What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Is Going Through A Hard Time

by Michelle Devani

Is your boyfriend going through a rough time at the moment?  

Is he stressed out from work, or with other issues in his personal life?

Are you wondering what you can say to make things a little easier for him?

Well, this guide is packed with ideas, so read on.  

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On top of that, the ideas below could prove really helpful when your significant other is having a bad day.

Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He Is Going Through A Hard Time

Relationship means be together during happy and sad times. However, it is during the hardship that a relationship is really tested. People that are going through hard times really need love and support.

It is a very crucial time for any couple to stay together when the times really called for. Lifting your boyfriend spirit when he is really down, sometimes can be tricky. You do not really know what to say or do.

Whatever you did, it just did not feel right and oftentimes you ended up in silents. In a time when your boyfriend is going through a hard time, some word of encouragement can be very helpful. You need to know What To Say To Boyfriend Who Is Depressed To Feel Okay

Here is some worldly advice that you can say to your boyfriend to show how much you care for him. Moreover, it is also can be a nice gesture to show your willingness to give a helping hand.

1. Nothing


Silence is Gold. When you see your loved ones in a difficult time, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. it is one of the Signs She Loves You Without Saying It Directly.

Some man needs times to open up, and if he does gives him the time and space that he needed. You can tell him your kindly words by holding his hands and looking into his eyes, and just wait until he pours out his heart.

2. Saying Everything it's going to be okay 

When the tough gets harder, you need to keep positives taught to get through.

Do reassure your boyfriends that whatever the problem is, everything is possible if you just keep an open mind. All problems eventually comes to an end, you can look back and remember how you manage to solve it together.

3. I’m very sorry 

Sorry does not always mean you are guilty. It's also a nice expression of empathy for the difficulties that your partner encounter. It is also a nice opening line to ask him to tell you what does he feel and asking him what you can do to help.

4. I'm here for you, if you want to talk

Talking is hard, or probably he has done it a million times. It is hard to say something difficult over and over again.

However, by telling him that you are available whenever he needs someone to talk to is a nice Signs That Someone is In Love With You.

5. What Do You Want me To Do Right Now

No need to grief on the pain, do not even do the blame game. If you can be that reliable person in time of need, take that moment to show your man what you can do.

Telling him that you will go above and beyond is the kindest thing you can do. Even if in reality, probably it's hard to make things into reality. But it's not hard to say nice things. Moreover, it is the little things that make your boyfriend aware that there are Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Realize You Love Him.

6. I Respect You No matter What

You may not know how things between you two will end. If you are going to be together forever, or in the end you will meet someone else. But respecting your partner and sharing his deepest feeling is a trait that you owe to yourself.

Show him that you love and value his decision, even if he may have made bad ones. That people make mistakes but there is nothing that time and patience can't fix. Saying this that make him feel like a real man in your eyes, will make any man proud and boost his confidence to the roof.

7. Lets Move Forward

lets move forward

Lingering in bad times is good to heal, but being down too long is also not healthy. He probably is feeling miserable, but if you do not make him snap out of it. He will end up hurting himself and other people around him. This also including you.

So, before thing get out of hands. You should remind him to let bygone be bygone, and see what is in front of him. Hopefully, he will see you and realize you need to be taken care of too. That there is two on a boat now, and he is dragging you slowly into deep sadness.

8. I do not know how you feel, but I am here

People tend to compare the similar situation that they experience and compare it with the one that your partner is going through. Although, you may feel strongly the same feeling. But, telling him that you know how he feels, can be quite irritating.

In a normal situation, we do not like to be compared, let alone in difficult times. Therefore, saying that you do not know how he really feels is a safe bet to start with. By saying that you are ready to listen is a good offer that he is willing to take whenever he is up for it.

9. You Are Better Than This

Saying that your man is a great person in your eyes is a compliment that any guys will love to hear. Just by saying how a great guy he is will abundantly give back his confidence.

In the end, everyone needs someone else to tell them that they are amazing. It is once in blue moon situations that mean a great deal to your partner.

10. What Do You Want To Eat Today? 

Man have their own language and usually do not express their feeling as well as a woman does. Therefore, you just need to make sure that he is eating right and does not skip any meals. Make him his daily meals and make sure he is not slacking on any hygiene habit or getting sick.

11. Lets Watch A Movie Tonight

It may be the right thing to say, and it also may not be. Either way asking to do something fun would probably take his mind out of his misery. It is also a great way to start going back doing activities. He probably won't say yes at the beginning, just be patient and take small steps.

There are many things you can do and say as Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out. No matter what type of a person your boyfriend is, he will really appreciate your kind gestures and words. Your boyfriend probably wont react as nice as you hope he will be. It is important to not loose patience during these hard times.

Michelle Devani
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