What Do You Say to ‘That’s So Gay’ and Other Anti-LGBTQ Comments?

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We are not the only people who live on the earth. We live with billions of other people too. Which also means that every single one of them are different from one to another. To gather these people to live together and forming a society is not an easy thing since they have their own uniqueness.

Not to mentioned, their sexual orientation preference that makes them unique. So, what do you say to ‘that’s so gay’ & other anti-LGBTQ+ comments?

  • Think to put your shoes into theirs before you speak

The first thing that you need to think of is to know how should you talk to a friend who’s gay. Try to put your shoes into theirs before you speak or commenting about something, especially when it comes to their differences compared to yours.

Try harder to know their condition and speak of something by your heart not to hurt them. Because as you notice that most people do not accept their existence. So, even if you can understand what they feel, you are not in their position, so respect them.

  • Being different doesn't lower the value as a human being

We are all different from one another and there is the majority and minority groups. But, all of the differences that appear doesn't lower our value as a human being. This is what you need to remember is the question of what do you say to ‘that’s so gay’ & other anti-LGBTQ comments, appear in your mind.

You are not allowed to say something badly sarcastic to the LGBTQ people just like sarcastic things to say to haters. Yes they are different, but because they are different this does not mean that they are less human. They are still capable of doing good things too, if that's your concern.

How to react to a friend whose gender orientation is in LGBTQ

Before you start thinking on what do you say to ‘that’s so gay’ & other anti-LGBTQ comments, you will need to get your mind clear about LGBT. After that, you just need to make sure that the way you think is inline with your action. Here are some tips on how to react to help.

  • Support and let him know that he is loved

You might notice the signs of a guy being gay in your friend, but this doesn't mean that he will love every guy in the first sight, non-sense. This is only a small and one example of misleading perception about LGBTQ people. If you can't take time to understand them better, then you will have more misunderstanding.

So what you can do is to support your friend and to let him know that he is loved. He doesn't asked to be different, he was just borned with it. And if he is hated because of something that is naturally borned with him, it's just unfair.

  • Gender orientation won't change your friendship

Maybe you have known your friend for years or maybe you just knew him for awhile but it feels like you two are making a good friendship. Being gay doesn't change that. He is still your friend and you are too for him. And if he just revealed his sexual orientation to you, it isn't his fault.

He has the right to share it with you or not due to many factors that he must have thought about. And if your friend decided to share his gender orientation to you, you will need to know more on things you should never ever ask a gay or bi person.

  • Say to him that you are happy with the news

Whether you are happy or not after knowing his sexual orientation, thank him. You are not thanking him because his decision is against religion beliefs, just in case if you are a religious person. But, you are thanking him to be open to you and to trust you enough with who he really is.

You will see the signs a friendship is coming to an end when you cannot put trust into it. Your friend is already openned for being who he is to you, you either appreciate it or let go of your friendship.

We are gifted with human rights which allow us to be able to express ourselves just the way we are. Other people have it too, and no one can take it away. So again, try to think before you speak and know more about the things not to say to a bisexual girl because once you say something, you cannot take it away.

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