Addictive Reasons Why We Love Korean Dramas

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are many kinds of addiction and among them is K-Dramas. Even though K-Drama has started long ago since the 90s, it gets more and more popular the past 10 years. Without having to say much, there are so many reasons why we love Korean Dramas. Before we know it, it’s hard to let go.

If we are watching the ongoing dramas, we’ll find that waiting for each episodes is so annoying. We want it to be aired everyday. But if we watch an old drama that finished already, we’ll find ourselves staying up all night to finish it in one go. That’s how scary a K-Drama addiction is, and there’s no cure to it.

Here are some reasons why we love K-Dramas just a little bit too much.

  1. The Casts are Candy for the Eye

Honestly, have you ever get enough of watching the actors and actresses? The casts are undeniably one defining factor why we watch certain dramas. Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki, and Gong Yoo are among the oppas we are waiting for in a drama. Other than them, we always waiting for the recent fashion tips from pretty actresses like Jun Ji Hyun or Park Shin Hye.

And of course… the makeover since from the beast to beauty that exist in almost every K-Drama.

  1. Kisses are Worth the Wait

This is probably the biggest difference between K-Dramas and Western Series. While kiss and sex are casual in the latter, it’s so much more meaningful for the first. We witness the growth of feeling from two people that make them deeply in love with each other. We always find kissing scenes in K-Dramas swaying and meaningful that we have to wait for at least a month for it to appear.

  1. K-Dramas are Compact

K-Dramas consisted in 16 episodes in average. It’s surely a big difference with Western TV shows that could last for ten years! The short episodes make us invest all of our time and feeling to it, and we often don’t get enough of a drama. Feels like it ended way too fast. One K-Dramas aired for 3 to 4 months. Also read Why You Should Love BTS

  1. We Get to Learn the Korean Cultures

We know that Korean uses seniority a bit too much, we know they can’t eat without Kimchi and thanks to K-Dramas we know that such a delicious snack like Tteokbokki exists. That’s what a K-Dramas taught us. It opens our mind and eye about the cultural difference that sometimes too extreme and illogical.

  1. Too Many Cuteness

Okay, cuteness is a seasoning in a K-Dramas that hard to miss. Not only the females but male characters don’t even hesitate to show their cutie side. More than that, we find many cutesy in K-Dramas such as claw machine in Doctors, plate number photos in Descendants of the Sun, or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’s origami toads. Also read How to Get BTS to Notice You At A Concert

  1. The Soundtracks are Beautiful

Another reason why we love Korean Dramas: the soundtrack. It sticks to us forever even when the drama has ended. If we hear the song was played somewhere we immediately reminded of the dramas. Hyun Bin’s That Man, Yesung’s It Has to be You, and Jung Yong Hwa’s I Miss You were the most famous sountrack of all time. Too old? There were Gummy’s My Eveyrthing from Descendants of the Sun and Punch feat Chanyeol’s Stay with Me from Goblin.

We must have some on repeat since it’s too addictive. Listen to it always makes us reminisce of the drama and we want to rewatch it!

  1. We Can Find Any Genres with Stories That Suits Us

Not all K-Dramas’ storyline is cheesy romantic comedy. If you don’t like that kind of story, you can watch Prison Playbook that told stories about prisoners’ life or recent drama Sky Castle about parents and their children’s education. You’re a fan of comic book? You may want to watch W: Two Worlds where reality and cartoon world get mixed up somehow. You’re a gamer? Then Memories of Alhambra must be included to your watch later list. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. We Can Learn Korean for Free

After too much dose of Korean Drama, you’ll find one big change in yourself: you start to speak Korean. The easiest and most common language a K-Drama watcher learn are saranghae, annyeonghaseyo, bogoshipeo, kamsahamnida, and aigoo. If you’ve been watching dramas for years, you might even capable to make a daily conversation in Korean!

  1. It’s Available Anytime and Anywhere

Watching K-Dramas in the past were a kind of challenge since there are no Netflix or Viu. We have to wait for weeks and even months to watch. But it’s so much more easier nowadays, thanks to those two. You can access K-Drama anywhere and anytime. But be careful, once you click the first episode you will never stop until the last one. Also read Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

  1. There is Always Something to Learn

K-Dramas taught us many values in life. Many moral lesson was carried by a K-Drama. From how we should never let our incapability to stop us from reaching for our dreams (Dream High), how the gap between the rich and the poor is undeniable in a society (The Heirs), and every K-Drama makes us realize that we should follow our hearts against all odds.

  1. We Relate to the Stories

We get so immersed in K-Dramas because the story is very close to us. My ID is a Gangnam Beauty told a story about a girl who can’t find her confidence because of her looks and she became obsessed with that. Honestly, we are all like that. We always have that one coolest boy we adore but we realize we’re just not good enough for him.

  1. Korean Dramas are “Clean”

Korean Dramas are relatively clean from foul language, violent, and many other inappropriate content. It’s safe to be watched by teenagers, and some K-Dramas even hugely popular among young children.

Those are the short (yes, short) reasons why we love Korean Dramas. Seems like this love will not die soon enough.

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