This Is How To Lead A Happy And Peaceful Life In A Simple Way

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The busy activities in daily life, sometime, make cruel things. This is as consequence when the God makes human to live on the earth. All aspects of life can be problems when those cannot be solved. One of those aspects is about love. Sometime, people think of how to have good couple.

However, they do not consider about their selves to be good day to day. It is like the proverb says that “good person is for good person”. There are some tips to have great couple for your life forever. Those are:


1. Get Up Every Morning Saying “Thanks God For My Great Life”

get up every morning saying :thanks god for my great life"

How to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way? This is used to build up the positive mind. This activity can trigger the positive attitude and motivation in our life. Our mind consists of two parts namely conscious and subconscious mind. Both are such a farm.

When we take care of our farm to plant the seeds, then watering them every day and cut off the wild grass, we will have well the results from our farm. This also happen in our mind.

When we always think positive every day when we wake up on the morning and when we will sleep on the night. We will have great mind and also positive mind. This affects to our life. We will have higher motivation in our life and further it attracts good friend and good couple for our life. We must not forget making joke. Positive jokes will brings us to have positive mind. Our nerve in all of our body will be more relax. We also must think of how many blessings from God for us every day. 

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2. Be Yourself

Whenever we think to have certain partner as our couple, we may observe further and deeper such as what she like, how her attitude, what her hobbies, how her criteria for her partnership, etc. Every people have their own characteristics. We do not need to change our characteristic based on what she love. We must be our selves. By showing our strength and the uniqueness to our couple, this improves positive values for us.

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We must comprehend what we are, what something is special from us. Thus, we must reconsider about what are we like and we are not like. We must think it quietly to lead us to be aware about ourselves. Then we can try personality test, if we want to know the truth about ourselves.

Thus, the results of this test can provide us to solve our personality problem such as anxiety; stubborn, etc. this is also guiding us to have better personality values in the future. When we are being ourselves, we must not look behind in the past. We must apologize ourselves about our pasts. Past experiences can be either happy or not, that must create a learning for life. 

3. Do Positive Things

How to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way? People live on the earth, thus they live with all of cosmic laws. One of those laws is cause – effect law. Another religion or tradition calls it as karmic law. This occurs to all being. When we do positive thing, we plant positive value for our life. That is why, we will get positive thing in our life. This law also prevails in a love partnership. Doing positive things can be done by upgrading our skills and abilities.

This can be done by doing all positive thing that we like such as writing story, drawing and others and be grateful for our skills and abilities by not being pessimistic. Another way is by developing our hobbies. If we find different part between our study and our hobby, this is as advantages because it will brings us to have many different skills, what we do only by loving both our study and hobbies.

We can also try the new thing. It is part to trigger the positive mind and things in our life. By doing the positive new thing, we trigger our mind innovations; this can be additional value for our life to have great couple. Therefore, when we do many positive things, God will show us good partnership. 

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4. Communicate In Great Way

communicate in great way

Communication is very essential part of life, without communication we cannot build our own life and surrounding. This also happens when we communicate to our couple. We can listen her sharing such as her daily activity, her problems, her habit, her hobbies, etc. thus, we must be good listener for her then providing her with your best solutions. 

The positive values are we will understand her life. Not only communicating through cell phone but also asking them to date in your or her favorite place. This will make us be closer to our couple. We also must respect to her life or personal factors such as her private story, our joke, the way how we talk, our attitude, and others. 

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5. Pray To Have Great Life Couple

We can think how our plan in the future, but we cannot consider how it can be true or not. Every part of our life is not decided by our selves, those are based on our truthfulness to God. How He will consider what the best is for us in term of having great life couple.

In reality, people may confuse how consider about their life partnership for marriage. Therefore, we must pray to God, let He conduct us to have great couple life. as the proverb writes “let God take the rest”. We can do everything as we can, however the last results is not our considerations. Let God take care for the best. 

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Sometime, people cannot consider what they think. They only follow how mind flows. Let our mind be quiet, thus, the pure mind will lead and help us every day to bring best results. This must be balanced by praying to God. If we do both being grateful and praying to God, we must believe that God will brings us the best couple for our life partnership. That's how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way.

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