19 Reasons Why You Should Date a Chinese Girl (You'll Like No. 13)

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Every girl in the world carry on their own unique culture according to the society she's born into. Chinese girl is no difference. Raised in the polite and humble Eastern culture, the Chinese Dating Etiquette is indeed different with the Dating Culture in the US or the Dating Culture in England. But there are similar things with the South Korean dating culture, as both country belong to Asia.

Dating a Chinese girl will open up your eyes to things you never know before. You might not be sure yet because of the rumors and stereotype of Chinese that has been going on. But once you know the reasons why you should date a Chinese girl, you will change your mind in no time.

1. She is Wife Material

Every Chinese girl are taught to be a good housekeeper ever since they were little. Dating a Chinese girl will make you amaze and comfortable because she knows how to treat you well. What a Wife Material Signs!

2. She Has A Great Skin

The skin of Chinese girl and the western girl are different. While Western girl are hot with their freckled, transparent skin, Chinese girl has a clear and flawless skin. You will never get bored of it.

3. She is Typically Pretty 

 Chinese girl has a charming beauty that looks innocent and sexy at the some time. Their prettiness is not something that makes you bored quickly because they are simply charming.

4. She Has Many Special Features

A girl from another race rarely has a distinct feature owned only by a Chinese girl: single lid eyes and a smiling eyes. Who doesn't want to look at a girl whose eyes are curved prettily when she smiles?

5. She Gracefully Aging

Aging process is something every girl must gone through. But given their excellent genes, Chinese girl aged gracefully like a fine wine. The more she gets old, the more charming she would be.

6. She is Smart and Well Educated

Education remains one of the most important thing in China. Most of Chinese girl went to university and very smart. Well, who doesn't know how smart Priscilia Chan is?

7. She is Cute and Petite

Rather than the Western race, Asians tend to have more petite figure, including the Chinese. It's hard to find a tall Chinese girl. But her petite figure is a plus value to her cuteness.

8. She Has a Great Body

Despite being petite, Chinese girl is slender in shape and looks very good in a short dress. Chinese girls have an excellence diet methods and exercise to make them stay in shape.

9. She is a Hard Worker

The best ethics we all have to learn from Chinese is that they are very hard worker. One good reasons why you should date a Chinese girl is because won't depend her life on you.

10. She is Well Dressed

Most of Asian women always follow the latest trend in fashion so they always know the most up to date styles. This is why Chinese girl is very well dressed and always pleased to see.

11. She is Polite and Humble

Asian culture taught not to be full of yourself and thinking everyone else is below you. Instead, be polite and humble, so you can live your life and create a good relationship with everyone.

12. She is Well-mannered

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Asians are famous for their good manners to everyone, especially the elders. She will know how to greet your mother and pay her a good respect. She also knows how to act around in the society.

13. She Cooks Well

Chinese cuisine is one of best in the world, that is why Chinatown is present in almost every country. Date a Chinese girl and you can eat all of them for free! Chinese girls are known to be a good cooker, as the recipe has been passed down for several generation within the family.

14. You Can Travel With Her

Imagine how adventurous your relationship would be with a Chinese girl! In a particular holiday such as Chinese New Year, she has to go back to her country in China and you can come along as well. It would be a good traveling experience together.

15. She is Ready For The Real Commitment

Chinese girl doesn't take a relationship for a joke or fun. Her traditions taught her to have a real commitment which often lead to marriage.

16. You Can Learn Some New Things

Chinese are famous of using chopsticks for every dishes they eat, including the rice. They rarely use spoon, forks, and knives like it did in America and Europe. You can also learn how to use chopsticks from her. Isn't it interesting?

17. You Can Learn How to Respect Your Old Man 

Besides being polite and well mannered, Chinese girl also pay the highest respect for her parents. Even though she has married, grow up, and financially independent, she still respect her elders a lot.

18. Opportunity to Learn Chinese

As China is becoming the new power country in the world, it will be advantageous to date a Chinese girl. You can ask her to be your Chinese teacher for free. It benefits you a lot because you can learn something new and useful.

19. She is Very Loyal

Chinese girl doesn't know what is cheating and two timing in a relationship. Once she dated a man, she will stick up with him forever no matter what. You must have often see an old Chinese couple still in love with each other.

So those are the reasons why you should date a Chinese girl. Love never know the boundary of race and culture, so feel free to fall in love and date her, because it will brings you into the new world you never knew before.

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