20 Signs of A Man that Has Been Sexually Abused

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Sexual abuse is something that is dangerous and still becoming the concern for the society up to this day. Someone who has been sexually abused would have the trauma sticking to themselves for the rest of their lives. It could happen not only to woman, but also to a man. Sexual abuse usually happen to children, but the impact will follow them into adultery.

There are a lot of story about a man who has been sexually abused and showing certain behaviors when he grows up. The knowledge about sexual abuse is very important, because the victim could be closer than you think. Here are the signs of a man that has been sexually abused:

1. Dissociate with the society – Someone who has been sexually abused experience a different reality than other people, and he might fell that he doesn’t belong to the society.

2. He hardly trust anyone – As he already gone through something that is not right, the signs of a man that has been sexually abused is he barely trust someone. He easily feels insecure with other people.

3. He could be abusive in a relationship – Due to the bad things in the past, a man that has been sexually abused learn about how a relationship going in the hard way. He tend to beat up his partner.

4. He has his own coping mechanism – A victim of a sexual abuse has tendency to be addicted to something like drugs and alcohol to release his stress. At some point, he become helpless with these things.

5. Low self esteem among others – Sexual abuse leaves a deep scar to the victim, and he can never live his life normally. He doesn’t have any confidence about himself within the society due to the bad events.

6. Fear to be intimate with his partners – A romantic relationship is involving sexual desire indeed. When other lovers love each other passionately, a victim of a sexual abuse will fearing the intimate relationship with his partner.

7. Or he become abusive with his partner – A trauma can be resulted in many ways. On the contrary with a sexual abusive victim who is afraid to be intimate with his partner, there are also people who tend to be abusive to his partner when it comes to sexual relationship. This is also the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

8. He become addicted to a certain sexual activities – When the abuse happen in childhood, then the signs of a man that has been sexually abusive will be shown when he grows up. He might become addicted to certain activities that related to the sexual abuse he experienced in the past.

9. He attempt suicide – Of course the cause of suicide may vary, but sexual abusive could be one of them. When someone no longer feels attached to the society, he opted to end his life instead.

10. Lack of interest in sex – The survivors of sexual abuse sometime show the signs of sexual dysfunction where he has lack of interest in sex and couldn’t find the pleasure in it. This is not a Signs that He is Falling Out of Love with You

11. He tend to victimized himself – Someone who experienced the sexual abusive repetition will be unknowingly positioned himself as a victim in every sexual relationship. He voluntarily tend to act as subordinate.

12. He has eating disorder – Eating disorder doesn’t necessarily has to be related with sexual abuse. But if a man shows eating disorder behavior, there must be something wrong with him and it could be the impact of a sexual abuse.

13. Having an extreme panic disorder – One of the signs of a man that has been sexually abused is having an extreme panic disorder due to the unfortunate events.

14. Emotionally unstable – The victim of a sexual abuse is often has and unstable emotion. He could be raged over something small and easily touched by trivial things.

15. Having a long period of depression – If someone who has been sexually abused before and become traumatic from the incident, he will surely has depression. The length of the depression may vary, depending on how traumatic the abuse was for him. Help them with Things to Say to Help Someone Who is Stressed.

16. He tend to avoid certain topics – Watch his behavior when you discuss certain matters with him, and he may avoid them. For example is he doesn’t respond to a topic like raping, since it brings back the bad memories for him.

17. Constantly spacing out – The trauma followed after sexual abuse is really no joke. The event may keep repeating inside the victim’s head and unknowingly he spaces out of the thought.

18. Dislike other to touch him – One signs of a man that has been sexually abused is that he become sensitive with other’s people touch and prefer them not to. Maybe he doesn’t know the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

19. Severe mood swing – This thing is commonly happen to the sexual abuse victims, where they can switching so fast between moods. The can feel happy, angry, and sad in one situation. It happened quickly, causing everyone around him to feel uncomfortable.

20. Over vigilance – Due to the experience, a man that has been sexually abuse will be having over vigilance for his safety. He may locked his door and close his windows all the time and avoiding a situation where he could be alone with a complete strangers.

So those are the signs of a man that has been sexually abused. You may find these signs in someone around you, or maybe your loved ones. Help them because these people are struggling to get out of the trauma, and he surely show the Signs He is Fighting His Feelings For You, so love them indifferently.