How to Tell if Someone is Playing Mind Games with You

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Someone who plays your mind usually aims to know you further, like what you like, your past events, your level of honesty, and so on. So people also need the skills to be able to play the mind with others.

For example, if you have a lover then you and your lover will find out information for each other, and for all information to be obtained, it will require mind games such as questions, statements, etc. to be able to produce information unnoticed to each other.

Here are some tips to find out if other people are playing mind with us:

  1. Ask Basic Questions

Basic questions like "how many siblings you have?" can be one easy question about practicing your honesty. For some reason there are some people who want to keep their family or relatives private. For some reason there are also people who want to know your level of honesty because they think it does not need to be kept secret.

  1. Twirling Questions

It's easy now for you to know when others want to play your mind with you. Such as twirling the same sequence of questions can be easily recognized by you that the person is playing with you and wants to find in-depth information from the frequently-repeated questions.

  1. A lot of Unnecessary Talk

Have you ever met someone you have not met for a long time? not a few who really love talking a lot about his family, asking your family, about his past and asking about your past.

It does not need it? but it turns out to be this is a game of thought for you in the face of people who make you upset. Believe me, you will know eventually later it turns out that other people have a goal to get to know you further. Also read:  Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

More tips for dealing with people who are playing your mind with you:

This is also how to tell if someone is playing mind games with you

  1. Do Not be too Negative-Minded

The mind game is actually a trap for you, but all back to you whether you will get stuck or not. But is basically all a trap, you just do not need to be too negative, just be careful and you can finish the conversation well.

  1. Do Not Worry about It

Do not be a burden. You are just chatting with the other person and that's all you should think about. Let's just say you are giving a polite attitude to the other person. Because basically you also do not know what the intentions of the other person you want to play with your mind. So just give your best answer, if you really enjoy it you can just ask the question to the other person so that you can divert the other person's intention to play your mind with you. Also read: Do You Really in Love or You Just Infatuated with Them?

  1. Do Not Panic and Act Rashly

Make sure you do not panic that you make a reckless attitude. Because it would be very strange if it turns out you misunderstood or obscured the actual conversation you and the other person just a regular talk.  

  1. Understand Yourself and Find Your Strength

By learning to understand yourself then you will know whether you are in the mind game or not. Because after all, this mind game can be so tricky that it might cause you to tell personal information. Also read: How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love with You Again Through Text

  1. Start with a Standard Introductory Conversation

It would be better if we first asked the other person, such as introduction and the like. so as not to look introgation then give a little pause for the other person to ask us. Creating a good and conducive chat atmosphere can help you not to get caught up in the game of the mind.

Signs of the other person will play the game of the mind

Let's check out more ways on how to tell if someone is playing mind games with you:

  1. Do Not Have a Pause for you to Ask or Clarify

A form of wanting to finish a conversation and not enjoy an existing conversation is a form of search for benefits in terms of information about you in a conversation. Avoid giving information that other people do not need to know and you can answer "I forgot", or "I do not really remember".

  1. Invite To Do Something like a Close Friend When Not

Events such as these can also be called "near by further recognition". You can just turn it down and say "I have to go" or "better do not have to". So at least the other person you know that you are not easily seduced or invited carelessly. Also read: Adorable Ways on How to Get Your Crush to Love You Right Away

  1. Feel Know a lot about You. When You just Know Each Other

You will probably be the final feel. But try to be a little patient to get that you respect the conversation with the other person and do not go away without any urgency. Make sure that your conversations with the other person do not bring negative elements or out of content that should not offend each other.

  1. Too Good For an Unreasonable Size

Too good in a sense that is less reasonable because the article you do not ask for help but suddenly given by your opponent. What do you think ? is that a necessary thing? you can compare it yourself and I hope it does not harm you because you are right in thinking. Also read: Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him for the First Time

  1. You've Seen The Other Person before and are not as Good as now With You

For this please be careful. Because someone else must have a reason why he is so good to you when you've seen him before and his attitude or behavior is not as good as now with you. Note this is not to suspect others excessively. But just to make sure you know if not everyone has good intentions. Sometimes you are required to be wary of new people around you.

That's the tips and signs that you're in a mind game created by someone else.

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