Wildest Things to Know Before You Marry a Hunter

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When you love someone, you have to welcome every single thing of him including his interest. It will be easily accepted if he's just interested in sport or fishing, but what about hunting? Surely it's not one common interest. Hunting is more than hobby. It's a lifestyle. So that if you want to marry your hunter boyfriend, get ready to be committed to a hunter lifestyle for the rest of your life.

While there are many manly side of a hunter, he has more than what he showed to the world. You have more things to know before you marry a hunter. Holding guns, bows, and arrows, is not all.

Find out more about how it might feel like when you are marrying a hunter someday. These points below will give you a bigger picture of life with a hunter. Let's go down into the list.

1. Never Ending Hunting Season

Hunting season usually spanned from the second half of the year to the first half of the next year. But it doesn't mean he will always be available outside the date. Even though there is no official hunting season, he will always want to "scout" something as an exercise. He's always up for the small game. Read also Things to Know Before Marrying a Military Man

2. You Will Become a Seasonal Loner

Marrying a hunter means you are ready to spend half of every year as a loner. You have no one to count on since your husband will be out for hunting. You will be left home with the kids and all the chores. Every time things seems hard, you can find the silver lining that you don't have to buy more meat for the rest of the year.

3. You Become a Hunting Season Expert

When you really embrace your identity as a hunter's wife. You will become expert at dating the hunting season. Your calendar will be full of red marks, counting the days until he comes home. You have no choice but become a master at this, so when you plan something with him it won't clash with his hunting schedule. Read also Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

4. You Will be Having a Lot of Hunting Commemoration Around the House

Take it that you don't have to spend money on buying ornaments for the house. He'll always bring one home. If it's a deer's head last time, this time could be a doe or coyote. Yes, it's more a commemoration. It's a trophy for him. You might have some serious arguments regarding of where to hang it.

5. His Hunting Equipment Takes Quite a Space in the Wardrobe

You don't go with normal pattern with him. It's also a thing to know before you marry a hunter. If a man usually takes no more than two rows space in the wardrobe, he might have his own separated wardrobe. His hunting equipment need a lot of space. From the shoes, pants, to coat, he has more than you do. Read also How Do You Know If God Wants You to Marry Someone

6. He's an Animal Lover

It may doesn't make any sense. How could a hunter (who kills animal) is an animal lover? But it's true. A hunter kills certain animal. He doesn't kill anything pass by them. He has an ethical code he has to follow, and for your information, a hunter doesn't always kill every time he go out for a hunt. Majority of hunters come home empty handed.

7. He is a Real Man

What's more to say? Of course a hunter is a real man. He is out in the nature during extreme season, depending to nobody but his own self. His survival ability is nothing to be questioned of. All those hard experience he got from the nature only make them wiser and mature beyond his actual age. Read also How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage

8. Hunting Occupies His Mind All the Time

A hunter is a big cheater. Yes. What?

The thing is, he is not cheating with another woman. He is cheating with the hunting itself. Don't you wish his mind stays with you when he's home. He may be not hunting but his mind is occupied by hunting. He always has these things about what else to hunt next, where to go after this, and what's the latest hunting equipment in store. But don't worry, he's still love you so much.

9. You Will Grow an Adventurous Side

Hunting is all about adventuring and traveling. Seeing him going home every time, getting a nice shot from the natural scenery, bringing home his prey, and all the story he tells makes you want to give it a shot. Yes, you will have this adventurous side growing on you. You suddenly want to step out of your comfort zone and take up the challenge. Read also Things to Know Before Marrying a Foreigner

10. He Always Has Amazing Story to Tell

His coming home is all you want when he is away. More than that, you want to know what happened this time. A hunter may not be a smooth talker with many pick up lines, but he has a real amazing story to tell you about. When he comes home bringing something with him, he will tell you the behind story about it. It's like you're experiencing the whole thing with him.

11. His Schedule is Not As Flexible As You Thought

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If you want to plan something with him, such as holiday or even a wedding, you better chose summertime. Hunting season usually spanned from September to May. Outside those time, it will be hard to reserve him for anything. He loves you more than hunting, of course, but he has to go hunting no matter what. Read also Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married

12. He Wish You Want to Go Hunting with Him

This is one hidden wish he hope you know without him telling you. For once, he wants you to experience it yourself. He wants to show off to you, too. And if you want to go with him even only once, he will literally do anything for you.

Are there any more things to know before you marry a hunter? Surely there are. But if you love your boyfriend the way he is to the point that you want to marry him, you have to marry his lifestyle as well. Having a hunter in your life should be an interesting experience.

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