Hadith. There, it is mentioned that “O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty, and whoever is not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual desire.”

So, the marriage duty in Islam would mean that you are also carrying out a Sunnah. By following the Sunnah, you are doing your duty as a good Muslim.

3. Staying Away from Sexual Desire

During the early years, it’s normal to have some sexual desire. A lot of young people do anything they can to fulfil the sexual desire in them. However, some of those ways are often banned or considered as haram in Islam. The uncontrollable sexual needs can make them commit sins.

Marriage is the way to get all your sexual needs that is allowed in Islam. If you’re married, then most of the things that you can do are no longer considered as haram. You should know the Islamic Dating Rules so you can avoid haram activities.

4. Maintain Your Honour

Honour and self-worth are some of the things that you have to hold high in your life. By knowing your honour and self-worth, you know how to value yourself. You will know how to make your name good. People will see you as someone to be respected.

By marriage, you are able to maintain your honour. You can keep yourself away from slanders and wrongful accusations. It may even elevate your self-worth because you don’t seem to be someone who is easy to be messed with. Here are the Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together before Marriage

5. Protection from Unwanted Gaze

Another reason for marriage duties according to Islam is to protect yourself from unwanted gaze. Men may see women with their lustful eyes, especially if they know that the women are single.

However, when men or women are known to be married, people will hesitate to stare for a long time. Other than that, knowing that you have a husband or a wife makes you know that staring at other people would be innappropriate as well.

6. Make Offspring

Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam - There’s many reasons for marriage in Islam and one of them is to pass on your genes, or simply said to make offspring. Family is very important in Islam and having children is something worth celebrating. According to the Islamic teaching, children can be very crucial when their parents die. Good children can continue to pray for their parents. It’s a way to protect them from the torturous fire in hell.

Islam doesn’t necessarily limit the number of children a parents can have. The more, the merrier. But it must be noted that parents must raise them right and hold full responsibility of their lives into adulthood. These Ways to Love Your Husband in Islam will help you to maintain a stronger bond with your husband for an everlasting marriage.

7. Staying Away from Immoral Deeds

Through marriage, someone can keep themselves away from doing immoral deeds. For instance, adultery. That way, a muslim can pave their way closer to heaven. The Hadith mentions that “Whoever can guarantee (the chastity of) what is between his two jaw-bones and what is between his two legs (i.e. his tongue and his private parts), I guarantee Paradise for him.” 

8. Earn Blessings from Allah

In the Hadith, there are 3 kinds of people that Allah is willing to help. One of them is someone who is willing to marry and protect their gaze. That’s why marriage is so important. Other than that, a marriage is the perfect foundation to build a solid, faithful and obeying family.

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9. Receive Peace in Life

Someone who lives with a lot of wealth is not always the most peaceful one. Truth be told, to get peace in life you must also be peaceful in your heart. You can achieve that through marriage.

You won’t have to worry again about breaking up with your partner or get so sad over a relationship. You’ll be releasing yourself from the burdens of sins. Get the tips on Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy.

10. Fulfil Your Worship to Allah

Marriage duties according to Islam can fulfill your worship to Allah. Marriage is a part of Islam. If you and your significant other are committed to Allah, the both of you will worship Him with all your heart in the most graceful way.

In this modern times, many people would think of marriage as something difficult. Something that will only add more responsibilities. But that’s not the teaching of Islam. Islam sees marriage as something valuable and significant. Allah blesses couples who are married and will guide them along the way until death separates them. So, that's the reasons for marriage duties according to Islam

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