17 Best Things To Do When Hanging Out With Your Ex Girlfriend

Last updated on March 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you planning to hang out with your ex-girlfriend soon?

Are you short of ideas for things you can do together?

Perhaps you're not used to hanging out with an ex-girlfriend and you don't know what's appropriate to do?

If so, don't sweat it. This guide is packed with ideas for things you can do together. 

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With that said, let's take a look at some activities the two of you can do together when you meet up.


17 Things To Do When Hanging Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend

1. Be Friendly

Don’t be bitter and closed up. You need to be friendly to your ex girlfriend which means you need to be warm and inviting. This sets up a good start to your relationship.

2. Don’t Bring Up Old Problem

If it’s over then it’s over. You need to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship. If you have, that means you need to stop bringing up old problems that makes the situation tense.

3. Don’t Bring Up Their Weakness

When in a relationship, you are voluntarily exposed to every part of their being. Because they trust you at that time, you need to keep that trust until now. Which means you need to not use their weakness against them.

4. Remember Your Good Times

Remembering the good times will bring a smile in both of your faces. This also lets you remember yours and hers common ground which can spark connection.

5. Stay Out Of The Relationship Topic

Don’t talk about recurring dates or future relationship. This is still a touchy topic for the both of you and will create a weird vibe.

6. Don’t Ask To Get Back Together

Asking about Ways to Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back to You or even begging will make you seem weak and unstable. Doing this will also eliminate any chances on hanging out together again.

7. Don’t Boast About Your Life

Don’t try to boast about your career, life, friends. You know that you only do this to make her jealous and get back to her. Chances are she will feel bored hearing it too.

8. Listen Intently

listen intently

Listening intently to what she have to say when you are hanging out together is a must. Intent listening will create a comfortable and safe space for any girl.

9. Stay Open Minded

Being open minded about how the conversation and vibe course when hanging out is important. It will keep the hangout interesting and fluid.  This is an important things to do when hanging out with your ex girlfriend.

10. Keep Things Casual

Don’t expect too much, hanging out with ex girlfriends are meant to only be a casual meet up. This should be the time to simply hang out together as friends and lay back.

11. Do Something New Together

Try something new together. This will create the possibility of new connection and further conversations.

12. Have Someone With You

If it is too uncomfortable, having someone with you tos tate neutrality is a good thing to do. This minimize awkwardness and tense vibe.

13. Do The Things You Know You Will Enjoy Together

Remember the things you used to do together simply because it’s fun? You should do it again. The activity can be like having a pizza together or trying coffee in both of your favorite coffee shop.

More Tips To Do When You Are In Touch With Ex Girlfriend

Still confused on how to keep things neutral and uncomplicated? We got you. There are still plenty more things to keep in mind the next time you are hanging out with your former lover. Here are more tips on things to do when hanging out with your ex girlfriend;

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1. Bring Her A Friendly Gift

bring her food or other neutral things that doesn’t imply romance.

2. Get To Know Each Other Again

Use this time to be curious about each other again, especially when you have been apart for so long.

3. Forget The Past

Forget the past completely so you can start anew. Know the Ways to Forget Your Ex.

4. Be Better

Remember your mistakes and use this new opportunity to actually create a better neutral relationship with your ex. 

Signs That Your Relationship With Your Ex Girlfriend Is Well

signs that your relationship with your ex girlfriend is wel

Curious about whether the hanging out is going well? Don’t fret. Here are the tell tale signs that your relationship is not awkward and heading into a great path with your ex girlfriend;

1. You Aren’t Trying To Make Each Other Jealous

When you don’t try to boast about each other’s life or try to make each other jealous with new things, you know that the relationship is heading to a good path. This is because the relationship is now based on pure curiosity for friendship.

2. It Doesn’t Hurt To Talk About The Past

When you reminisce the past again, whether the good part or even the bad part, you don’t wince or feel hurt, your ex girlfriend feel so too. Not hurting means you have fully know the Ways to Move On From Your Ex and ready for a new chapter in your life.

3. You And Her Want To Hang Out More

Both you and her initiate more hang outs because you feel like the current hang out is actually good for the both of you.

4. She Genuinely Want To Stay In Your Life

Now she wants to stay in your life because she feels like it is safe enough to invite you back to her life.

In Summary

When it comes to ex girlfriends, it will always be tricky. This is because you have a long history behind you and the chances to reminisce it will lure you into a debilitating spiral. But with these things to do when hanging out with your ex girlfriend. Then you will see with the signs that your relationship with your girlfriend is all well. When it has come to this, your life will be more peaceful than ever.

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