True Signs A Taurus Man Is Falling In Love With You

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So, after learning about All About Taurus Woman Personality, now is the time to dig deeper on the man's side. While Taurus woman is a strong and independent woman, Taurus man is rather shy in love.

When we just know someone and our relationship with him getting closer by the day, we'll be wondering whether he likes me, he likes me not. Some signs are too blurred and biased that we don't know how is his real feeling. When we have no one to ask, we run to his zodiac sign.

Less or more, people born under the certain zodiac signs and inherited some particular traits given by their stars. You can learn about the Signs That Aquarius Man Likes YouHow to Make Pisces Man, or Signs a Shy Leo Man Likes You which all based on a zodiac signs.

Now is time for the signs a Taurus man is falling in love with you!


1. He Takes It Slow

While men are usually straightforward to approach and get close to the woman they like, the case is different with this man. Rather that give it away in one blow, Taurus man prefer to take it slowly but sure. He'll take time to know more about you and start to take interest in anything you like.

2. He Makes You The Center Of His Attention

As the time goes by, you'll realize how much he cares and curious about you. This may not happen in an instant, but this slow progress make you fully knows that he really likes you.

3. You Are His Only Girl

you are his only girl

While a man is not in a relationship yet, it's normal to pursue two or three girls at the same tame. But not for a Taurus. Once he sets his eyes for a girl, he's not gonna pursue anyone else nor flirt with them just for fun. What a faithful man!

4. He Smiles When You're Around

As if you are the light of his dark world, Taurus man shows his feeling through his smile. Every time he sees you his lips automatically curved upwards.

5. He Invites You Inside His Circles

Taurus man is actually a private person who has many personal spaces he never let anyone got into. But if he invites you to meet his family or bring you along when he meet his friends, then he is ready to share that particular personal spaces with you.

6. His Eyes Tells Everything

You may not be sure at first, but his eyes definitely tell everything in the mean time. As his feeling get stronger than ever, you'll catch him look at you deeply many times. The piercing look is as if judging you whether you are the right one for him or not.

7. He Gives You (A Lot Of) Gifts

Taurus man can be unpredictable sometimes. But when he likes someone, he wants to memorize it through things. Don't be surprised if he showed up with a bucket of roses in the first date. That is just the beginning of an even bigger things. 

8. He Likes To Touch You

Not being so touchy, but Taurus man shows his love through gestures. Resting his hands on your shoulder, taking your hand while walking together, or a simple hug in the end of the meeting. Give a respond to let him know that you feel the same way too. Well, let's check more signs a Taurus man is falling in love with you.

9. He Become Your Best Friend

The best lover in the world is the best friend-like lover. And your Taurus man is capable of that. He'd love to hang out with you and do anything you'd love to. Not just an usual, boring date but he's open to a new adventure. As long as it's with you.

10. He Wants To Know You More

Taurus man never curious about someone unless he has any particular interest with her. He'd like to know more than your name. He'll start asking about your interest, your personal life, and your friends. Yes, he's digging deeper because his feeling for you did the same thing as well.

11. He Wants To Protect You

he wants to protect you

As a gentleman, Taurus man wants to make sure that you are safe around them. Let him be. That is what he wants, though. He will make sure that you come home safely and pick you up when you want to go somewhere. 

12. He Is Little Nervous Around You

Around the people we like, there will be times where we feel blank and lost focus because we are just too nervous. This happen to him too. This often happen in the beginning of a relationship, when he look at lost of how act in front of you.

13. He Takes You To Nice Place

This is a sweet way of Taurus man to show his love. He may take you to the beach outside the town or treat you dinner at a fancy restaurant. He won't be hesitate to give you some luxury as long as he can see the smile in you face. Sweet!

14. He Loves To Compliments You

Who in the world is more romantic than Taurus man? It's not his nature to throw compliments here and there. But he showered you with that from time to time. Name it when you have a new haircut or using a different perfume. He'll notice all of that.

15. He Isn't Easily Distracted

As you are the center of his world, he won't be easily distracted by any other things when you're with him. Maybe he doesn't even care if a bomb explode next to him when you'e together.

So those are the sweet signs is falling in love with you. Reading it one by one makes you realize how sweet and romantic a Taurus man could be. A girl who is catching the heart of a Taurus man is one lucky girl.

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