This Is How To Get A Capricorn Man To Leave You Alone

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Patient, shy and calm are some of the positive traits of a Capricorn man. Unfortunately, this may not apply to every one of them. When the negative side of this man tears out his ugly head, things can get very complicated. Especially when it comes to pursuing the girl that he wants.

The Capricorn man can get very obsessive, stubborn and selfish. He becomes so focused on achieving his goal, that is you. But you don’t feel the same way and want to get rid of him. Here’s how to get a Capricorn man to leave you alone as soon as possible.


1. Block Him

Hit that block button with certainty. This will prevent the Capricorn man from contacting you. He may get clever and find a way around this though. For instance, he may use another number that you don’t know. Whatever you do, don’t pick up. This is also a good method on How to Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Can't be Friends.

2. Don’t Be Active On Social Media For A While

don't be active on social media for a while

This might be hard to do, especially if you like or have to be active on social media. But when you’re not active, he can’t make any plan for his next move. He won’t have the slightest idea of what you’re up to. You’re actually creating a boundary and soon he’ll feel very disconnected from you.

3. Set Your Social Media On Private

In case you still want to be on social media, make sure that they are all set to private. This way, he can’t see any of your activities. Be wary of the people inside your circle. Unfollow or block his friends and the people that are suspicious. Reject any new invites or follows as they might be the Capricorn man in disguise, trying to get into your life.

4. Don’t Lead Him On

This may be an obvious way to get a Capricorn man to leave you alone. But sometimes what you do can be misinterpreted by him. That's one of the Reasons Why Capricorns are Hard to Understand. He may think that you’re trying to encourage his actions or playing hard to get. That’s why you need to think about everything carefully. Make no eye contact, don’t smile at him, refuse physical contact and cut off conversations quickly.

5. Tell His Friends To Leave You Alone

Use his friends to your advantage. Tell them to talk some sense into him and leave you alone. It's one of the effective Ways to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You. According to experts, guys tend to listen more to their friends in times of troubles. Convince his friends that it’ll never work out between the two of you so he might as well just give it up.

6. Publicly Embarrass Him

This can look cruel but it might just work. Most Capricorn men hate it when they are humiliated in public spaces. When you meet him, try to make a scene. Use this chance to tell him to stay away from you and walk away. He won’t be able to react as he wants to as there are many eyes on him. 

7. Firmly Tell Him Off

If you don’t think you have the heart to be too cruel to get a Capricorn man to leave you alone, then you have to be consistent. Be firm with your words and your action. It will be necessary to tell him over and over again that you don’t want him in your life. In case he gets angry here's How to Make a Capricorn Calm Down.

8. Threaten Him

Another thing you can do is to threaten the Capricorn man. If he doesn’t want to leave you alone, threaten him with a restraining order. There are proof that most people would back off immediately as they don’t want to have a bad record. You have to be stern and serious when speak to him about this though.

9. Have A Fake Boyfriend

have a fake boyfriend

Since a Capricorn man can be very stubborn in pursuing you, why not make yourself off limit? You should have a fake boyfriend. Pretend that you’re in a very happy and fulfilling relationship. Make fake hints that you’ve found the life of your life and you can’t wait to get married. This is one of the Reasons Why You Should Have a Guy Best Friend.

10. Change Your Personality

Don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent thing. It’s just something that will make you unlikeable to the Capricorn man. This might be the ultimate way to get him to leave you alone. Display a personality that is the complete opposite of you. Get rid of every trait that attracts him. Think of this as acting and you’re playing a nasty villain. 

11. Hate On The Things He Loves

Make it clear that you hate everything that he loves. It could be about food, music, movies, places and so on. Display a visible disgust to his interests. This will make the Capricorn man rethink his decision to pursue you. Why would he want to be with someone who can’t take his hobby or passion seriously right? You may even want to take is far as giving hateful comments.

12. Be Rude

To get a Capricorn man to leave you alone, be rude to him. For some Capricorn men, this is a huge no. You don’t just have to be rude to only him, you can display your rudeness to his friends as well. This highly unlikeable quality will not make you look desirable anymore.

What You Can Do When Things Get Extreme

Sometimes things can get out of control and the Capricorn man can become very obsessive. Here are things that you can do to avoid him:

  1. Get the police involved.
  2. Let your boss and co workers know if you work in the same place.
  3. Find a new home or apartment.
  4. Move to a new city.
  5. Always have someone with you when you go out.
  6. Change routes frequently so he can’t stalk you.

Sometimes it’s easy to get a Capricorn man to leave you alone, other times it’s difficult. Find the best way that works for you before choosing the most extreme option.

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