15 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry a Foreigner (#1 is The Hardest)

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Love knows no boundaries. You can falling in love simply with anyone, including with someone from far away country. As love grows stronger, the idea of marriage become clear as well. When you are falling in love, everything become wonderful and exciting. At first, the fact that you and him is living in a different country is not a big deal.

As innocent as you were before, everything will be solved in time as long as love is in the air. Many people think the idea of marrying a foreigner is great, as you have many excitement ahead. Moving in a new place, becoming someone new, and traveling far away. But there are many downsides you have to consider as well. As to reasons why you should not marry a foreigner will make you think twice before doing so.

1. Away from Family and Friends

Marrying someone from another country means you should live together in their country, not yours. This sad reality happen mostly to women, when they have to go to their husband's country after the marriage. Living far away from family and friends is difficult, as it's hard for you them to find the Ways to Make Best Friend Fell Better whenever you are down. In the new place you live, there is no guarantee you can find best friend as well.

2. The Different Traditions

Learning about new tradition is somehow exciting, but it comes as shock at first. You will be surprised of how different traditions from the other country is. They traditions the have in holidays, Christmas time, and Thanksgiving. You may loss something but gaining new thing instead. For you who used to gather with your family during Thanksgiving, some countries doesn't have those kind of traditions.

3. Culture Lag

Live in a new culture is both challenging and worrying. It's actually fun seeing how someone live their life differently than you, but it's not always like that. There are basic cultures that is hard to be understood. Such as the Dating Culture in China, where the woman is only following the man and all the bills is on him. For some men, the fact that woman cannot take the first step is hilarious and so old school.

4. Divorce is Hard

Nobody expect divorce, but you must prepare for the worst. Divorce is the last option, but you have to face it when you must. Things get more difficult as you live in another country. The biggest worry is the kids. Where would they live? How would the meet their parents? So you have to think multiple times to divorce even though you have seen the Signs Your Husband is Cheating on Facebook.

5. Language Difference

Learning their language is the first unspoken rules for international marriage. It's the only way you can communicate easily. For once or twice, this is fun because you get to learn the new language. But as the time pass by, you feel uncomfortable. Especially in the family gathering. Your partner's family seems to get along so well and you will be feeling exiled, even though they don't make you to.

6. Adjustment in Daily Life

There new habits that you must get used to. Just like the Things To Do To Prove Your Love to Boyfriend, now it's the real deal to prove it. You have to follow his daily life habits. 

7. No More Vacations

Vacations often used as the Ways to Make Your Husband Fall in Love with You All Over Again. But once you have international marriage, vacation means visiting parents. It's not bad, of course. But when you already have a family, spending quality time with them is important.

8. The Uncomfortable Feeling

No matter how much you have tried, you never feel like home. It's a fact.

9. Costly Visit

The airplane cost is nowhere close to cheap. So when you want to pay visit to your parents, the cost must take into account too. As your family grows and the years passed, the airplane ticket price is getting expensive.

10. Grandparents are Far Away

Because they are living far away, there is chance that your kids hardly know their grandparents. To visit them not only take time but also costs since you need to take the plane. 

More Reasons To Not Marrying a Foreigner

  1. The immigration process is hard and every detail of your relationship will be asked there. From when did you first met to what is the reasons of your last fight.
  2. Communication is not all about language. There are jokes and idioms as well, and no matter how hard you study, there are still things you can't understand. This might stress you out.
  3. Living expenses is different in every country. For you who are not used to live in Western country will be surprised of how high the living cost there. You need to adjust to it well.
  4. The sacrifice is real. One must follow another to move, and living a completely new country is not easy at all. Even when you are living in a neutral country, the family visit will be difficult and one of you has to sacrifice.
  5. When you are living close with your family and friend you still have somewhere to run whenever you have problems with your husband. But if you live in his country, who you will be running into?

From now on after knowing all the reasons why you should not marry a foreigner, get rid all of the innocent imagination about international marriage out of your head. There think to be deeply serious about, as once you have marriage and move to another country, the way back is harder than before. It is indeed full of excitement, but in the other side you must think about the downside carefully as well.

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