Why Won't My Scorpio Man Call Me, Reasons And Tricks

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It is not weird if a girl thinks about why won't their Scorpio man call them. Especially if they just meet and like each other. Of course there can be many reasons on that. It is better to think positive to keep the feeling stay calm and not put too much worried on this. However, if you still feel curious, there are several reasons below that can cause why won't my Scorpio man call me. Take a look at below explanation.


Reason Why My Scorpio Man Won't Call Me

reasons why my scorpio man won't call me

There are so many things can happen while you meet each other. You need to understand the characteristic of Scorpio man before dating or meet him. Define first the reasons why you need a Scorpio in your life. Therefore, it will easy for you to decide your next step after that. Check below several reasons if he is not calling you after dating.

1. Not Interested

If he show a gesture that he wants to end your meeting as soon as possible, it might be a serious sign of "he doesn't like you". Therefore, do not think twice if after a week after the date he don't do any text or call. It is better to move on and start to date somebody else. Since it can definitely define as signs he's not interested in you after first date.

2. Super Busy

He might be busy with many things in his life. He might have a lot of works to do and wait for a good moment to call you. Therefore, try to find out if he has many things to do. Give a short text asking whether if he busy or not. If he respond and tell you that he has a lot of works, then you might need to give him some space until he has more time to meet with you again. It will be better not to push him too much, it might makes him feel uncomforted.

3. Manipulative

Another reasons of why won't my Scorpio man call me is that because Scorpio man is famous with his manipulative scheme. Therefore, it can be so tricky to define if he is not calling you right after meeting. Either he waits until the right time, or he doesn't want to meet you again. It should be better to try to get any information from his best friends whether he feel attract to you or not. Therefore, you will know what to decide later on. The same thing happen on what to do when your ex calls you after no contact.

4. Feels Doubt

If he's not calling you after dating, he might feel doubt and has feeling with somebody else. Therefore, he might still thinking which one is his preference. However, if you want to make sure about your future with him, then it should be okay to call him first just to ask him for hang out again. If he response negative, then you might need to forget him. If he respond positive, then you still have a chance to win his heart.

5. Its Mysterious

Scorpio man is know with his mysterious thinking. You might not knowing his thinking when he is not calling you. He can feel afraid, but at the other side, he can be waiting for the best moment to calling you. Therefore, wait for a week after your meeting and wait his next response patiently. If he crush on you, he will definitely make a call. You just need to give him more time before he decide to call you.

Tips To Make Your Scorpio Man Call You

tips to make your scorpio man call you

There are some tips to make Scorpio man call you after dating. Therefore, if you feeling crush with him and wish to get him to like you, do following tips.

  • Try to find out his favorite and ask him to do it with you. Such as watching movie at theater or watching any football game.
  • Do anything that makes him comfort and try on how to make a boring relationship fun again. Such as holding his hand while walking together, or give attention on what he needs while you're both dating.
  • You might also able try to tease him, if he response then he is interesting with you. If he ignore it, it will be better not to do it again. So, carefully watch his gesture when you do something to him.

Those are several reasons and tips on why won't my Scorpio man call me. It is important to see the man gesture when you meet him. Whether he feel interest with you or not. Therefore, you will know any signs your hookup has feelings for you in your next step to make sure that he will attract with you. Overall, keep trying to reach their attention.

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