21 Healing Ways to Get Back at Your Ex Best Friend

Last updated on March 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Friendship is something that is supposed to last forever. It is one of the things that. Makes us feel good and secure about our life. But like every other relationship, friendship can end fast and deadly too. Suddenly, there is a Signs A Friendship is Coming to An End One of the reason that it can break down is your very own ex best friend.

If your ex best friend does something crucial and catastrophic towards your life and relationship, you need to do something. Sometimes karma just do not do the job well. So for your pleasure, here are the ways to get back at your ex best friend;

  1. Stop Communicating

The best way to make them know what damage they have done to you and your life is by stop communicating with them. This will make them feel miserable. This is effective because you are stripping them away from the things that bonds you together.

  1. Delete Their Contact

Delete their phone number, social media and other form of communication platform from your phone. This way, you can let go of the negative area that have been holding you down from doing the  Ways to Forget Your Ex

  1. Grow And Become Better

One of the slow but most triumphant way of getting a revenge is becoming so much better than them. Grow and lead the best version of your life out of spite if you want to. This will make them realize that they have lost the best thing ever.

  1. Tell Them How You Feel

Vent about everything and anything that you want to them. About how hurt, mad, or confused you were with the whole problem that your ex best friend have caused. This will make them know they hurt you and make you lose your burden.

  1. Remember Why You Feel This Way

Remember the bad things that makes you feel this way towards your best friend. To make it clear and more precise you can list them down. After that you can grow from it and find What to Do When Your Best Friends are Leaving You Out

  1. Be In A More Positive Relationship

You need to be in a more positive, supportive relationship that makes you really happy. By doing this you are setting a boundaries of what kind of relationship you need in your life,and the toxic relationship with your ex best friend is not one of them

  1. Do Not Cave In

When your ex best friend shows the Ways to Get Your Best Friends to Forgive You do not cave in and forgiving them straight away. This might seem strange but it can make them feel dominating and lead them to use you even more considering your inferiority.

  1. Never Go Down To Their Level

Never ever do something that may ruin their life like framing them or making someone hate them. This will only show people that you are immature and that you and your foul ex best friend is just the same. 

  1. Act Like You Forget

You have some happy memories with your best friend and when trying to reconcile, your ex best friend will bring them up. If you want to burn the bridge, act like you forget all of this information. This will make them know the magnitude of their wrong doing.

  1. Be Kind

A strange way but it works. Being kind towards them when they expect you to be angry and spiteful will shock them. It  will only show them that you are better than them and that you are able to rise above the whole negative vibe.

  1. Delete Their Photos

Delete their photos in your phone and in your social media. Having their photo in your phone will only bring up negative vibes when you look at them. The most important Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship is to let go of that negative vibe

  1. Forgive Them

This might seems like a hard and strange thing to do. But all that anger that has been built inside you will only stop you from having happiness and sunshine. That is why you need to frogive your ex best friend in order to grow. 


More tips to Get Back with Best Friend

The little ways above may not do the trick in letting out your anger. You need to know the How to Get Rid of Bad Feelings towards SomeoneThat is why you need to do this sneaky and creative extra tips on ways to get back at your ex best friend;

  1. Ignore What They Say – They will want to say a lot of things about you and to you. Ignore it because chances are, it will only hurt you more
  2. Steer Away From The Rumor – Out of hatred, your ex best friend will start making rumors about you. Do not engage so you don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you crumble.
  3. Don’t Drag Anyone Else In – Do not drag anyone else into your trouble because it will only make things more complicated
  4. Pretend – Pretend that you have moved on and that you are fine. This will make them realize that what they did was catastrophic
  5. Keep Things Short – When they try to talk to you, remember to keep things short so you don’t get sucked in to the vortex
  6. Be Polite – Be polite when you encounter them and they will think that you have moved on

Signs that Your Best Friend Still Loves You

The real signs that all the effort have payed off and you have steered the negativity away from your life;

  1. You Are Happy – The first sign is that you are happy by yourself. You are full of self love and self care
  2. Trying To Get Back To You – Your best friend will be desperate to get back with you
  3. Being Sad – It will be clear that your best friend is sad about how things ended

How things fall apart is something that is sad and devastating. But you need to know how to stay away from the negative vibes that caused all this which is your ex best friend. These ways to get back at your ex best friend will help you move on and make your ex best friend take all of your anger in.

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