Is It Wrong To Fall In Love With Your Teacher?

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School is often said to be a part of life. There you grow and find out about yourself. School is also the place where you start to find love. You fell in love for the first time with your friend, your senior, and some time with your teacher.

That's right. There must be one teacher that you adore the most, for their personality or their good looks. Before you know it, you develop a crush for them. Since both of you meet through a formal relationship, you can't help but feel awkward. Your teacher could be someone much older than you as well. But is it wrong to fall in love with your teacher?


Is It Wrong To Fall In Love With Your Teacher?

Teacher crush is a kind of love that lasts longer than you thought it would be. You always remember how they become your source of energy to wake up every morning and attend school. They are also the reason you stay awake for too long, torturing hours that seemed to be forever.

As a student, you wonder is wrong to fall in love with your teacher? That kind of thought appear because you are afraid of what others might think about it. If you read all the good reasons why you should date a teacher, there is nothing wrong with it. Teachers make a really good lover.

People shouldn't be afraid to express their love, including to their own teacher. Everything is okay as long as you don't hurt other's feelings. Everyone has an equal right to love and to be loved. So if your teacher happens to be single, you may go ahead and try. Nothing is wrong with falling in love with your teacher.

There are people who still think it is unusual that a teacher and a student are dating. Prepare yourself for this. Don't mind what others' say if you are so sure about your feeling. Another thing to prepare is your teacher's response. As a teacher, he thinks of you as a student only and it could be hard for them to accept your feeling as a person.

Signs You Fall For Your Teacher

signs you fall for your teacher

Falling in love with your teacher could be part of school life. Before you know it, you develop an undeniable crush on your teacher. But how can you be sure that you fall in love with your teacher? Recognize some of these signs below:

1. You Purposely Attend All Their Class

How can you get more sight of your teacher but in class? And it's what you're doing. You listed all classes he is teaching and missing none of them. You can attend the class all day while looking at their face. This secretive method is also a good way to flirt without coming on too strong.

2. And You Come Earlier Than Anyone Else

You want to have a chance to talk with them outside class, so you come earlier before the class started. You want to leave a good impression in their eyes as well. You want to stand out among others.

3. You Start To Look Up for His Personal Info

Before your feeling got deeper, you want to make sure of the most important thing first. You look up for his personal info: are they married or not? Unknowingly you let out a big breath after seeing no ring on their finger. This is an ultimate signs you are falling in love with your own teacher.

4. You Ask For Extra Classes

Students have their own way to express their love to their teacher. Since you want to see them often and your chance is slim outside class, you ask for an extra lesson. You even pretend to not understand a subject for this.

5. You Talk About Them To Your Friends

Everyone who is falling in love or having a crush to someone always do this: they love talk about the other person all the time. Since the one that you fall in love with is your teacher, you have no other choice but to keep it moderate. So that you become very happy every time your friends mention their name and you dragged the conversation as long as possible. Hey, you could ask them for advice how to get your crush's attention through social media.

Reasons You Fall For Your Teacher

How could you fall in love with your teacher? Maybe you are wondering about this as well. Here are the possible reasons that make you fall in love with your teacher.

1. They Are Not Selfish

They put others first before themselves and it makes you adore the even more. They are so selfless that you are amazed by it. Their loving nature makes everyone comfortable around them.

2. They Understand You

they understand you

Teachers are best at understanding others. It's the reason we easily fall in love with them, since they understand you the most. Of course it's the signs he is a boyfriend material you have been looking for.

3. They Are A Positive Person

When you fall in love with your teacher, you have a big source of positivity around you. No matter what going through in their lives, they always appear bright and all smile in front of all the students. This good energy affects you in a really positive way.

4. They Know How To Chill

They seemed to be serious in class, but they actually really cool outside. Teachers know how to chill and relax and a long, busy week of teaching.

You don't have to wonder whether is it wrong to fall in love with your teacher from now on. As long as nobody get hurt with the way you feel, you may go ahead. But think about the risks and other consequences as well. Nothing is ever wrong with falling in love.

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