What Does Lgbtiqcapgngfnba Stand For? The Queer Theory Explained

by Michelle Devani

Lgbtigcapgngfnba is the World’s longest acronym which describes people’s sexual orientations and also gender identities. What does Lgbtiqcapgngfnba stand for? It stands for ‘Lesbian’, ‘Gay’, ‘Bisexual’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Intersex’, ‘Questioning’, ‘Curious’, ‘Asexual’, ‘Pansexual’, ‘Gender Nonconforming’, ‘Gender-Fluid’, ‘Non-Binary’, and ‘Androgynous’.

To describe more about those terms here is the meaning of each word:


A woman who is attracted to women. This term has been quite popular and since the World has been more open about its existence.



A man who is attracted to men. It is the same case with the Lesbian issue, gay is also quite popular in this modern society.


A person who is attracted to both sexes (men and women). It turns out that not all women love men and vice versa or men love men and women love women. A particular gender can be in love with both genders, either men or women. They build a relationship with whoever without choosing one specific gender.


A person who acts and lives as opposite gender than based on his/ her gender assigned at birth. Transgender is also quite popular. In fact, it appears earlier than lesbian or gay people show themselves to the world. The transgender people love to act and appear as the opposite sex in their daily life because they are sure that they are actually the opposite sex of what sex they are assigned at birth.


A person who owns both men and female biological characteristics. This person is born with some sex characteristics to include his/ her genitals, chromosome patterns and etc. but they don’t think they fit a particular or typical binary of either male or female bodies. The existence of this term has created a wider range or body variations in the world.  


A person who keeps exploring his/ her gender and sexual orientation and neglect his/ her gender or sex assigned at birth. At this stage, people are in the process as they aren’t sure with their gender identities and have a big concern on how society should label themselves as for various reasons that make themselves comfortable.


A person who isn’t particularly as bisexual but he/ she still has curiosity or interested to men and women. This term is another sexuality spectrum which allows people to express themselves freely. It may be hard to describe them as it is almost the same with questioning or bisexual. They are a group of people who has possible fantasies or be curious of any sex or gender identity without really being homosexual, lesbian or bisexual.  


A person who doesn’t have sexual attraction or desire. People may find it hard to believe, as sexual desire is natural instinct and needs for people. But in fact, they do exist. It doesn’t mean they don’t have an attraction at all. They do, they still are interested or attracted by people personality and even can build a relationship. They just don’t have a sexual desire at all.

Here are more about:


A person who is attracted to all gender identities and sexual orientations. It also can be called as omnisexuality. It is a group of people who are attracted to just all type of people’s regardless of whatever their sex or gender identity is.

Gender Nonconforming

A person who doesn’t conform to a gender expectation by his/ her society.

Gender – Fluid


A person who identifies as they don’t have a fixed gender identity.

Non – Binary

A person who is identified as the third gender, they are not identified as men or women.


A person who owns both masculinity and femininity.

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By broaden the gender identities and sexual orientation, we all know how a person likes to be addressed to their gender pronoun preferences. By knowing how they want to be seen as, we can address them as ‘she’, ‘he’, ‘it’, or ‘they’. Or ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Mx’. However, if they aren’t sure how Society should address them as, you can just call them by name.

What does Lgbtiqcapgngfnba stand for? It stands for ‘Lesbian’, ‘Gay’, ‘Bisexual’, ‘Transgender’, ‘Intersex’, ‘Questioning’, ‘Curious’, ‘Asexual’, ‘Pansexual’, ‘Gender Nonconforming’, ‘Gender-Fluid’, ‘Non-Binary’, and ‘Androgynous’.

The lgbtigcapgngfnba is the broad term in an LGBT community which we all have known already. The existence of these terms is the true reflection of true freedom. People who don't identify themselves specifically as Men or Women can live in their gender-neutral lives without worrying any prejudices from other people.

Michelle Devani
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