31 True Reasons Why You Should Have A Guy Best Friend

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Best friends are the one who is almost like our long lost soulmate or sibling. They are the ones that never fails to brighten our day. Even better, what if us girls have a guy best friend?

Guy best friends earned a great reputation when they are paired with girls. When guys become a girl’s best friend, they can become our protection and many more. Still unsure if you want a guy best friend to be in your life? Here are the amazing reasons why you should have a guy best friend;


1. They Are Often Humorous

they are often humorous

Having a great sense of humor is one of the big plus sign to a guy best friend.

4. They Can Protect You From Bad Influences

A guy is there to protect girls from time to time so having a guy best friend will do this, no doubt.

2. They Are Playful

They really know how to play the fun way and not in a timid way like other people do.

3. They Are Not High Maintainance

Girls are usually high maintenance which can be a hassle sometimes. Guys are the opposite which is always great.

5. Knows How To Compliment In The Right Way

They know their way around girls so they know how to compliment you in order to make you feel good.

6. They Are A Great Listener

There are some good reasons why you should have a guy best friend. Since a guy is not usually an active speaker, they can become a great listener to when you want to talk which is almost every time.

7. Knows How To Pamper You

They know how to show the How To Know If An Aquarius Cares About You in the right way.

8. A Great Adventure Buddy To Quench Your Wanderlust Thirst

a great adventure buddy to quench your wanderlust thirst

Having adventures with a guy is the best. Rest assured, you will have your wanderlust fulfilled when you are with a guy.

9. A Great Motivator

Guys play rough and they can’t sit around knowing that you are limp and sad. Because of that they will do their best to give their tough love.

10. A Great Supporter

A guy’s love is unconditional and most of the times they will be a great supporter to your every step.

11. Isn’t Afraid To Look Silly For You

They are always willing to go to great measures to turn your frown upside down.

12. Almost Always Free

It seems like most boys have all the time in the world so they are always ready to listen to you or spend time with you.

13. Knows How To Flirt

He will teach you how to use the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush including how to How to Make A Guy Emotionally Addicted to You.

14. Makes You Calm

A guy usually really knows the Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out and they know when to say it.

15. Knows How To Tease

Because he is a guy himself, he really knows how to tease a guy right and it will make you get into a romantic relationship right away.

16. They Are Known To Be Very Understanding

they are known to be very understanding

Guys are especially known to have a deep understanding to who we are and what we feel once we are intimate with tehm.

17. Teach You How To Protect Yourself

They can’t see you getting hurt but they can’t protect you all the time. That is why he will teach you how to protect yourself. 

18. Worried About You

Their worry is there to remind you the Signs That Someone is In Love With You but he won’t be restricting.

19. Doesn’t Try To Change You Much

A guy is known to be very accepting.

20. Cool In His Demeanor

Guys are almost always known to be calm and collected which makes you feel collected too.

21. Can Amuse You In New Ways

Friendships with guys are filled with new life lessons and joy which is great to spice up your life.

More Reasons Why You Should Keep A Guy Best Friend With You

1. Less Judgemental

Guys don’t gossip as much as girls do which proves them to be less judgemental. Having them around will slowly cleans the toxic people out of your life.

2. More Laid Back

They are more relaxed so it will instantly makes you feel relaxed too.

3. Open To Do Anything

Being open minded is a great friend’s traits which exist in almost any guy best friend you have.

4. Will Be With You Through Whatever

will be with you through whatever

A best friend like him is not one who will leave you in the dark because of some emotional things. Guys are loyal and they will stay with you through whatever you are going through.

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5. Might Make Him Your Couple

Being a best friend with him might make him your couple. Find out with reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend.

6. Less Drama

The best reasons why you should have a guy best friend is because it's healthier friendship with less drama.

Signs That Your Friendship With Him Is Strong

The reasons are clear but are you really that close to your boy? Well the only way to find out is by seeing the signs that your friendship with him is strong;

1. You Both Feel Like You Can Be Yourself

You feel so at ease on being yourself whenever you are with your guy best friend which is a sign that you have an unconditional love and acceptance towards each other.

2. You Grow Attached To Each Other

Relying on each other start to manifest itself in your relationship.This is a sign of developing intimacy.

3. You Start Calling Each Other ‘Best Friend’

you start calling each other 'best friend'

You know that you are best friends with each other when you acknowledge each other with the term ‘best friend’

Guy best friend is a great joy to our life. If you really are still unsure you need to convince yourself with the reasons why you should have a guy best friend. After all that , you will start to see the signs that your friendship with him is strong and from that, your relationship will start to bloom.

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