16 Ways On How to Tell If A Guy is A F*ckboy - How to Handle It Like A Queen

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We all want to find our prince charming but to do that we all have to go through the trials and errors in finding our guy. How do we sort through these dates to find the one?

One type of guy that we definitely need to get rid of are f*ckboys. These types of guys are definitely not your prince charming. To save you from their grip, here are how to tell if a guy is a f*ckboy ;

  1. He Chats Multiple Girls At Once

Chatting people is fine but using Ways to Flirt with a Girl You Just Met in those chats is a definite sign that he’s a f*ckboy.

  1. He Hides You From Everyone

He doesn’t want to admit that you are his lover because if he does, he’ll lose the other girl he is also in a relationship with.

  1. A Lot Of Girl Is Really Physically Close To Him

Hand touching, hugging, and clinging to him is a (physical). If he lets those girls do it with you knowing, that means he’s not serious with you.

  1. Finds It Hard To Put A Label On The Relationship

Being tied down with a label in the relationship will make him suffer because that means he can’t play with other people’s feelings as freely.

  1. Finds It Hard To Make Time For You

Hanging out with you will surely be hard when he have all those other girls to entertain and to toy with.

  1. Many People Warn You About Him

Multiple people warning you about him is a sure sign that he is not the one that you should be with.

  1. He Talks About Himself Too Much

Almost always, a fuckboy is a narcissist. A way to spot a narcissist is that he speaks about himself too highly.

  1. Quick To Get Close To You

He seems to act like you are his girlfriend in a matter of days even though he doesn’t really show the signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. Fluent In Speaking Romantically

He will use Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush aggressively and quickly once he knows you. Don’t be fooled, this does not mean that he is ready for a relationship with you.

  1. Doesn’t Seem Nervous When Being Romantic With You

If he doesn’t seem nervous, that’s probably because of two things. One, he’s way too experienced in this because he have done this to every girl she meets. Two, he doesn’t feel love towards you so there’s no butterfly in his stomach.

  1. Late Night Text Will Come Often

These texts is there because he is drunk and wants to get sexual with you. That’s only as far as he wants to get with you.

  1. Obsessed With Your Body But Not Who You Really Are

He will show Signs Your Boyfriend Only Wants Your Body . These guys is dangerous to your mental health. You also need to know How to Know If He Just Wants to Sleep With You and Leave?

  1. Likes To Keep Things Superficial

How to tell if a guy is a f*ckboy is by spotting a guy that doesn’t want to talk about deep things, anything romantic, or about the real status between you and him.

  1. Doesn’t Really Care About What You Think

Even if you show that you are jealous, mad, or sad about his action, he will not care. Why care about someone that you are only playing with?

  1. Have A Series Of Bad Romantic Relationships

To know who he really is, try to know how his romantic relationship was before you are with him. If his exes says that he is a playboy, then he probably really is a playboy.

  1. Freaks Out When You Are Too Committed

Commitment is not a word in a fuckboy’s dictionary. So when you are too committed, he cringes and will suddenly find excuses to why you shouldn’t be together with him.

How to Handle it Like A Queen 

  1. Run as fast as you can
  2. Don't care to much about that kind of shitty guy
  3. If a man talk shit then I owe him nothing - Taylor Swift Quote
  4. You deserve someone who is gonna love you inside and out
  5. He doesn't deserve a queen like you
  6. Block his number, if necessary
  7. If he talks shit, you better off of him

In short, how to tell if a guy is a F*ckboy is simple. All you need to look for is someone who seems to always be emotionally unavailable yet makes it seems like he wants to be serious with you. Once you know who he is, all you need to do is tell him to back off from your life forever.

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