Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bad Feelings Towards Someone

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We often get negative feelings toward someone. It can be suspicion, hatred, jealousy, anger, or other negative feelings. This feeling can crowd our head and make us feel bad inside and out. How can we stop this negative train of thought?

Negative feelings towards someone can sometimes be senseless and blind. When we don’t know the root or we neglect it altogether, it can start torturing us both mentally and physically. You need to start doing something about it.

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Before that, know the ways on how to get rid of bad feelings towards someone;


1. Know The Problem

To really pluck the root of the problem, you need to fully understand the problem. Most of us don’t know the real problem but continue going with the ngeative suspicion anyway. Know the problem and make the problem go away faster.

2. Reflect


Reflect on yourself and the problem that you are facing. Ponder over the problem without an air of blame, defensiveness or other things that might close your mind from seeing the truth. By doing this, you will have a clear sense of what you are facing and why it arise.

3. Get To Know That Person

The best way on how to get rid of bad feelings towards someone is to get to know the person. Let off all your judgement and really get to know that person. Once you know that person you might change your perception towards them.

4. Put Yourself In Their Shoe

A change of perceptive is always a good way to deal with a problem. Try putting your self in their position when this problem arises. Most probably, you will start getting a crystal clear vision on how to get out of the mess.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Training your mind to be more serene and peaceful will help you face problems with a better way. Practicing mindfulness can be done by meditating, yoga or just practicing breathing.

6. Separate Your Thoughts From You

The inner you is always more serene, non judgmental and peaceful. Although your thoughts are judgmental, foggy and unclear right now, try to separate your self from it. Recognize that you are not your thoughts and you have the power to change it.

7. Stop Associating With The Thought

Stop trying to associate with the thought. Every time that negative thought about someone appears in your brain, simply acknowledge it and dismiss it. Doing this will help you solve the problem.

8. Let It Pass

This might seems weird but by letting the emotion pass through you might be the best ways on how to get rid of bad feelings towards someone. When you force an emotion to stop it might make it grow bigger.

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9. Talk To Them

talk to them

Talking to them and being honest about the problem you are facing is the best. They might help you sort this problem out as long as you can be non judgmental and completely honest about the problem. 

10. Practice Being Present

Practice being in the now so you don’t overthink the problem. Overthinking the problem might actually lead you to make poor decision about the problem.

11. Write It Down

Writing the emotion down will make the jumbled emotion in your head more clear. Doing this will also help you trouble shoot the problem you are currently facing.

12. Let It Out

There are plenty of ways to let out the emotion you are feeling. You can do it through art, cooking or other media that is positive and you enjoy.

13. Forgive

Forgive whatever have happened. Whether if it is because of yourself or other people. Forgiving is the first step to actual Ways to Move On after a bad relationship.

More Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bad Feelings

more tips on how to get rid of bad feelings

Negative emotion will always suck us to it’s vortex which makes it hard to get out from it. Here are some more tips on how to solve the negative emotion;

1. Learn Basic Self Help 

Self help books offer a variety of solution to a problem which may make you more positive.

2. Talk It Out 

You may feel like it is shameful to talk about it but it is actually the best way to recovery. Talk to someone you trust and you will feel relieved.

3. Accept The Flaws Of The Person 

Learning to accept the true self of the person you have bad feelings about will make this trouble go away even faster. Don't show the Signs of Conditional Love.

4. Learn Basic Behavioral Psychology

For you readers who likes to scientifically make sense of things, doing this might help you make peace of the problem.

5. Self Love

Loving your self will make the fight way easier and more peaceful.

Signs That You Have Got Rid Of Bad Feelings Towards Someone

signs that you got rid of bad feelings towards someone

The signs that you have fully recover from the negative feelings:

1. You Forgive Yourself 

You have forgiven yourself from feeling that negative feeling. It’s hard to do but you have fully made peace with yourself.

2. You No Longer Look Back In Anger 

The problem does not let out a bitter taste anymore. It is just a big and important lesson in the past.

3. You Are Friends With That Person 

You are now great friends with the person you once hated because you have grown and solved the problem.

4. You Have New Lesson 

You have learned from your mistakes and grow from that experience.

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It’s a weird and unpleasant thing when you try to find ways on how to get rid of bad feelings towards someone. But if you keep pushing through while maintaining balance of self love and a clear mind, you will surely reach the peacefulness and serenity you longed for.

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