How to Make Love with Your Husband in Islam - Key to a Happy Marriage

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Love and sex are two inseparable things. For a married couple, sex is a need. Including in Islam, a religion which known to be very strict about this matter. Happy sex life is a key to happy marriage in Islam, and no sexual intercourse between husband and wife for certain period of months even means divorce.

How to Make Love with Your Husband in Islam

Making love under the legal bond of marriage is Islamic way on How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way. There are certain ways in Islam to make love with your husband in a not-so-Islamic way, but will gain you huge blessings from God. Here are the must know tips about how to make love with your husband in Islam:

1. Serve Him Whenever He Wants to

One of the best Ways to Love Your Husband in Islam is by serving him sexually whenever he wants to. As long as the wife is in a fit and healthy condition, she has to agree with his husband when he asks to make love.

2. Comply with the Foreplay

Foreplay is an encouraged act in Islam and it could be done by both husband or wife before starting the real intercourse. So that wife must comply with it. The suggested acts during foreplay in Islam including caressing the wife's breasts and oral sex to stimulates the sensitive organ.

3. Washing Up Before Making Love

Another way in Islamic way of making love is to wash up and clean up before doing the intercourse. Both husband and wife should take a bath so that they smell good and look fresh. Pleasing the husband by looking good is one of the best Wife Material Signs in Islam.

4. Making Love Under the Intention of Pleasing Husband

A good wife in Islam is she who intend to please her husband in everything she does, including when making love. In Islam, it's important to make the husband happy because the wife's paradise lies under her husband's feet. The husband himself would treat the wife in a good manner, which makes the reason Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy and eventually marry him.

5. Wearing Perfume When Making Love

You have to smell good before making love with your husband. The original Islamic law forbid a woman from wearing too strong perfume since it's like exposing herself to the public. A woman can use perfume under one condition: to please her husband. A perfume that triggers his desire would be best.

Forbidden Act in Islam Love Making

Love making between husband and wife is an encouraged act in Islam, as it brings many blessing from God. There are certain rules in Islam love making that should be followed by Muslim, such as:

  • Anal Intercourse

Under the consent of the wife, anal intercourse is not allowed in Islam. The prohibition was written in the Quran, which said that sexual intercourse between man and woman should be done in front.

  • Making Love Bare

In Islam, you can't bare all of yourself while making love. You must be covered in blanket or anything. Making love bare considered as sin in Islam.

  • Making Love in Standing Position

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) strongly stated that making love in standing position is not allowed in Islam. It caused the Angel of mercy to go far from them, which will take away the mercy of Allah.

  • Having Sexual Intercourse Outdoor

Making love should be done in a covered area like bedroom. Making love outdoor is prohibited, or in the Islamic word is "making love under the sky". It is one of the 24 qualities that Allah dislikes from human.

  • Having Sexual Intercourse in Presence of Others

Sexual intercourse or making love is very private in Islam that Angels will never see either. It's why don't make love with your husband while others are present in the house and they apparently can hear you.

  • Making Love in front of a Child

Another condition where making love prohibited is when a child is also present. It is called an indecent act because a child is not big enough to understand about the making love. Stay away from a child when you are about to make love with your husband.

  • Making Love in Certain Places

Other than outdoor, under the sky, there are other places where making love is forbidden. They are the place where the Angels are upon you. Those are the boat, beach, and on the road. Doing such thing makes human are very much like animal, where its sexual act can be seen by others.

  • Facing Qibla

Qibla is a very sacred place and direction in Islam, as Muslim face it when they worship Allah. As making love is an act that can't be compared with worshiping Allah. So that you are facing the Qibla's direction while making love, go change it right away.

  • Refusing the Husband's Request

A wife should not refuse the request from the husband to make love. If you want to please your husband, fulfill his will to make love. As long as you are not in your monthly period, you better not refuse it.

  • Making Love While in Period

When the wife is having the period, love making is forbidden. Since it will hurt the woman, making love should be stopped temporarily until the wife is clean again. Refusing the making love request is one of the Rights of Wife in Islam to Husband.

So those are all the ways on how to make love with your husband in Islam. The condition of making love is one: under the marriage. Sex without marriage considered as one of the biggest sin a Muslim could commit.

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