25 Sweet Ways To End A Relationship The Right Way

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you think that the relationship is about to last, it starts to crumble. In some relationship, this part is inevitable. That is why you need to find the ways to end it.

The ways to end it vary from completely destructive to clean and smooth. Most people want the last option but don’t know how to achieve it. As long as you have some skills we are about to show you you can make a clean break in the relationship. Here are the sweet ways to end a relationship;

1. Apologize For The Things You Do

Be the bigger person, don’t try to find ways to get revenge. Instead, find the What to Say to Your Boyfriend When He Is Going Through A Hard Time.

2. Complain Smartly

complain smartly

Complaining smartly means not blindly blaming them but instead telling them how you feel about their action which makes them more sympathetic.

3. Praise Them First

Tell them the good side of who they are and they will be more likely to be positive.

4. Remember The Good Times First

Tell them the good times you had first and how much you cerish it. There will be more chance that the relationship is positively seen.

5. Propose The Thought Of Staying Friends

Although this might be rejected, proposing the thought of being friends means you do not hate them and really enjoy the relationship between you two

6. Say That Not Much Will Change

Say that you will still be that caring and loving person but now without the attachment and romance. Plus, show that it will be true after the break.

7. Never Scream At Your Ex

Screaming at your ex won’t get your point across. It will only make your ex defensive and closed up. This is a great sweet ways to end a relationship.

8. Never Angrily Rant About Your Ex

Ranting about your ex will only make them think of you less and make them despise you after the relationship. Doing this will lower their self esteem too.

9. Don’t Bad Mouth Your Ex

Never talk bad about your ex, it will lead to awful things. First it will make you look bad. And it will hurt them more and more.

10. Give A Gift First

Gifts are always a surprise and a delight for anyone. So, give a gift and make them happy. Give something that is thoughtful so that it shows the Signs A Girl Loves You Secretly.

11. Find Good Reasons Why The Both of You Are Better Off

find good reasons why the both of you are better off

Find the reason why being without the relationship is better than staying together. It will give some logical reasons to the relationship.

12. Find Reasons Why You Are Never A Fit In The First Place

Find the reason why you are never fit lately and why you are better off.

13. Don’t Bring Up Past Mistakes

Bringing up past mistakes will only further wound the relationship and make your ex bitter towards you.

14. Don’t Bring Up The Things They Are Insecure About

Even though you know them, don’t bring up things they are insecure about because they will stop trusting you and start hating you deeply.

15. Offer To Stay In Their Life No Matter The Circumstance

Offer to help and stay in their life. 

More Tips To End A Relationship In Good Ways

A few tips is not enought to determine the right ways to end a relationship precisely and sweetly. That is why we bring you more tips on sweet ways to end a relationship

1. Give Them Space

Sometimes pushing many ways to them will only suffocate them. Give them space and allow the godo vibes to roam

2. Don’t Post It On Social media

Postin it on social media is immature. Plus it will publicly humiliate the both of you by posting the tragic way of ending the so called fairy tale relationship.

3. Don’t Talk About The Break Up To Everyone

Talking about the break up publicly will humiliate your ex and lead to a tense condition.

4. Never Blame Your Ex

Blaming your ex will wound them.

5. Don’t Make A Move On Someone Else So Fast

Making a move on someone else right after the break up will wound them because it is still too early.

6. Offer To Talk About It

offer to talk about it

Offer a talk for questions or simply talking. This is a great way to heal. 

7. If Your Relationship Ended Up in A Sweet Way

The real signs that your relationship is not broken , damaged, or shameful. You have broken it off in a mature and sweet ways which leaves the relationship still existing. Here are the signs that you have ended your relationship in a sweet way;

Your Ex Doesn’t Get Overly Angry To You

All the rage is taken away from your ex because they fully understand or rather accept the circumstance that is in front of them. That is why they can start finding the  Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

1. You Still Talk To Each Other

You start becoming best friends with each other and talking more because at the start of the relationship there is actually a strong friendship.

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2. Your Ex Does Not Badmouth You

Because they feel safe and peaceful around you, they have no intention to bad mouth you. They actually consider you a friend. Plus they find no reason to blame you for anything.

3. You Feel Safe Being With Each Other

You still feel safe being with each other because nothing destructive happens between you two and you genuinely still want each other in each other’s life

Breaking up with someone is never an easy thing to do. But you can do it in clean and sweet ways with the sweet ways to end a relationship. Therefore you can start harvesting the signs that your relationship is not left damaged and bruised.

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