16 Signs You Miss Your Crush So Badly

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Falling in love is the best yet confusing as well. It's not nice to have our world be driven by someone else, but it's the fact. When we are in love starts to develop the feeling to our crush, suddenly becomes beautiful. Except when you miss him.

Yes! Because you haven't officially dating yet, missing him is one of the most torturing moment. But do you know when you start to miss him, why are you missing him, and the signs you miss your crush?

You may don't know when you miss him, so here are the long signs when you feel it.


1. You Check Your Phone Every Minute

Okay, so the last time he texts you is like 10 minutes ago and you send the reply right after. But where in the world he might be and what he would be doing that he ignores your text and not replying. Wild thoughts flying around, not realizing that it's just 10 minutes ago. Wait, 10 minutes?

2. Every Little Thing Reminds You Of Him

It's not a hallucination, it's Signs You are Falling in Love or simply signs you miss your crush. A man with navy blue jacket walking few meters away and you think it's him. Even you can't help your own self.

3. You Talk About Him A Lot

After thinking you're seeing things, next you start to talk about him a lot. A music played from a store and you told your friend, "It's his favorite song." About to order lunch, you said, "He likes this food." To level everyone got annoyed.

4. You Read Your Old Conversation

you read your old conversations

Whether it's in the middle of waiting for his text or that you're just have nothing to do, you scrolled up his chat. Smiling over the old topics you have talked about. You might feeling shy when you know that you show the Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting.

5. You Go Through Anything For Him

Let's say you have jam packed schedule for the day, and suddenly the texts you ask for a coffee date. Even though it means you have to reschedule for the whole day, you wouldn't mind. This shows just how much you miss him.

6. The Moment With Him Lasts Forever

You think and think again the time you walked pass each other. You try to brush your arms lightly to him, wishing his smell would stick. But if he doesn't say anything, it might be the Signs a Shy Guy Loves You secretly.

7. You Stalk His Instagram

If the person doesn't appear, watching his photos may heal a bit. You don't even mind spending hours to scroll down his Instagram until the last post, even when you know it's a Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media.

8. Time Spent For Him Is Time Not Wasted

So let's say you are watching his marathon competition and you have to come early in the morning to stand on the front line. Even though he appears in front of you faster than the flash of light, the hours you spent earlier doesn't seem to be wasted.

9. You Lose The Track Of Time

For the whole day you spent with him, you don't realize how much time has passed. He called you at 7:00 PM and it's just like 2 minutes he said goodbye. Now look at your clock and you will know that the real reason he hung up the phone is because it's 00:00 AM already.

10. You Can't Control Yourself

Whether you are being silly or overboard, missing him really drives you crazy. You unknowingly walk back and forth in your room while checking you phone in the middle. It's not unreasonable, it's the signs you miss your crush.

11. You Have A Severe Mood Swings

you have a severe mood swings

Missing him seems to mess your head a bit. You feel happy right now but you suddenly sad while looking at your phone. You may don't know what's going on, but everyone around you will know it perfectly.

12. You Lose Your Appetite

The cure to someone who is currently missing somebody else in the one in talk. Nothing else will make you enough until he showed up in front of you. But because you haven't officially dating him yet, you can't simply ask him to come to you.

13. So You Eat His Favorite Foods

When you miss him, you'll do anything to overcome your feeling for him. You wish he was there for you while in fact he is not, then you eat his favorite foods. The feeling would be like he's eating together with you.

14. You Are Hesitant To Text Him

If you are wondering why he didn't text you or why it takes him so long to reply your text, just ask him. Okay, it's not that easy because it has been 15 minutes you stare at your phone, wondering what words could deliver your feeling well.

15. You Ask Everyone About Him

As if talking about him is not enough, you ask everyone about him. Mainly it would where is he and what is he doing at the moment, but it's not necessarily that. You would randomly ask literally anything about him. Just hearing his name lift your mood up.

16. You Sends Hints Through The Social Media

In the era of social media, you are not officially missing him if you haven't send hints through social media. You wished your indirect message will reach him somehow.

So those are the various signs you miss you crush so badly that you barely know yourself anymore. Just take it easy, he might just playing push and pull with you and seeing whether you really like him or not. Stay calm, because sooner or later he will call you again.

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